Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – February 2023

Welcome to Our New Neighbors!
Franklin Vizcaino – 72 Skyline Dr.
Austin Vandecoevering – 142 Skyline Dr

Mark Your Calendar –
 The next Condo I Open Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 25 at 7:30.
 Elections for Condo I Board of Manager positions will be on Tuesday, June 27 at 7:00.
Optimum – You may have noticed that Optimum has been working in our community to upgrade their cable lines to fiber. At some point, Optimum will need access to the attic and the inside of every unit for the hook up. Listen to the blast calls and other notices for updates.
Winter Safety Tips – Following these tips may prevent a slip and fall when there may be snow or ice on the ground.
 Wear flat soled shoes or boots with good rubber treads. Avoid high heels.
 Take short steps or shuffle for stability. Keep your head up and your hands out of your pockets in order to keep your center of gravity over your feet.
 Use handrails when going up and down steps or ramps.
 When getting in and out of a vehicle hold onto it for support.
 Use shoveled, salted, and/or sanded walkways.
 Be aware that it takes time for ice melt to work and that some areas may still be slippery.
 Watch out for black ice.
 Areas in the shade may stay icy longer than areas in the sun.

Fire Prevention Safety Checklist – Fire prevention is of utmost importance for multiple dwelling residents. A careless act by one resulting in a fire will impact surrounding neighbors as well. Following these safety tips can help keep all of us safe.
• Make sure you have a working back up smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
• If you hear the outside FACP box beeping notify the board immediately. On the other hand, if you hear the alarm sounding call the fire department and knock on your neighbors doors to alert them.
• Open flames are a risk. Never leave stove top cooking unattended. Contents can spill out of a pot and cause a fire. Keep pot holders, dish towels, and anything else that can catch fire away from the stove when it is on. Keep a box of baking power open and within easy reach so you can smother a stove fire quickly.
• Clean your oven, stove, and microwave on a regular basis.
• Invest in a fire extinguisher specific for the kitchen.
• Burning candles are a fire risk. Never leave lit candles in a room unattended. Instead, replace real candles with battery operated candles lessening the risk of fire. Dip birthday candles in water just to be sure they are not smoldering before placing them in the garbage.
• Do not store rags, paint or other flammables near your gas burner or hot water heater.
• For those with fireplaces, note chimneys that are not maintained can be the cause of fire. Fireplaces and chimneys must be cleaned and checked to make sure nothing is blocking the inside of the chimney.
• Do not overload outlets or extension cords with too many plugs. Use surge protectors and replace worn out cords.
• Do not overload washing machines and dryers. Clean dryer lint traps after every use. Put in a work order for maintenance to clean the lint from of your dryer and the vent at least once a year.
• Do not smoke indoors and keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach.
• This list is by no means complete. Always use good judgement when it comes to fire prevention and safety.

Cardboard Boxes – Did you bring home a new TV or get an Amazon delivery? Your item(s) probably came in a cardboard box. Before putting boxes in the dumpster, please, break them down and flatten them out. This way there will still be room for regular household trash. Your neighbors appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Head-In Parking of Vehicles – It is required that all residents and their guests park their vehicles head-in when parking in our plazas. Parking head in keeps the exhaust fumes away from our homes. In addition, parking head-in prevents the hot automobile exhaust from burning the grass or other plantings that might be there. This rule is relaxed during snow storms. Otherwise, please, park your vehicle head-in. Make sure your visiting relatives and friends adhere to this rule, too.

Slow Down – The speed limit in Bretton Woods is 25 m.p.h. Speeding can lead to an unnecessary loss of life. The lives of pedestrians and animals that cross the road matter, too!

Our Pipes –This is a reminder not to put wipes down our pipes. Even flushable wipes clog the system. Only what nature intends and toilet paper are to go down the toilet. Put grease in the garbage and not down the drain. Grease clogs our pipes just like it clogs our arteries. Help to prevent an unnecessary sewerage back up due to a clogged pipe and save yourself some money.
Walkways – Please use the existing walkways and do not take shortcuts through the woods or over the grassy areas. This is for your own safety.