Republican Club

Hello Friends and Neighbors.
It is so hard to believe that it is November already. It has truly been a year. It is time to come out and make decisions that will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. So many of us have seen our children moving to different states because they cannot afford to live in Suffolk County. Let’s bring our children back. Suffolk County is a beautiful place to live, we have beautiful beaches, parks, restaurants, and a community that cares. Our Bretton Woods community is just one example of a wonderful place to live.
This year when you go to vote keep this in mind when fill in the oval. We have a great slate of candidates and they will continue to keep us in mind when they are representing us.
Our Ed Romaine – As Brookhaven Town Supervisor, my administration made quality of life a top priority, placing more public safety officers on the street, targeting problematic landlords, and demolishing hundreds of zombie houses. As County Executive, I’ll give police and prosecutors the tools they need to fight crime, gangs, and drug dealers that prey on local communities and children, including the dangers posed by fentanyl.
As CEO of the largest town in Suffolk County, I streamlined departments to improve cost-effectiveness, reduced Town debt, and earned a AAA bond rating with Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, saving Brookhaven taxpayers millions of dollars. I was proud when Newsday cited this record to refer to me as “Long Island’s most effective town executive.”
Nick Caracappa – Our current Legislator as County Legislator for the Fourth District, Nick is honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to continue the hard work and vision that two preceding Suffolk County Legislators, the late Tom Muratore and his mother, the late Rose Caracappa had for this great community where he was born and raised.
Nick is the Majority Caucus Leader, and Chairs the Legislature’s Public Works, Transportation & Energy and the Veterans & Consumer Affairs Committees. Additionally, he is a member of the Environment, Parks & Agriculture and the Budget & Finance Committees.
His commitment to the town is to keep taxes down while still improving all the services to the public.
Dan Panico – Has been the Brookhaven Town Councilmember since 2010, he has been the Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Brookhaven since 2012 and have broad in-depth knowledge of all the communities that comprise the Town of Brookhaven as well as the Town code. He the author of the Town tax cap, the town’s anti-nepotism law and the sweeping ethics report that bars elected officials and executive board members from holding appointed or elected board positions. My record on open space and farmland preservation is unparalleled in Brookhaven Town and have always believed in preservation. Not everything has to be plowed under and redevelopment is the key to success in Brookhaven Town and on Long Island. We must redevelop our downtowns and use our zoning authority to meet the needs of our communities, but also listen to our residents. In speaking to voters, he has found that crime and public safety are paramount on the minds of our residents. People deserve to feel safe and there is an unquestionable sense out there that New York State is headed in the wrong direction in terms of addressing the growing problem of crime. How many of us have either had people trying to break into our parked cars at night or know someone who has fallen victim to this crime? This is a tremendous concern amongst our residents.
Lou Marcoccia – Our Receiver of Taxes. Oversees the department ensuring that all tax dollars paid to the different entities to ensure that services continue to be available to the public. The Tax Receiver is responsible for the collection of all, Town, County and School taxes in Suffolk County. A businessman and nationally recognized expert in the technology field with experience managing major projects, Lou Marcoccia is well suited to bring the Brookhaven Town Receiver of Taxes Office to the next level.
Daniel Losquadro – Our Highway Superintendent is charged with maintaining more than 3,500 lane miles of roadway within the Town of Brookhaven. Maintenance of town roadways includes the repair of pot holes and sweeping of all roadways the Town of Brookhaven. On addition including drainage projects, road resurfacing, tree trimming and removal, maintenance of recharge basins (sumps), and installation and maintenance of catch basins and snow removal to date approximately 1000 lane miles have been paved, while still reducing the debt he inherited when he took office and maintaining the department’s budget.
Neil Manzella – Our current and new Councilmember due to re-districting after the Special Election on April 25th, 2023 after the post was vacated by Kevin LaValle’s election to Town Clerk. Neil, and his wife Rebecca, reside in Selden where they are raising their two children Neil and Layla. As a parent and homeowner in the community, Neil understands the hardships of raising a family on Long Island. He is committed to fighting for our right to safe neighborhoods, where businesses can thrive and families can live and grow together. Neil has a strong background in technology and has worked in the assessor’s office. Neil and his staff will be responsive to the needs of the residents and work to provide solutions to the issues that are important to us all.
Steve Weissbard – Attorney for 34 years and running for a Judicial office.