Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI- May 2024

May is a month of celebration and remembrance in our beautiful Condo VI community. As we honor the remarkable mothers among us on Mother’s Day, we also pay tribute to the heroes who sacrificed for our country on Memorial Day. Additionally, May marks the unofficial start of summer, ushering in a season of warmth, relaxation, and vibrant community spirit here at Bretton Woods!
Below are some May updates from your President, Vinnie…..

Good & Welfare…

 Happy birthday to Liam Auth, Phil Bonacchi, Bob Dapelo, Craig Ernst, Marilyn Forman, Jeff Gape, Colleen Greenberg, Vincent Gesuele, Billy Reda, Samantha Rubenstein, Stanley Schlesinger, and Richard Vignola… Wishing you all a fabulous day and a wonderful year ahead!

 Happy anniversary to Lana Pallares and Joe Marciano; John and Barbara Russo; and Diane and Richard Vignola… Congratulations!

 Welcome to new resident Jason Ruddock… Wishing you all much happiness here in Condo VI!

 Congratulations to Laura Kneidl, who recently received a clean bill of health from her doctor and is now in full cancer remission following almost a year of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy!

 Deepest condolences to Richie Hourigan, on the passing of his wife, Irene. Irene was a former Condo VI Board member and beloved resident of Bretton Woods. She will be missed dearly.

 Get well wishes to Don and Barbara McGriff, who are both recovering from recent surgeries. We hope you are both feeling better and are back on your feet again soon!

Any resident who has not yet submitted his/her and/or his/her family’s names to the Condo VI birthday and/or anniversary list is asked to please e-mail the information to

Smoke Alarms…

All Condo VI residents should expect a call from their Block Captain regarding Spring 2024 smoke alarm inspections. This process is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Everyone is asked to cooperate and work out a mutually agreed upon time with their Block Captain to get this inspection completed in a timely manner. While your Block Captain is at your home, please be sure to update all your personal information.


Condo VI covers the cost of termite and carpenter ant eradication. Any other exterminating needs are the responsibility of the homeowner. Any homeowner needing an exterminator should contact the Condo’s contracted exterminator, Michael Calveley, from Total Pest Control, directly at 631-371-6143. He will determine whether the billing goes to the Condo or the homeowner.


Common Charges…

Common charges are due on the first of each month! Checks received after the 10th of the month will result in a $50.00 non-waivable late fee. Residents must allow 5-7 business days to allow payments to be received and processed by the HOA Office, including weekends and holidays. Residents carrying a balance on their account will be subject to additional fees, suspension of their gate/recreational passes, and legal action. Fees for legal action are billed to the homeowner.

Roof Leaks…

Any resident experiencing a roof leak at any time must call Alex Cutrone, Service/Warranty Manager, from Alure directly. He may be reached at 516-296-7754, ext. 4358 or and should be told that work is being requested under the Bretton Woods Condo VI contract; reference the address, 1027 Clubhouse Court. The new roofs are under warranty and Alex has a list of all homeowners and their addresses in Condo VI. Residents should not e-mail the Board or submit work orders for roof leaks, otherwise, this same information will be reiterated. Residents should write this information down for future reference as this is the last time this information will be listed in the Bretton News.

Fire Safety…

Now that summer is approaching, barbecues are permitted but shall not be used near the building. Barbecues must be at least twelve (12) inches from the fence and the siding. Tiki torches, fire pits, or any items that cause an open flame on the patio/balcony are not permitted.

New York State and Town of Brookhaven fire codes prohibit the use and storage of propane on balconies. Barbecuing with propane or charcoal on the Upper Lamont balconies is therefore prohibited.

Work Orders…

Please be reminded that when a work order is submitted, a Board member will send the resident confirmation that it was received and patience must be given until the work is completed. Photos should be submitted as necessary to back up each request.

Anyone noticing light poles out is asked to submit a work order and state the number on the pole.


The following rules are true not only in Condo VI, but all throughout Bretton Woods:

 Head-in parking only.
 The speed limit is 25 MPH.
 Stop signs must be observed.
 No reserved parking (regular or handicapped).
 All cars must display a current registration and inspection sticker.

All residents are responsible for their guests’ actions, including parking. Anyone violating the parking rules will have their car tagged for potential towing. Anyone having visitors during the day is asked to have visitors park in the street so residents have access to the parking spaces.

Joke of the Month…

Q: According to the famous saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but what do May flowers bring?
A: Pilgrims!