Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo III – February 2024

We would like to remind everyone that we all live here together, and we should take pride in our community. There are numerous dumpsters for trash in each area. There is no reason to dump any garbage on the ground or to just toss trash or food out of your car. If you drop something, pick it up and throw it away. Leaving trash around on your patio encourages rodents. It should be disposed of immediately. Let’s keep our Condo clean and make it a place we can be proud to live in. For this same reason, please do not leave garbage next to the dumpsters. Throw it inside and be sure to close the cover. Large items such as furniture and appliances should be put behind the garbage dumpsters not in front or on the sides.

For non-work order related issues, you can contact the board at

Email Alerts: Never miss a message! We are initiating an email alert system. If you would like to receive Condo 3 updates and alerts, please send an email to saying ADD ME TO THE LIST.

Online Work Orders: Go to and click on the work orders tab.

**A BIG WELCOME to new residents Gus and Suzi Constant at 437 Clubhouse Court**

Common charges: We would like to thank our homeowners for paying your common charges promptly. Our common charges pay for everything the Condo needs to run smoothly. Please keep in mind that common charges are due on the 1st of each month. If the HOA office receives your payment on the 11th…. it is not 1 day late; it is 11 days late. You will be charged a late fee. Please do not wait until the last minute to make your payments. The
office no longer accepts payments directly. You can leave your payment in any of the 3 designated boxes. The boxes are emptied multiple times each day.

Basement: The basement will be open for your convenience on:
Saturday, February 10th from 11:30am – 11:45am.
All items stored in the basement must be in a plastic tote labeled with your name, address, and phone number. All items are stored at your own risk.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: If you have a fire, police, or medical emergency, CALL 911. Do not call the office. This wastes valuable time, and they cannot help you. If you hear the fire alarms going off, CALL 911, get out of the building, and then notify your neighbors.

Snow: Remember, our landscapers will only come to shovel our walks if we have 2 inches or more of snow. They also will not come until after the snow has stopped. Our Maintenance crew who plows the lots needs your help when it snows…. get your cars brushed off and moved so they can plow the lots and clear spaces for people to park safely.

A few reminders:
• Upper Lamont Owners – you are responsible for the maintenance of your balconies. You must remove snow accumulations from your decks promptly and carefully so there is no damage to the lower unit.
If you live in an upper Lamont, please do not dump the snow onto your neighbor’s walkway when you are clearing your balcony.
• Pick up your outdoor mats so they will not get caught in the snow blowers.
• Leave your gate open if you want the path cleared to your door.
• After the Maintenance department has plowed the roads, please move your car out of the parking plazas so the men can plow the lots.
• Keep sand or ice melt and a small shovel handy in case you need to get out before the walks are cleared.
• Be careful walking and driving in the snow and ice.
• Please check in on your elderly neighbors to see if they need help with anything.

Super Bowl Sunday-February 11
Valentine’s Day-February 14
Presidents Day-February 19