Condominium V – Board of Managers

Condo V- December 2023


John Ruzicka, Valentina Contreras, Vivianna Jackson, Kathleen Golden, Fran Fialkow, Carina Contreras and Zachary Bitzer

Let’s get down to business
Water Spigots
By now, all the water spigots should be turned off and lines drained to prevent any freezing of the pipes. Be sure you leave the heat on in your condo so the pipes don’t freeze either.

Outside Work
Condo has completed the repair of all the sidewalks (flags) and ramps which were in need. Power washing of the buildings and the sidewalks were completed. We will continue power washing next year. We are targeting those areas which need it the most. We will be washing the sidewalks, buildings, and walls at the same time next year.

Condo V is always very concerned about the safety of its residents. We repair flags, ramps, and roads, remove and cut back trees, have all the leaves removed once a week during the fall, have spraying done during the summer months, and focus on tasks that need to be done to keep you safe. If you see any safety issues from a building or personal standpoint, please complete a work order so we are aware of the situation and can act to resolve the issue.
We do our part but need you to do yours. If you have health issues, are not feeling well, have a hard time walking, can’t see well, etc., please do not go out in bad weather such as rain or snow. Rain and snow with a combination of such things as falling leaves and ice become a slipping hazard. Schedule your tasks when the weather is good. Hold on to the rails on the walkways and watch your step, and if possible, have someone go with you if it is absolutely necessary for you to go out. I notice the old timers are like a Weeble wabble and we all fall down.

I would like to share a thought with you.

This world is getting crazier and crazier. I was thinking about the things I believe to be the root cause, is people don’t respect the rights of others. We do not have to agree with the way someone wants to live and the way someone may think, BUT we can help to make this world a little better by respecting each other’s right to believe and live the way we choose as long as it doesn’t affect your life. Everyone is so sensitive about their rights and the rights of others. You may not agree, but it is ok to agree to disagree and be done with it. So, before you react to someone, take a breath, and really think about the issue before you react. This world has forgotten to respect one another.

It is that time of year again, the holidays. So, eat, drink (but don’t drive), enjoy one another, and make beautiful memories that you can hold on to for many years. Don’t forget those less fortunate and be grateful for all you have.

Take what you want and leave the rest.
Condo V would like to wish you a happy holiday season. See you next year!