Message from Administrator

“Is it better to live a life of ignorance and simplicity or a life of questioning and searching?”

I have written over 60 articles from this desk and I am always amazed how the years seem to fly by. I never had what many would refer to as a plan in life. I just knew that I was expected to get an education and have a job from an early age. So, that’s what I did and I didn’t ever stop to question why. I started working hard as a teenager and have never stopped. As the years seem to go quicker and the problems keep coming, I have started to wonder what is the purpose of one’s life. The answer is that the purpose of life is whatever we determine it should be for ourselves.

As summer begins to come to an end, please be careful of the falling leaves and those looking to get in their last summer walks. Speeding and running stop signs continue to be an issue in this community. If you are witnessed speeding or not obeying traffic laws, you will be suspended and/or fined. I am not sure how hard it is for people to practice common courtesy, but I am happy to encourage those who don’t by suspending your privileges.

The golf course continues to look excellent and those of you that play seem to be enjoying. I would like to thank Greg Fox and his staff for their hard work and commitment to maintain the course. All other amenities appear to be in good working order and the staff continue to do a great job. I have traveled all over this country and have been in this industry for over 20 years. I can say with full confidence that the staff we have here in this community are far better than average. I thank them all for their hard work and want them to know how much I appreciate all of their efforts.

I love just about everything in the fall season. The foliage, cooler weather, and warmer oceans and lakes from the summer season. I have to say what I love the most though is how quiet everywhere seems to be. With the kids back in school and the parents busy with work and the kid’s extracurricular activities, traveling is the best. I was having this conversation with the staff earlier today about whether or not I am a people person. I state that I love people, but prefer solitude. They all overwhelmingly begged to differ with my self-analysis. Apparently, I love to talk and couldn’t live a life of solitude. I am not sure if I will put their theory to test anytime soon. However, I am sure that I can get through time away in solitude just fine.

The roads project continues to move forward and we are still aiming to start drainage this fall. As many of you know, this has been a project in the works for a long time and has many moving parts. Please be patient and understanding as we navigate our way through this project. The goal will be to complete the majority of drainage by the end of the year and start asphalting in the Spring of next year. I anticipate that we will have delays and issues getting certain material as that is the current market. Please be assured that all necessary steps and measures that can be taken to minimize these delays will be taken.

I want to let everyone know that Karen Herbst who is a valued and cherished employee of 20 plus years is having some health issues. Karen is currently awaiting a heart transplant and she is in the thoughts and prayers of so many of you already. I ask that all of you please put her in your thoughts and prayers as well. I have known Karen for over 20 years myself and I am honored to have her on staff and in my life. I know that Karen will be fine and back to the office soon enough, but not having her here has been an adjustment for all of us. I want Karen to know that she is greatly missed and that I think about her every day.

September brings us the following holidays and days of significance; Labor Day, Patriot Day, National Grandparents Day, International Day of Peace, Autumn Equinox, and Rosh Hashanah.

Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator

“Every day is precious, so make sure to treat it as such. Nobody knows what the future may hold. However, I am a firm believer that positive thoughts, produce positive results.”