Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo III – June 2024

For non-work order-related issues, you can contact the board at:
Please do not call your board members at home unless it is an emergency after office hours.

Online Work Orders: Go to and click on the work order tab.

Be Cautious- Summer and the nicer weather are here! Please observe the speed limit of 25 mph. Please be extra careful to observe children crossing the street, playing outside or residents walking. Obey the stop signs and take caution to drive a little slower. If you are going away and park in long-term parking, please leave the car keys with someone and advise the Condo who has them.

Power Washing Project: Beginning Monday, June 3rd, Power washing of our buildings will begin. Please remove anything on your patio that is against the buildings or any items that you wouldn’t want damaged.

Electric Vehicles (EV)- If you are considering buying or already own an EV, please note that there are only two options available for charging your vehicle.
1. You can request approval from the Condo board to have a licensed electrician run a dedicated line, at your expense, from your unit to charge your vehicle in the parking lot. Please note that there are no assigned parking spots.
2. You can also charge your vehicle at an outside location such as Sam’s Club, etc.
It is a hazard and an insurance risk to have cords run across sidewalks at any time, so this will not be permitted as an option.

Barbecues… Please be sure to keep your BBQ at least 10 feet from the building or as far away as possible if you have a smaller patio. Never leave it unattended when in use. Barbecuing with propane or charcoal on the Upper Lamont unit’s balcony is strictly prohibited.

Tiki torches & Fire pits are not permitted in Bretton Woods These are against our insurance regulations.

Parking…. Only vehicles with valid registration and inspection stickers are permitted to park in our parking lots. Vehicles with missing or expired stickers will be towed.
There are no reserved spots which includes handicap parking. Handicap parking must have the appropriate stickers and be approved and registered with the town of Brookhaven.

Basement…The basement will be open for your convenience on:
Saturday, June 8th from 11:30 am – 11:45 am.
All items stored in the basement must be in a plastic tote labeled with your name, address, and phone number. Hazardous or combustible items may not be stored. All items stored in the basement are also stored at your own risk. Please remove any items that you no longer want.

Landscaping…Please do not remove any bushes, shrubbery, plants, or trees without submitting a work order or email request and waiting for board approval.

Exterminating… Condo III covers the cost of termite and carpenter ant issues inside your unit. Any other exterminating needs are the responsibility of the homeowner. Any homeowner needing an exterminator has the option to use the Condo’s contracted exterminator, Gene, from Certified Pest Control You can call him directly at 631-696-1075.
Friendly reminder…. Keep the covers on the dumpsters closed to keep raccoons and other critters out. Remember the garbage goes inside, not outside the dumpster.
DO NOT put out food or bread for the birds and squirrels as they contribute to ever increasing rat problem. Also, to keep your plumbing working properly, don’t put any wipes, cooking oil or grease down your drains.

Fire Alarms…. Stay tuned for when our fire alarms will be inspected. We are aiming for some time in September and will let you know when we have locked down a date. Our inspections are usually done on a Monday and all units with electronic alarms must be made available on the date of the inspections.

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Happy Father’s Day! Stay safe & healthy!

Flag Day- June 14
Father’s Day- June 16
Juneteenth- June 19
First Day of Summer- June 20

Condo III Board of Managers