Condominium V – Board of Managers

Condo V- February 2023


Sharon Friedman, Lynne Wager, Peter Amato, Diane Ruzicka, Brendon Nolan, Mike Catania, Lorna Nieves, Joanne Fontanella, Linda Reilly, Lisa Koehler, Steven Tague, Fred Savino, and Steve Brylski.

Elius & Ishmael Thomas,
Barkee Wilkes & Darasena Figueroa

This is the time of the year to see health signs………it’s the season for the sniffles, coughs, cold, flu and we can’t forget Covid. Don’t ignore the signs of illness
REMEMBER…………if you are not feeling well, don’t push yourself. Go to the doctor to address your illness, don’t wait. Better to be safe than sorry. Time can make matters worse. Let family and friends know you are not well so they can check up on you.
If you know someone is sick and alone, be kind. Maybe you can send over some home-made chicken soup or some dinner.
Rest and take your meds…… be kind to your body!
February is the time of the year when we get hit with snow…and sometimes the snow is deep.
Be careful walking
Be considerate of those that go out to clean off their cars so they can go to work. Your neighbor may have to work hard to clean their cars, depending on the snow accumulation. So please don’t steal their parking space. Again, be considerate of the work they had to do to get out.

Hopefully, the rest of the winter will be mild and we won’t get a significant amount of snow. I know, we are all looking forward to the spring and more daylight.