Message from Administrator


Well, it’s 6:51 am and I am two hours into my day, and have responded to all e-mails and closed out unfinished tasks from yesterday. I was hoping to write this article last night, but I never seem to have the motivation by the end of the day. I tend to start the day out positive, energetic, inspired, and ready to solve every issue that exists before sunset. That never actually happens, but I know a full day and solid effort was put in and that’s all that we can ask of ourselves.
I want to thank those who attended the HOA meeting in April. Short of a few issues with Optimum and other minor issues, all is running as intended. A special thank you to the staff, vendors, and contractors for their hard work and commitment to the community. The amount of time and energy that goes into running a community of our size is significant. I am very grateful for the team that we have and for all of their support. I send a special thank you acknowledgment to the board of directors and condo boards for all that they do. All of them are volunteers and put in significant time for the betterment of our community.
I won’t get into the differences between the condos and HOA in this article, however, for those who are interested, please feel free to attend a meeting or give me a call for more information. The short version is that each condo is independent and made up of its own respective boards. The HOA has no oversight over condo boards or their policies. If you have an issue with something going on in your condo, you must address that with your specific board. I want to state that the condo boards work very hard for all of you and they do it on their own. The condo boards hire all of their own contractors and vendors and oversee every aspect pertaining to the operation of the condo. Unlike the HOA, they don’t have the assistance of their own direct staff to assist them. So please show them patience and grace if and when you have an issue that arises.
The golf course is now open and things appear to be running smoothly. I know that their first meeting for the season was held in April and they had a nice turnout. A few issues were presented to me and will be addressed sooner rather than later. I ask all members of all clubs that if you have any issues, please present them to the respective board immediately. Each club has its own board, which has a point of contact directly to me. I assure you that if I am aware of a situation, I will address it immediately. If it is something that can’t be addressed, I will inform the respective point of contact of why that is.
The har-tru tennis courts were open in April and are looking very nice. I know that tennis isn’t as popular as it once was. I will be monitoring the play on the courts this year as well as on our popular pickleball courts. I ask everyone to play nicely this year and to be respectful of one another. The clubs have specific hours and those must be followed. If any issue does come up, please tell me immediately so that it can be addressed. I am optimistic that we will not have issues this year as countless efforts were made last year to prevent future ones.
The bocce courts will get some fresh crushed blue stone and will be painted/re-striped this year. I know that no matter how much blue stone we add or remove, the comments will follow. As stated with all of the clubs, I have direct points of contact. I follow what they inform me on what needs to be done. If you aren’t happy with something, you must address that with your club’s board, not me. I wish I could please everyone, but I have made peace with the fact that it is not a reality several years ago. Clubs and committees exist for a reason and everyone must follow the structure that is in place.
I do always find it humorous when people are asked to volunteer or take the helm on many of these clubs and committees. Almost always, nobody wants the job or to be on the board in any capacity. However, once someone does finally agree to take the job, all of the ones who refused to volunteer sure do have a lot to say about how that person does the job that they didn’t want. I sure can’t use the following line enough in my life:
“Nothing is impossible, for those who don’t have to do it.”
I have been affiliated with this community for 23 years! I find it hard to even write as the years seem to be going quicker than they once did. I understand that the time that passes from one year to the next hasn’t changed, but the way I view it has.
We have a finite amount of time on this earth and we owe it to ourselves to live each day to the fullest. I try my best to help those I can every day while being cognizant of taking time for myself as well. Unfortunately, there are many days I don’t help people, or at least not the ones I believe I should be helping. There are also many days that I don’t take the time that I should for myself or for those who are close to me.
I don’t know if anyone really is close to me or understands me in this world. I guess I have spent my entire professional career building bridges and my entire personal life putting up walls. Life is beautiful and certainly unique in several different aspects. I find that my isolation and time in nature makes me better in my professional world, but more detached in my personal life. Well, maybe one day I will figure out that balance, but today isn’t that day.
May brings us the following holidays and days of significance: Cinco de Mayo, Orthodox Easter, Mother’s Day, Armed Fores Day, and Memorial Day.
Craig Pessin-HOA Administrator
Tomorrow is promised to nobody, so don’t live your life today hoping for a better tomorrow. Live each day to the fullest, while systematically planning how tomorrow will be better if you seize today.

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.” -Abigail Van Buren aka Dear Abby