Message from Administrator

The feedback from last month’s article was very positive. Apparently, the very small handful of people like when I talk more about life than strictly condo business. I don’t know yet which direction this article is going to take me, so let’s find out together. By the time you read this article, the drainage/roads project will still be underway. I have a feeling that we will be in the thick of the parking lot paving and the final phase of this project. I am very pleased with how things have been going and want to thank everyone involved with the work. Please continue to follow posted signs and listen to the blast calls.
Cani “Kaizen” is the word that I refer to the most often in my life these days. Which stems from the Japanese word Kai meaning change and Zen “change is good” It’s a Japanese philosophy that refers to constant and never-ending improvement. The entire philosophy comes down to improving one aspect or thing of your life every day. Could be as simple as one less chocolate chip cookie or piece of ice cream cake that day. Sweets have gotten the better of me lately as I have been focusing my changes on exercise and mental growth instead. I might be the only person that hikes 15 miles and then goes out and eats all those calories I burnt off and more. I will be giving up sweets soon though as I am running out of excuses on why I shouldn’t. It’s pointless to grow in one aspect of your life if you shrink in another. We must find the right balance and that’s what we all should be working on.
I have been working on so many things, but the hardest one is not letting the actions of others impact my mental well-being. Its easy to blame your life and circumstances on others, but the only one who controls our emotions is us. I am ashamed and sad that I let others impact my inner peace recently. I not only lost control of my emotions, but exposed others to it. Now, I didn’t do anything egregious by any means, but I did become the man that I thought I had killed a few years ago. We can improve, and as stated I try to do so every day. However, we don’t get to escape our past or the old version of ourselves. We may like to think that we can, but we can’t and shouldn’t. We must remember that if we don’t continue to do the work every day, we can very easily turn back into the person and habits we worked so hard to break.
The golf course is open and the rangers are out daily. To all of you out golfing, you must bring your pass everyday and follow all of the rules. Please be respectful to the rangers and your fellow golfers while you are out playing. The golf course is looking excellent and I want to thank Greg Fox and his crew for their excellent work. If you have an issue with any of the rules or how they are being enforced, do not get into an altercation with the ranger. I can almost guarantee you that the directive is coming from me. So, feel free to contact me to discuss if you are not happy with the rule. Losing your temper and being abusive to the ranger will result in your immediate suspension.
The Outdoor Pool will be opening on Memorial Day and be open daily thereafter. The hours will be posted at the Clubhouse as both the Indoor and Outdoor will be open on staggered hours for the entire month of June as always. The same rules that apply to the golf course also apply to the pool. You must have your pass every day. The only difference is that if you have guests for the pool bring your guest pass, if you have guests for the golf course bring your wallet. The cost for the golf course is $15.00 for the day and gives you unlimited rounds. The guest pass which is used for all other amenities can be picked up at the Front Desk. If your guest pass gets filled, you can buy a new one for $30.00. The guest pass gives you thirty guests, with a maximum of six guests per day.
The treatment of all staff is always my number concern before anything else. I don’t know why so many people lately seems more hostile and volatile all over the place. That being said, I will not tolerate any abuse at all of any employee, contractor, or vendor. I had stated earlier that I had lost my composure not too long ago. When I did, I didn’t take my aggravation or stress out on anyone. Yes, people heard me and were impacted and when things subsided, I apologized and remedied the situation and over a week later still feel terrible that it happened. So, if I hold myself accountable for someone being exposed to my anger. I assure you that direct verbal abuse and threats will not be tolerated by anyone. The overwhelming majority of you are kind and caring people, but for those of you that are habitual offenders this article is putting you on notice.
I just hung up with the landscaper and the bocce ball courts will be getting weeded, raked, rolled and fresh stone as always. The upper tennis courts are looking great this year and hope some people use them. I am still waiting for Century Tennis to come and crack fill and power wash the pickleball and lower tennis courts. The shuffle board courts were cleaned up last year and still waiting for people to play on them.
I do enjoy the nice weather and seeing everyone out and about enjoying. Please feel free to stop me and say hello and ask me any questions. I do ask that those of you who have been calling me on my cell phone and texting me to please stop doing so. If you are a Condo President or HOA Board member obviously this does not apply to you. I do kindly ask that the rest of you send me an e-mail. I do respond very quickly and can address your concerns more efficiently that way. I am available 24/7 for emergencies. I do think that lately, what constitutes an emergency has become too subjective. I view an emergency to be that if something isn’t addressed immediately irreparable damage will occur. I will not comment on any specific instances that have occurred lately as to not offend anyone. Please just contact me over e-mail and not by text or cell as I am your Administrator not your family member or friend. To those of my friends that do exist in the Community this doesn’t apply to you either. However, I will say there is a fine line between a friend asking for a favor and abusing the friendship. Also, if you only contact me when you have a problem are you really a friend?
June brings us the following holidays and days of significance: Flag Day, Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and the first day of summer.
The poem that kept me from unraveling this month that you can find on YouTube by typing “If by Rudy Kipling- Read by Sir Michael Caine” I recommend you giving it a listen.
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator

Resistance is the key to success in life. We must fight it when necessary and embrace it when possible. I love to kayak sometimes against the resistance of the current, other time I go with it. I go with the current when want to explore, think, embrace, and trust the moment I am in. I go against the current when I know that risk of harm, outweighs the reward of self-discovery and mental growth. The challenge is to know when it is necessary to change course in order to stay on the journey.

Craig Pessin-HOA Administrator

“Always treat those that you perceive as insignificant or unimportant, the way you would want them to treat you if roles were reversed. The reality is that one day they might just be”