Message from Administrator

I was asked if I am going to write about laundry detergent this month. Although I did think I could create some interesting metaphors and aggravate my critics, I elected not to do so. As predicted, several comments were made and many of which were negative. I certainly was not surprised and was grateful for the negative feedback, as that is what proves to me that I am on the right path.
I had a very nice voicemail that someone left in the office pertaining to my article and I would like to say thank you to that person. I am extremely grateful to the few who take something of value from the articles. To those who offer these kind words and constructive criticism, I want you to know that you’re appreciated. For those of you who are worried about me, believe me when I say I am doing well. The articles are meant to give you pertinent information regarding the Community and remind everyone to be a good person and treat those around you with respect and dignity. If that gets you worried about me, I think you should probably be more worried about yourself.
I am happy to report that despite all of the hiccups and challenges, the fiber drops are almost complete. This does not mean that the project is almost finished or that the new equipment is ready to be installed. We are still several months out from that, but the hardest phase of this project is almost completed. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this project; believe me, I know it’s been challenging. As stated, several times, this was not an HOA project and although we have tried our best to help make things run smoothly, we have no direct oversight. I assure you that we are doing everything we can on our end. I am also optimistic that the next phase will be coordinated much more efficiently.
Now, a project that was overseen by the HOA was the drainage/asphalt project. I am very pleased with how that project went in its entirety. Currently, we are looking into how to make the speed humps more apparent, especially at night. We have signs both prior to the speed humps and at the speed humps, in addition to them being striped with reflective strips at the base. However, we are receiving complaints that they still don’t stand out enough. I am in agreement that we need to do something more to make them catch everyone’s eye. However, we need to do this without turning the complex into an airport runway. In the interim, it is much easier to see them if you aren’t speeding between them. I have to say that the speed humps have helped tremendously, but many people are still driving recklessly and trying to go around them. Please just stop!
In addition to addressing the speed humps, we are looking into reflective strips for the stop signs and poles. Cleaning and or replacing the old signs that exist throughout the complex is also being addressed. I am sure other things will continue to come up that need to be addressed as well in the future, and we will. However, I think we can all agree that driving in Bretton Woods is a much more enjoyable experience.
I have done a lot of traveling in my life and have been to a variety of places, some very nice and some absolutely terrifying. So, when I say that Bretton Woods is a very safe Community, it is accurate and based on experience. We have had several cars broken into over the last few months. With that being said, virtually all of the cars were left unlocked. No damage is being done to the vehicles and everything is being left in the cars that isn’t of monetary value. We are aware that the culprits appear to be teenagers or young adults. The security staff is diligently monitoring this situation and the cops are being called immediately. We are looking into additional security measures in concert with what is already being done.
Please call the police if you see any suspicious activity immediately. The culprits are entering the Community between 1:00am-5:00am. As stated, they appear to be young men and are usually wearing hoodies. No accounts have shown them to be violent at all, but if you see them call the police and do not approach them directly. Hopefully, if we all stay vigilant and work together, they will be apprehended sooner than later. That being said, the most important thing you can do to help prevent them from coming into our community is to LOCK YOUR DOORS!!
I am not feeling as inspired or motivated like I usually am since I am in a lot of pain, and it appears evident that my wisdom teeth have to be pulled. Now for someone who says everything happens for a reason, I must believe that this is also happening for a reason. I am sure the staff will be grateful to have some quiet time while I recover. Someone asked me, “Well if you lose your wisdom teeth, aren’t you afraid you’re going to lose your wisdom?” I don’t know if I was ever wise, but I do know that anything I do have is not permanent and was never mine to begin with. Let’s see who picks up on what that really means.
December brings us the following holidays and days of significance: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve.
I don’t know what anyone believes these days and I do worry about this world. I hope that whatever your belief is, that you enjoy and spend time with family and friends. If you’re someone like me and find peace in your solitude, then spend your time alone. Just don’t forget it’s not about you! Remember we should always give more than we take. When it’s my time to leave this world, I want those close to me to cherish the memories, not the possessions that were left. However, in order to do that you must make sure that you provide those around you with memories worth holding onto.
Craig Pessin-HOA Administrator

I want to leave this world with memories, not dreams.”