Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI- December 2023

As December unfolds, let’s extend a warm welcome to the festive spirit that graces our community. Embracing the season of joy, our community here at Bretton Woods comes together in unity, creating cherished memories against the backdrop of the serene nature scape.

Below are some December updates from your President, Vinnie…

Good & Welfare

 Happy December birthday to Anita Als, Deanna Bordonaro, Isabel Desmond, Joel Foreman, Irene Hourigan, Loretta Kleiman, Joe Lafond, Tony Mirando, Chung Kang Shen, Danielle Trofa, Ruby Ullrich, and Alexander Vierling… Wishing you all a fabulous day and a wonderful year ahead!

 Happy December Anniversary to Louis and Cary Anne Vierling!

 Congratulations to Billy and Adrianna Reda on the birth of their son, Billy Reda Jr!

 If you have not submitted you and/or your family’s names to the birthday and/or anniversary list, please e-mail the information to

Board Update

Due to personal reasons, Bob Gluck has resigned from the Condo VI Board of Managers. We thank him for his years of service and wish him well in the future.

Safety / Security

Keeping Bretton Woods safe is everyone’s responsibility! Anyone who notices behavior that doesn’t look right must call 911 and report it. DO NOT call the Front Desk or the Gate House!

All residents are reminded to keep vehicles locked at all times and to not keep any valuables inside. Such simple steps can prevent theft and the headaches that go along with it!

Fire Safety

All residents should be emptying the lint trap in their dryers often. Many people forget to regularly clear the lint from the trap, which is a small, easy measure that can prevent house fires.

Please be mindful of leaving holiday candles, Christmas trees, and other decorations unattended that could cause a fire.

Work Orders

Please be reminded that when a work order is submitted, a Board member will send the resident confirmation that it was received and patience must be given until the work is completed. Photos should be submitted as necessary to back up each request. Anyone noticing light poles out are asked to please submit a work order and state the number on the pole. Excluding an emergency, anyone needing the water turned off in his/her unit for a plumbing repair MUST advise the HOA with a work order 24 hours before the shut-off is to occur to allow all residents in the building to be prepared. Only Maintenance is authorized to shut off the water.
Hose Bibs

All residents whose units have access to hose bibs are asked to please be sure to turn them off, if not already done so, now that the cold weather is here. Failure to turn off the hose bibs wall could result in the pipes bursting and flooding units.

Common Charges

Common charges are due on the first of each month! Checks received after the 10th of the month will result in a $50.00 non-waivable late fee. Please note that residents must allow 5-7 business days to allow payments to be received and processed by the HOA Office, including weekends and holidays.


All dog owners must pick up after their dogs! Also, dogs MUST be leashed when outdoors. Having a dog in Condo VI is a privilege, not a right. To that end, the rules must be followed. Any resident who notices a loose/unleashed dog in the community should call the Town of Brookhaven’s Department of Public Safety at 631-451-6161 and an Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to investigate.


Head-in parking only! Also, there is no parking on Birchwood Road. All residents are responsible for their guests’ actions, including parking. Anyone violating the parking rules will have their car tagged for potential towing. Also, remember that no one in Bretton Woods has a reserved parking space! Residents may park anywhere except in handicapped spaces unless they display the proper sticker. Anyone having visitors during the day is asked to have visitors park in the street so residents have access to the parking spaces. The speed limit in Bretton Woods is 25 MPH. Stop signs must be observed.


Condo VI is not responsible for anything stored in the basement and residents should contact the police should they discover items stolen. Any resident needing access to the basement should contact the Front Desk at the Clubhouse and the receptionist on duty will share the name of a Basement Captain to contact. Residents should never contact their Captain asking for immediate access; time must be given for the Captain to fit the resident into his/her schedule. When storing items in the basement, items must be in sealed plastic containers with the resident’s name and unit number on each container. Absolutely no cardboard boxes. Items should be kept in a tight designated space (10’x10’ max). No paint, chemicals, pesticides, food, upholstery, carpeting, or clothing may be stored in the basement. Attic storage is strictly prohibited!


Any owners who rent their unit (family rentals excluded) are reminded that a current lease and Town of Brookhaven rental permit are both required to be always on file with Gina at the Front Desk. The Condo Board will be forced to contact the Town if any renters refuse to hold a current rental permit.

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season!