Condominium IV – Board of Managers

Condo IV – February 2023

As I sit here, writing this newsletter, so far we have been very lucky and have not experienced a serious major snowstorm. But….. I am writing this in the beginning of January. Let’s hope for mild weather and an early spring. But…….just in case, below is a reminder for the freezing temperatures and possible snow.
• Be on the lookout for “Black Ice” and proceed with caution. Keep ice melt near your front door to use as needed.
• If snow is in the forecast, please pick up your door mat. This will prevent damage to the snow blower.
• Upper Lamonts: Please remove any snow that accumulates on your balconies. If you do not clean the snow, there could be damage and leaking to the home below.
• For those who park on Birchwood, you should move your cars into plazas when it snows, so the plows can get through.
• There is a snow shoveling list of names of people who will dig your car out if you can’t. This names are listed in the back pages of the newsletter.
• Keep warm and dress in layers.
• Check on your neighbors especially the elderly who may not get out as often.
Reminder: Pipes: We are all connected through the pipeline. Please avoid clogging it up for all. Cooking oils, fats, grease do not belong down the drain, store it in a plastic bag, can or jar and dispose of it in the dumpster with your trash. Cotton balls, diapers, q-tips, female personal products and tissues should not get flushed down the toilet.
AGAIN: We have to stress how important it is to have the number of your house on your fence and door. When walking around we have noticed many numbers are covered by shrubs, numbers are incomplete and some homes have no numbers at all. In case of an emergency, it is extremely important so that the firemen, EMS, and the police can see your unit number clearly from the outside.
Also it’s a good idea to keep your phone numbers and guest list updated for the gate and office. It is to your benefit in case of an emergency and we have to contact you.
We welcome your ideas and suggestions. If you have any information you would like shared in our monthly newsletter please send an email to


Reminder: Nothing should be nailed or screwed into the aluminum siding or fences.
Fire pits or tiki torches are not permitted in Bretton Woods because of the close proximity to your neighors and the extreme risk of a fire.
Smoke alarms should be replaced once a year.
All residents – renters as well as homeowners should review their insurance coverage to be certain they are adequately insured in the event of a loss within their unit. Non-resident homeowners who rent their unit should verify that their renters have “renters insurance”.
Days to remember and Holidays and Observances:
Feb 2nd – Ground Hog day – If the sun is shining when the groundhog comes out of his burrow and he sees his shadow, he will go back in and we will have winter and cold for 6 more weeks. If it’s cloudy and there is no shadow, we will have an early Spring!
February 12th – Super Bowl Sunday- Did you know this is one of the top most watched television events in the U.S.? Did you know guacamole is one of the top foods consumed on Super Bowl Sunday?
February 14th – Valentine’s Day – A celebration of romantic love. Many heart shaped chocolate boxes and red roses delivered are expected to be sold.
February 20th – President’s Day – A National Federal holiday. All schools, banks, post offices and Federal offices are closed in honor of our past presidents.

It’s a brand new day! And a brand new year!
Stay active! Doing things you love brings you joy and happiness!
Be happy! Be thankful! One small positive thought in the
morning can change the entire outcome of your day!