Condominium IX – Board of Managers

Condo IX  – September 2022

September is always a very busy month for Bretton Woods and Condominium IX residents as we enjoy our last days of summer, children and school personnel return to the classroom and many holidays are celebrated.

ANNUAL MEETING/ELECTION: Last month we mailed an application for Board membership to every homeowner. Later this month all homeowners will receive information on the Annual Meeting/Election. As per the established rotation, three seats become vacant on September 30th, the end of the fiscal year. In order to have a valid election, a quorum of members of Condominium IX (51% of our 94 homeowners) must vote. PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY AS A HOMEOWNER AND VOTE!

BUDGET: During the month of August the Board had several meetings to discuss/finalize the Condominium IX budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. The final results of our meeting/discussions occurred too late to be included in this newsletter. HOA, MPAU and Condo IX are all faced with unprecedented increases in costs for the next fiscal year. Please remember that we have no control over HOA and MPAU expenses, we simply collect monies on their behalf. Based on previous expenditure history, as well as future projections, the Board anticipates increases in operational expenses for electric, snow removal, roof repairs, plumbing, pest control as well as other ongoing expenses. Inflation of almost 10% alone will impact our budget. In order to have sufficient funding in anticipation of future capital expenses, we may have to increase the monthly allocation for reserve funding in our budget. Please be assured that Board members are cognizant of increased costs and we made reductions in expenditures as prudent. A gentle reminder to please contact your financial institution to change the monthly debit when you receive the new payment schedule/coupon book if you make electronic payments for your common charges. Please also be reminded that common charges are due on the 1st of the month. If your bank issues a check for your payment, please authorize the payment/mailing with sufficient time so the check arrives in the HOA Office before the 10th of the month and the automatic imposition of a late fee.

 Condo living, which by definition is within close proximity of one’s neighbors, presents certain challenges for all of us. Recently some residents brought specific concerns to the Board’s attention. These concerns, as well as the suggested possible solutions that were made, were discussed at our August meeting. The Board’s authority to act is limited by the governing documents; however, we agreed on certain remedial actions that have already been put in place. We ask that you do what you can do to supplement the Board’s efforts, such as communicating with your neighbors about your concerns/possible solutions, being aware of the noise that can be generated by vehicles entering/leaving the parking plazas, as well as the noise can be transmitted between units. We know that parking can be at a premium and share your frustration when there are no available spaces within proximity of your unit. We appreciate your cooperation when you park less utilized vehicles or ask friends/family who are visiting to park in the designated PP #16B long-term parking area.
 It seems that there has been an increase in littering, not only in Condo IX but throughout the Bretton Woods community. Please dispose of trash in one of the many designated Dumpsters and not on the street, parking lot or common area. Thank you.

 The Board approved estimates received from Woodland Arborcare for our annual tree trimming/removal project in numerous locations throughout the community.
 Naturescape repaired the damaged retaining wall in PP #15.

 It is essential that your unit number be clearly visible – not obscured in any way by an exterior light or decoration. Emergency personnel can’t help you if they can’t find you!
 If at any time you see something suspicious or feel that your personal safety is threatened, call the Suffolk County Police immediately at 911 for police emergency or (631) 854-8600 6th Precinct Desk.


 Many thanks to Joanne Anderson for assisting with the General Mailing last month. We greatly appreciate all of our Condo IX volunteers – you are the very best, always stepping up to the plate to help!
 Birthday celebrants this month are Chris Shortell, Cindy Kelly, Greg Martella, Kathleen Wloszczyna, Lisa LeShaw, Michael Panzella, Nina Papillo, Susan Conklin and Renata Zinkevicius. Best wishes to each one of you on your special day!
 Meeting – the next meeting of the Condo IX Board of Managers will be held in the Library on Wednesday, September 7th at 6:00 PM.