Message from Administrator

As I write this month’s article, the leaves continue to fall and the weather is getting colder. Daylight Savings has come to an end for the year and the days are becoming shorter. The reality is the days don’t actually become shorter, just the amount of daylight we get to experience. As those of you who read my article know, I do love the fall season very much, but winter is a close second. The winter is a beautiful time of the year and things tend to quiet down a bit. I think if it wasn’t for the snow plowing that we have to complete in the community, it could be my favorite.
We all should know the drill at this point when it comes to a snowstorm, I hope. During the snow storm, leave your car in the parking lot. Do not park on the street during a snowstorm under any circumstances. Once the snow stops and the roads are clear, move your car to the street to allow the plows to clear the parking plazas. Do not throw snow into the cleared roadways, parking plaza spots, or pass ways. If we all practice a little common sense, the snow removal process will be expedited. I receive phone calls constantly that we have snow piles in the middle of the roadways or parking plazas. When you shovel out, please throw snow into uncleared areas. I know that sometimes this may involve a little more effort, but this will benefit everyone. As always, I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
Bretton Woods hosted a Craft Fair and Food Drive this past month and both were a big success. I want to thank everyone who participated for their generosity and support. A special thank you goes out to Judy Jelinek and Pat Savary for their ideas and coordination efforts.
Thanksgiving is approaching rapidly as I write this article and by the time you read this, it will have passed. I hope that all of you were able to spend the day with loved ones, family, and friends, or just at peace with yourself. I know that the holidays can be a rough time for many people for a variety of reasons. To any of you that struggle through this time of the year, I encourage all of you to go out and be with people. The one great advantage of living in a community, is you are never alone when you have a Clubhouse within walking distance.
I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Holiday Season from the bottom of my heart. I ask all of you to remember what these holidays represent and give them the love and respect that they deserve. I know two little girls that love to write on their wish list very often these days. I may just turn around and be a good Uncle and buy some of these things. However, they must know that we all should get more out of giving than receiving.
December brings us the following holidays and days of significance. Hanukkah, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Kwanza, and New Year’s Eve.

Craig Pessin-HOA Administrator

“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”