Condominium II – Board of Managers

Condo II – December 2023

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out
in the cold.” – ARISTOTLE

The holidays are approaching fast, and the Condo II Board of Managers would like to wish everyone a very safe and wonderful holiday season.

If you wish to have access to the basement, the holiday hours are as follows,

Saturday, December 2 from 11am-12pm
Saturday, December 9 from 11am-12pm
Saturday, January 6 from 11am-12pm
Saturday, January 13 from 11am-12pm
Sunday, January 28 from 11am-11:15am

It will not be open on December 24th. If you require access to the basement at another time, please submit a work order and someone will contact you.

According to our By-Laws, article III, section 6, states that all plumbing stoppages shall be done by the homeowner at their own expense, if you have a plumbing backup, you may call maintenance. They will assess the situation and let you know if the matter is something they can fix or if you will need to call a plumber. Any plumber doing work in any of our buildings must be licensed and insured. You can avoid unnecessary clogs, backups, and plumbing bills by not putting things down the drains or flushing Items that don’t belong. Flushable wipes may say they are flushable, but they clog our septic system. Grease, and other household items also do not belong down the drain.

As the cold winter weather approaches, maintenance and landscaping will be preparing for snow, please be mindful of the “no parking during snow emergency” signs. They are placed in the parking plazas so that snow removal can go smoothly and efficiently. We want to make sure the snow has a place to go, and the parking plazas can be plowed and cleaned up as fast as possible. Please no parking in those spots during snow storms.

Fall cleanup has been underway, and should be fully completed by mid-December.

Please remember to stop feeding the wildlife. Not only is it against Suffolk County code, but it also brings unwanted, pests and rodents to the area. The condo is not responsible for rodents, so please refrain from leaving out food that may attract unwanted guests.

Please make sure to lock your vehicles at all times. If yours is broken into or rummaged through, call the police immediately and file a police report. Make sure all valuable items are not left in the car, or in plain sight. If you see something suspicious, please notify the proper authorities.

To avoid any further late fees and pass restrictions, please make sure your account is up to date and there is no balance on your account. You can request an account balance, from the HOA office, to see where your account currently is at. Also please make sure that your phone numbers and mailing addresses are correct as well. Especially if you are not currently living in the community and or renting your unit. We need to make sure we can reach you if we need too.

Condo II Board of Managers.