Condominium IX – Board of Managers

Condo IX – December 2023

Dear Condo IX Residents,
The Condo IX Board wishes all our residents joy-filled holidays. Be safe, be cozy, and enjoy this beautiful time of year!

 HOA Maintenance plows the roads first, then the parking plazas.
 Snow will be shoveled from the walkways and steps after 2” of snow has fallen and stopped. Ice melt will be applied to the walkways and steps as needed. Please have patience – it is impossible to clear every area first/at the same time.
 When a storm is predicted, please communicate with your neighbors, and move vehicles to one section of the parking lot which will allow the HOA snowplows to clear the lot more quickly.
 After cleaning off your vehicle, please move it to Skyline Drive or to an already cleared area in your parking plaza once the HOA has cleared the road.
 Ice melt is available in the basement storage area for your use. You may want to keep a small container of ice melt or sand by your front door and/or in your car.
 Please remember to remove doormats and newspapers, which can damage the snow blowers and delay snow removal.
 Upper Lamont residents are responsible for the timely removal of snow from the balcony of their units.

 Fall clean-up: Naturescape has closed the irrigation system and fall cleanup is ongoing and requires several visits.
 Gutter Cleaning: Weather permitting, Super Clean Machine will complete the scheduled winter gutter cleaning project on December 11th. This project is expected to last 2-3 days. To prevent any damage, kindly move any items on your patio away from the house, and remove any decorative hanging items, such as wind chimes, etc.
 Prevent Freezing: If your unit has an inside shut-off valve, please be sure to turn it off by December 15th. This helps to prevent costly damage from freezing pipes! You should first turn off the inside valve and then open the outside faucet to let any residual water drain. Remember to disconnect any exterior hoses and accessories. A board member will stop by mid-month to make sure you are in compliance.

 WORK ORDERS: For the quickest response to work orders, please submit your request online at You should receive an email acknowledgment of your work order.
 PLUMBING ISSUES: Avoid unnecessary clogs, back- ups and plumbing bills by not putting grease, food particles, kitty litter etc. down the drain. Flushable wipes do not degrade and will clog our septic system. Flush drains weekly with boiling water to keep them running smoothly and prevent stoppages. Homeowners are responsible for costs associated with blockages.
 PLEASE DON’T LEAVE FOOD/BIRD SEED OUTSIDE! You may be well-intentioned, but these offerings attract deer, rodents, and vermin that may carry diseases to our community.

COMMUNITY CONCERN: By definition, condominium living is within close proximity of one’s neighbors. We ask that you please respect and be considerate of your neighbors. Both the Bretton Woods governing documents and the Town of Brookhaven have requirements for noise control. To make a noise complaint or to report any other non-emergency situation requiring a police response, call (631) 852-COPS.


 Deepest sympathy goes out to Tecla and the entire Amato Family on the passing of Lee. Lee was a long – standing resident of Condo IX and will be sincerely missed.

 We extend Happy Birthday wishes this month to Meryl Classen, Mark Cosenza, Kinard Gradney, Cherri Jennings, Mielad Kamalinejad, Amir Kamalinejad, Navid Kamalinejad, Ernestine Panzella, Christine Powers, James Sorce, and Barbara Spears. We hope you ALL enjoy your special day!

 The next meeting of the Condo IX Board of Managers will be Thursday, December 7th at 6:30 PM in the Clubhouse Library.

 Please note that the Condominium IX Board will not hold regular monthly meetings in January and February. Necessary business will still be conducted as needed.

Email Questions/ Concerns/ Announcements to Condo IX Board of Managers: