Condominium IX – Board of Managers

Condo IX – June 2023

6th D-Day remembered, 14th Flag Day; 18th Father’s Day, 21st Summer begins!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
The weather has been delightful, with flowers blooming and neighbors out and about enjoying the sunshine! Summer officially begins on the 21st. However, our beautiful Bretton Woods’ pool is already open for your enjoyment. The indoor pool also continues to be open for the month of June, with Water Aerobics weekdays at 9 AM. Stay tuned for “Music by Poolside” this summer! Take advantage of all the amenities Bretton Woods provides and that you pay for: Golf, pickleball, bocce, shuffleboard & more! We especially celebrate all the Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great-Grandfathers in our community and hope they enjoy their special day!

• Naturescape has finished the core aeration/reseeding of the lawns and mulching of common areas.
• The irrigation startup has been completed – please submit a work order ASAP if you notice an inoperable sprinkler head or problem in the vicinity of your unit.
• By this time, Suffolk Paving will have completed paving the roads and hopefully our parking plazas. Due to careful budgeting, Condo IX residents will not face an assessment for this project!
• Most of our residents have made great strides in the Community Spring clean-up of the Basement storage area. Thank you for your cooperation! A few people still need to purge and consolidate their areas. Remember… you do not need to bring your unused/unwanted items to the dumpster. Maintenance will remove the unwanted items from the basement for free if you place them by the cage area which is for discarded goods.

 To prevent costly repairs, it’s recommended that residents pour boiling water down the drains weekly to prevent clogs and grease build-up. When cooking, remember to never pour oil down the drain. Avoid charges, as plumbing cameras can trace who is responsible for back-up issues.
 Common Charges are due the 1st of each month, not the 10th. Please avoid late fees by submitting your payment by this date. If you use Bill-Pay with your bank, remember that mail can take a week to reach the office, so have your payment sent early enough to avoid late charges.
SMOKE DETECTOR INSPECTIONS: The semi-annual mandated Town of Brookhaven smoke detector inspections will have been completed by this time. The Board expresses sincere THANKS to Jasmine Hawk who is the Chair of this very important project, as well as to the following community volunteers: Susan Conklin, Jasmine Hawk, Janet Keller, Dorothy Newman, Pat O’Mahoney, Jeanine Petillo, Linda Redenberg, Cathy Ruger, Kathy Russo,
Deirdre Severson, & Cheryl Solomito. The community sincerely appreciates your efforts to keep us all safe!

 Vehicles/traffic:
o Please remember to exercise caution when driving throughout the community – remember that the posted speed limit is 25 mph. For everyone’s safety, please STOP at all posted signs.
o During the summer months, we must be especially mindful of children playing outside and residents who are out and about enjoying the warm weather.
 Walkers/runners/joggers should not be in the middle of the street but rather on the side and should always walk/jog/run facing oncoming traffic.
 Summer pests:
o Deer ticks live in shady, moist areas at ground level as well as in tall grass, brush, and shrubs. They get on humans and animals by direct contact. They do not fly, jump, or drop from trees. Preventive measures should be used whenever tick-exposure is possible.
o Mosquitos are most active at dawn and dusk. They lay their eggs in standing water. To reduce the mosquito population in your area, please reduce and/or eliminate any standing water in cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots, bird baths, plastic wading pools, outdoor furniture covers, etc.


 Welcome to our new residents, Phillip & Renata Sepulveda (991) We wish you much happiness in your new home!
 Birthday Wishes are sent to Lee Amato, Joanne Anderson, Theresa Dantzig, Richard Kelly, Joe Lucia, Dennis Sall, Shajeda Begum, Shavoi Wilson, and Logan Wells this month. We hope that you each enjoy your special day!
 The next meeting of the Condominium IX Board of Managers will be Thursday, June 1st at 6:30 PM in the Clubhouse Library. Please submit any concerns/questions in the mailbox outside the Clubhouse or at the HOA office and we will respond to them.