Condominium IV – Board of Managers

Condo IV – June 2024

Our regular Condo IV board meetings have resumed and are open to all Condo IV residents. Please join us and offer your suggestions or ideas. We’re looking for potential board members. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 12th, at 7 p.m. in the library.
Sad news: We are extremely saddened and express our deepest sympathy to the family of Helen Sagarin who recently passed away. She was a long-time resident of Bretton Woods and actively served on the condo IV board for many years. She loved gardening and was our landscaping expert, made a big difference, and played a big part in keeping our condo IV community neat and beautiful. She will be greatly missed.
Summer and the nicer weather is here! Please observe the speed limit of 25 mph. Please be extra careful to observe children crossing the street, playing outside, or residents walking. Obey the stop signs and make sure you make a full stop! Please take caution to drive a little slower. When walking in the evening or dark, wear light or reflective clothing so people driving can spot you easily.
BASEMENT STORAGE: Sign out the key at the HOA front desk.
Please do not leave any valuables in the basement storage area. All acceptable items must be LABELED and kept in “sealed” plastic containers to deter mold and mildew.
All items you store must be labeled with a RED tag (near the entrance) with:
1. Your name
2. Your unit #
3. Your phone number
4. Store at your own risk. Use only one area.
5. Stack items.
6. No paint, no paper, cardboard boxes, books
7. No flammable items, toxic chemicals, pesticides, explosives
8. No food
9. No upholstered furniture, carpeting, clothing items

Reminder: With the nicer weather here, it’s tempting to feed the birds, deer, rabbits, and chipmunks. Please refrain from feeding them as it attracts rodents, raccoons, and other unwanted visitors. Also, do not leave basins or bird baths with water. Stagnant water will attract mosquitos which bring the West Nile virus.
If you are planning on doing any renovations of your unit, the contractors you hire must dispose of the debris and are NOT ALLOWED to use our dumpsters, i.e., old appliances, bathroom or kitchen fixtures, carpets, cabinets, etc.; also, all contractors should be licensed and insured.
Welcome to our new neighbors:
Noah Viti and Giovanna Capitello @ 97 Birchwood Rd
Thomas and Eileen King & their two children, Tommy & Brianna @ 87 Birchwood Rd
We hope you take advantage and enjoy the many amenities that Bretton Woods has to offer.
June 14th- Flag Day- A day for all Americans to celebrate and show respect for our flag. Our flag is a representative of our independence and our unity as a nation. Be proud and display our flag.
June 16th – Father’s Day- A celebration recognizing the importance of all Fathers & to show thankfulness, remember & honor our Dads! Whether biological, adopted, or informally if they are a father figure, they should have some recognition too! We wish all the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day!
June 20th – 1ST Day of Summer – This is the Longest Day of the year and the first official day of summer. Let’s all enjoy the nice weather!

“Be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine, but most of all be thankful”