Condominium VIII – Board of Managers

Condo VIII – May 2024 

Attention Homeowners: Do you have fresh ideas on bettering our community? Are you interested in being an active part of our Board? If so, send us an email as we are currently seeking volunteers to join the Brettonwoods Condo 8 Board. No experience is necessary. The election will be held in June. If you aren’t able to run for the Board, we encourage you to vote, as elections have consequences. Information will be sent out via snail-mail shortly.

● Our bi-annual smoke alarm check will happen soon; your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
● Enter and exit the parking plazas with caution.
● Patios are not for storage – no gasoline cans, motor vehicles, or other flammable items.
● Upper Lamont patios can only have electric barbecues – not propane or charcoal.
● If you have the outside hose bib shutoff valve inside your unit, and you have not already done so, it’s time to turn it on. Contact the Board if you need assistance.

Gardeners who are unsure what’s permitted and prohibited in their flowerbeds should send an email to the Board. Consider the reach of nearby sprinkler heads and make sure the spigot is turned on to ensure your plants will receive the water they need. Be aware that personalized landscaping to “common areas” requires prior Board approval and is at the individual homeowner’s expense.

Any resident who does not want the landscapers to work in their flowerbeds and/or cut/trim their shrubs must put in at least 4 stakes painted red; this will indicate to the landscapers to avoid these areas.

For basement access, submit a work order or send the Board an email. Belongings stored in the basement must be clearly labeled with your name and unit number. No paint cans, tires, or other flammable objects can be stored in the basement.

Lint accumulation in dryer vents is a fire hazard; submit a work order to schedule your free annual dryer vent cleaning appointment.

Dumpsters are for household trash only. Nothing should touch or block access to the dumpster, otherwise the garbage truck will not empty it. HOA Maintenance picks up prohibited items left outside dumpsters on Monday and Friday mornings. Residents doing their own home renovations can arrange a special pick-up to remove debris by calling Maintenance at 631-698-2497.

Contractors are not permitted to dispose of items in Condo 8 dumpsters; they must cart away debris from work done in your unit, including deliveries such as appliances and furniture. Contractors must be licensed and insured—contact the Board for requirements.

No work will be done without the submission of a work order unless it is an emergency. If you have a question about whether a home repair is your responsibility or the condo’s, contact the Board via email.

All work orders must be filled out completely with your name, unit number, and phone number for it to be approved.

Paper-format work orders are still available at the clubhouse; however, electronic work orders expedite your request. Submit WORK ORDERS online at:

We are all connected through the pipeline, so to avoid clogging it up for everyone, cooking oils, grease, and meat fats do not belong down the drain; store it in a jar or can, then dispose of it in the dumpster with your kitchen trash. If you have a problem with your plumbing system, before calling for service, contact the Board. Biodegradable toilet paper is recommended.

Be aware, although Brettonwoods is a safe community, we are not immune from crime. Do not leave valuables in your vehicles, especially within view. Always lock your cars and homes.

All vehicles in Condo 8 Parking Plazas must have a current registration and plates; this includes the long-term parking area. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Parking spaces are not assigned spots. Spaces are limited, so park within the lines — one space per vehicle.

Please advise your visitors of the Condo 8 House Rules and By-Laws and request they follow the same guidelines as those who live here. All residents are responsible for the actions of their guests within Condo 8, as well as the entire Brettonwoods Community, including but not limited to parking, rules of the road, utilizing the clubhouse facilities, and disposal of trash and cigarette butts. Fines will be imposed on the homeowner for their guest’s failure to follow house rules.

Good dogs have owners who only leave paw prints behind – scoop it, bag it and trash it. Dog ownership is a privilege in Condo 8, and it comes with the responsibility of picking up after your pet. Do not allow your dog to walk on any grass or common area. $100 fines will be imposed on violators.