Condominium VIII – Board of Managers

Condo VIII – September 2022 

Schools will open September 1st.
Check your mailbox for the school district newspaper for bus route times so you can adjust your morning and afternoon commute accordingly, to avoid being delayed due to driving behind school buses. NEVER pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing.
In addition to the Bretton Woods pedestrians and golfers, drivers must be mindful of children at bus stops in the early mornings and mid-to-late afternoons, within and outside Bretton Woods.

Condo 8’s fence painting project is complete, along with the power washing, and the repainting of the yellow edging on the steps.

Be aware, although Bretton Woods is a safe community, we are not immune from crime.
Do not leave valuables in your vehicles, especially within view.
Always lock your cars and homes.

Parking spaces are not assigned spots.
Spaces are limited, so park within the lines — one space per vehicle.
If you will not be moving your car for seven consecutive days, put it in the long-term parking by the mailboxes in PP17A to free up spaces for other residents.
Call 852-COPS regarding vehicles parked in handicap spaces without displaying the appropriate permit.

All vehicles in Condo 8 Parking Plazas must have a current registration and plates; this includes the long-term parking area. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Submit WORK ORDERS online at:
No work will be done without the submission of a work order, unless it is an emergency.
All work orders must be filled out completely with your name, unit number, and phone number in order for it to be approved.
Paper-format work orders are still available at the clubhouse; however, electronic work orders expedite your request.

If you have not scheduled your Free Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning in the past 12 months, please submit a work order to have it taken care of ASAP.

If you are unsure if the home repair you need is the Condo’s responsibility or yours, contact the Board with your inquiry via email or work order.

If you are using contractors to do work in your unit, they must be licensed and insured—contact the Board for requirements.

Contractors must cart away debris; they are not permitted to dispose of debris in the dumpsters.

Monday and Friday mornings, our HOA Maintenance Department picks up prohibited and oversized items left outside our dumpsters.
It is recommended that you call maintenance to arrange a special pickup of oversized items and any debris from renovation projects you are doing on your own.

Do not obstruct dumpsters by putting discarded items in front of or touching the dumpster.

Please advise your visitors of the Condo 8 House Rules and By-Laws and request they follow the same guidelines as those who live here.
All residents are responsible for the actions of their guests within Condo 8, as well as the entire Bretton Woods Community, including but not limited to parking, rules of the road, utilizing the clubhouse facilities, and disposal of trash and cigarette butts.
Fines will be imposed on the homeowner for their guest’s failure to follow house rules.

We are in Hurricane Season until the end of November.
A few items to keep on-hand include bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, medications, a first aid kit, and cash.
The American Red Cross has a free hurricane app that sends alerts to Smart Phone users. Visit their website at:

Be sure to keep a snow shovel and concrete-safe ice melt in your unit during the winter.