Message from the President

An Update from the President

Dear Bretton Woods Community,

Luckily, we have had a mild winter thus far. Let’s hope it continues this month and we have a nice transition back to Spring.

As President of the HOA, one of the most frustrating things I face, other than complaints, is the rumors that run through the community. Many residents, who don’t know the truth or details of what is occurring behind the scenes, love to talk and spread false information to their neighbors. Therefore, I am going to dispel a few of these rumors below once and for all:

Rumor # 1: There is going to be an assessment for the roads project.
Truth: As previously stated, the HOA Board unanimously voted to NOT charge any assessment for the roads project. The HOA Board’s Roads Committee recently met with a few of the companies that submitted bids and will be choosing a company to sign with to hopefully break ground in the Spring. The Board currently has a majority of the funds needed for the project and is exploring different options for funding the remainder.

Rumor # 2: Verizon is coming into the community.
Truth: Verizon workers have been in the community recently to survey and assess but at this time, there are NO plans for Verizon to be an option in Bretton Woods.

Rumor # 3: Our Optimum bills are going up next year.
Truth: The Board recently signed a new contract with Optimum to go into effect next year that will offer anyone with Optimum cable and internet more channels, faster internet speed, and financial savings. More details will come out in the future.

If you ever have any questions about anything, please contact me or the HOA Office to get the correct information straight from the source. The staff and I are always very responsive to answering peoples’ questions. We are all adults and know that spreading rumors is not only immature, but an ineffective way of spreading information.

I always say February is the shortest month with the most holidays, so whether it’s the groundhog, Cupid, or Abe Lincoln, I hope it’s great for everyone!

Proud President