Message from Administrator

I write this month’s article on a cloudy day in June. The Outdoor Pool is currently open daily from 10 am-6 pm and pool deck furniture is available for your use. I have heard several complaints over the past month, and most have been trivial and unfounded, to say the least. I am concerned that several residents are not being mindful that we are still trying to figure out how to navigate the waters during this pandemic. I may make mistakes on occasion as I am a human being just like all of you reading this article. As our residents currently sit outside on the pool deck, please keep in mind that Blueridge and Birchwood at Spring Lake are both closed at this time.
I made the decision to take the pool cover off weeks ago and start the process of opening the Outdoor Pool. I did not know if we were going to be able to open at that time but elected to be proactive rather than reactive. To my knowledge, both of our Sister Communities are in the process of trying to get their pools open currently. So, to all our residents that can enjoy, I hope that you are appreciative of your HOA Board and employees who have been working extremely hard throughout these crazy times.
The upstairs of the Clubhouse remains closed at this time and will continue to stay closed until the NYS Guidelines change or are revised. The locker rooms are open for your use, but all other Indoor facilities remain closed. I have been happy to see a handful of people enjoying the pool and I am sure the numbers will increase as the weather warms up. Please follow the rules and guidelines on the posted signs that have been placed on the pool deck. To all the golfer’s out there, you have been doing a great job of following the rules and I want to personally say thank you.
I was going to get into details of the complaints that I have been receiving but have decided not to do so. I hope that those of you that are out there and focusing on all the negative in the community, attempt to try and focus on all the good instead. I care a great deal about Bretton Woods and all the people that live here. I am writing this article on my three-year anniversary as the Administrator. More interesting to me is the fact that I have been involved in this community for over half of my life. I guess the expression “Time flies, when you’re having fun” must be true.
Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July!
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator