Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – June 2024

Welcome to Our New Neighbor!
Frank Vivona – 158 Skyline Dr.
Condo I Board of Managers Annual Elections – An open meeting for Condo One homeowners will take place on Tuesday, June 25 for the purpose of holding the annual election of the Condo I Board of Managers. Prior to the election meeting, you will receive your proxy ballot in the mail. The letter accompanying your ballot will explain the procedure for voting by proxy in the event you are not able to attend the meeting in person. You will need to return the envelope your proxy ballot was mailed in, so don’t throw it away. Please complete the proxy and return the proxy in the same envelope that the proxy was mailed to you in. You may return your proxy via USPS or place it in one of three drop boxes up at the clubhouse.

Two current board member terms are expiring and three other positions have yet to be filled. So there are positions available on the board and we could use help. If you have not already done so and would like to serve on the board, please, submit your intention along with any relative background as soon as possible, but not later than June 10.

Ansen Roofing – Ansen completed preventative maintenance on our flat roofs by sealing all areas of penetration around vent pipes, exhausts, and stacks.
Landscaping – Cutting Edge will be working in Condo 1 on Thursdays with Friday being a rain date. Please remove any loose objects that could potentially get damaged during the landscaping service.
Condo I Beautification – We welcome and appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions to beautify the Condo I area. In doing so, please adhere to the following guideline with regards to landscaping, as outlined in the Architectural Matrix:
1) Planting or any alteration in the common areas must be approved by the Condo One Board.
2) Pachysandra, ivy, or similar ground covering plants are not allowed
3) All work must be pre-approved by the Condo I Board.

Waste Management – Once again, Dennis, our friendly sanitation carter has asked that the residents be reminded to let paint harden before putting the cans in the dumpster. When liquid paint is put in the dumpster, it bursts when crushed and paint gets all over the truck, our new roads, and the cars next to it. You can dry out paint by putting kitty litter in it to absorb the paint or by using a paint hardening agent which can be bought at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
We no longer have to separate our recyclables in Bretton Woods because our carter, Winter Brothers does the recycling for us. They have an assembly line of people picking through our garbage and pulling out items that can be recycled. That being said, make sure you shred any documents with your personal information before putting them in the trash.
Litter – We need to work together to keep our community beautiful. Trash on the ground is unsightly. Please, inform your guests that they are to put their trash in a dumpster and not in the parking lot.

Condo Procedures – It is important that you inform family members, friends, contractors, housekeepers, home-health aides, and anyone else that might visit your home of condo procedures with regard to protecting our underground pipes from clogs, rules pertaining to disposal of over-sized items, and parking head-in.

Those that use the toilets need to be informed not to flush anything other than toilet paper and what nature intends down the toilet. No one should be flushing wipes or sanitary products of any kind, not even those that say flushable because they clog our pipes, too. In the kitchen, grease and food scraps should be put in the garbage and not down the drain.

Disposal of large items like furniture, vacuums, computers, and more get placed off to the side of the dumpster, not in the dumpster, not in front of the dumpster and never leaning on it. Cardboard boxes must be broken down.

Getting a new appliance? The delivery person must take the old one away. Remodeling your kitchen or bath? Inform your contractor that they may not use our dumpsters and must cart rubbish away.

In addition, inform your visitors of the head-in parking rule and make sure they do not litter our grounds.

Fire Alarm System – The fire alarm system provided to you by the condo is not to be tampered with at any time. If you disconnect or remove a heat sensor or smoke detector in your home, the fire alarm system will not work for your quad and you put the entire building in jeopardy. In addition, you will be billed back the cost of the alarm company service call. Tampering with a fire alarm system is a violation of the Fire Code of New York State.
If you decide to paint your ceiling or if you decide to hire someone to paint your ceiling, make sure everyone knows not to disable or paint over the heat sensors or the smoke alarm. To protect them you can cover them with painter’s tape before painting.
Tiki Torches, Fire Pits – Due to the risk of fire, Tiki torches and fire pits are not allowed.

Vehicles – All vehicles parked in our lots must be registered and inspected. Cars without license plates, with expired registration or inspection stickers will be towed at the owner’s expense. Storage of vehicles is not permitted.

Head-in Parking Only- All of Bretton Woods has a head-in parking rule. Parking head-in is courteous. Parking head-in prevents exhaust from going in the direction of neighboring units. Parking head-in protects the grass and other plantings from getting burnt by the hot fumes. Please be courteous and park your vehicle head-in.

Walkways – For your own safety and for the protection of our lawns, please, walk on the dedicated walkways and not through the woods or across the grass.

Communication with Board Members – Remember board members are volunteers who live here, too. They have families to care for and jobs to tend to like most of the rest of the world. If you need to speak with a board member, please, do not call them at home unless it is an emergency. Instead, write a quick note and drop it off at the clubhouse or fill out a work order asking that a board member contact you.