Republican Club

To begin, I would like to thank all our neighbors who attended our “Meet the Candidates Night”, (hope everyone enjoyed the pizza from Slices and donuts from Dunkin Donuts) we have received Thank You notes from Supervisor Romaine, Councilman Loguercio, Legislator Muratore and John Kennedy. They enjoy coming to our community to chat with is and we enjoy them coming here.
November 5th is Election Day, it is very important that we show our support to them, so please vote.
For the first time, New York has early voting, from October 26th through November 3rd. the location for Brookhaven is Brookhaven Town Hall, located at 1 Independence Way in Farmingville. For additional information, please use this link.
John Kennedy spoke to us regarding the important issues facing our county.
Many don’t know how bad the financial situation really is in Suffolk County and how it affects us all.
Our county is now $2 billion in debt and there is a hole in this year’s budget of more than $900 million. This making it very expensive for us to live here—especially for our children and grandchildren. We need to stop our families from moving away.
Sadly, for the first time in history, Suffolk has lost population for five straight years. This means that everyone who’s still here has to pay more in taxes and fees to make up the difference.
Something must change
That’s why we are asking for your support for our local officials with a record of supporting the issues important to us.
Brookhaven Town under the leadership of Ed Romaine and the current town board has a bond rating that is the highest in the entire county. The County is very close to junk bonds, this is why we need a change. So, let’s maintain our current Board.
You can find them on Row B on this year’s election ballot. They are: John Kennedy for County Executive, Tom Muratore for Legislator, Ed Romaine for Brookhaven Town Supervisor, Mike Loguercio for Town Council, Lou Marcoccia for Receiver of Taxes, Dan Losquadro for Highway Superintendent, and Karen Wilutis for District Court Judge.
The county level is where change is most important and John Kennedy and Tom Muratore are the ones who can make things happen.
Thank you in advance for your vote for this excellent team.
Elaine Baumvoll, President