Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – June 2023

D-Day, June 6, 1944 Flag Day, June 14 Father’s Day, June 18 Juneteenth, June 19

Condo I Board of Managers Annual Elections – An open meeting for Condo One homeowners will take place on Tuesday, June 27 at 7:00 for the purpose of holding the annual election of the Condo I Board of Managers. Prior to the election meeting, you will receive your proxy ballot in the mail. The letter accompanying your ballot will explain the procedure for voting by proxy in the event you are not able to attend the meeting in person. You will need to return the envelope your proxy ballot was mailed in, so don’t throw it away. Please complete the proxy and return the proxy in the same envelope that the proxy was mailed to you in. You may return your proxy via USPS or place it in one of three drop boxes up at the clubhouse.

This year, two current board member terms will expire and 2 other positions are currently vacant. There will be four seats open on the Condo I Board of Managers and we can use your help. If you have not already done so and would like to serve on the board, please, submit your intention along with any relative background as soon as possible, but not later than June 10.

Insurance Assessment – As mentioned in the April issue of the Brettonews, at the open meeting in April, and again in a letter mailed to all Condo I homeowners, the cost to insure Condo I has increased significantly and more than what had been budgeted for this fiscal year. Due to this the board has found it necessary to assess the homeowners for the amount needed to finish out this fiscal year. The first of four payments is due on June 1st in addition to your commons charge. In the memo section, on a separate check write Insurance Premium Assessment.

Parking Plazas – With Suffolk Paving Corp still on site, the Condo I Board has decided it would be prudent to redo all of our parking plazas now rather than postponing it. While this project will consume a significant part of our capital reserve and delay other projects, waiting to do it another time would result in higher costs in labor and materials.

Smoke Detectors – Our homes are equipped with a smoke detector and heat sensors located on the ceiling of every room that are wired to the outside Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP box). A working smoke detector will display a light that blinks every 5 to 10 seconds. Some of our smoke detectors show a green blinking light and in others the light is red. A red or green blinking light means it is working. It is suggested that you periodically look up and check to make sure the light on your smoke detector is blinking. It is also strongly recommended that you purchase your own smoke and carbon monoxide detector as a back-up.
Landscaping –Sometime in the future, Olsen Brothers will trim our bushes. If there are any bushes you do not want them to trim tie a ribbon on the bush and they will leave that bush alone.

Litter – We need to work together to keep our community beautiful. Trash on the ground is unsightly. Please, inform your guests that they are to put their trash in a dumpster and not in the parking lot.

Red Dragon Organics – Red Dragon Organics will handle the insect control for our condo again. In the spring, they will spray the area around each unit using an organic biological application to control gypsy moth caterpillars and inch worms. This spray is primarily directed at oak trees, but also at any tree where chewing is occurring. In the fall, they will apply an organic horticultural oil to ornamentals, evergreens, and oak trunks to control scale, mites, adelgid, and Gypsy Moth eggs by suffocation.

Renovations – Are you considering new windows, a door, storm door, sliding door or making changes to the garden? Prior to any work being done, please, write to the Condo One Board for prior approval. The architectural matrix must be followed. There are color and design requirements. Contractors must submit a copy of their license, proof that they hold liability and workers compensation insurance, and sign a hold harmless form. No work can begin until the proper documents are submitted and you receive written permission from the board.

Tiki Torches – Due to the risk of fire, tiki torches are not allowed.

Head-in Parking Only – All of Bretton Woods has a head-in parking rule. It is written in the Prospectus. Homeowners, please, inform those living with you and all visitors of this condo rule. Parking head-in is courteous. Parking head-in prevents exhaust from going in the direction of neighboring units. Parking head-in protects the grass and other plantings from getting burnt by the hot exhaust fumes. Please be courteous and park your vehicle head-in.

Vehicles – All vehicles parked in our lots must be registered and inspected. Storage of vehicles is not permitted.

Dogs – This is a reminder that dogs are not permitted in Condo I, however, there are some residents who have been granted permission under the laws of the ADA. If you have been granted this permission, please know NYS law requires all dogs 4 months and older to be licensed and to have the license renewed yearly. The town clerk is responsible for the licensing of all dogs in Brookhaven Town.
All dogs while outside the home are to be leashed, wear a collar, and the tag containing the license serial number issued by the town clerk. While walking your dog, you are to take the shortest route to walk your dog in the street. Please, curb your dog and scoop the poop. Please do not allow your dog to relieve itself on the patio, along the walkway, on our bushes or on the grass. No dog should be allowed to run loose.

Walkways – For your own safety and for the protection of our lawns, please, walk on the dedicated walkways and not through the woods or across the grass.

Communication with board members – Remember board members are volunteers who live here, too. They have families to care for and jobs to tend to like most of the rest of the world. If you need to speak with a board member, please, do not call them at home unless it is an emergency. Instead, write a quick note and drop it off at the clubhouse or fill out a work order asking that a board member contact you.