Message from Administrator

I want to start this month’s article by acknowledging Passover that occurred back in March. I did mention this sacred day in my March article, but it wasn’t on the cover. I would like to formally apologize for the oversight and hope those of you that celebrated, enjoyed.
The HOA meeting was held earlier this week and we had twenty-seven people attend. I am happy to say that the board has reinstated driving those golfers in need up to the first hole. Specific requirements and logistics are being worked out and should be completed by May 1st.
The “No Guests Policy” is still in place at this time and will be revisited next month by the HOA Board. I will not get into all of the reasons behind the decision, other than to say it was discussed at length. The hours of the Clubhouse have been extended to the following; Monday-Saturday 7:00 am-10:00 pm and Sunday 7:00 am-8:00 pm. I hope these extended hours will make the use of the facilities more convenient for everyone.

The bocce ball courts will be getting a facelift for this upcoming season. We will be adding new crushed stone, additional lighting, fresh paint, and repairing any damaged wood. I am happy that both the daytime and evening leagues will be operating this season. I encourage anyone interested in joining to look for their information in this Newsletter.

The upper tennis courts are open and available for everyone’s use at this time. The lower tennis/pickleball courts have been opened all year and will continue to remain open. The outdoor pool will be opening Memorial Day weekend as always and the specific hours will be posted in the Clubhouse.

I went on a tour of the golf course earlier in the week and I am very happy with the condition of the course. I believe that we are on track for an excellent season and think all of you will be very happy with the work that was completed during the off-season.

I want to remind all of you who utilize any recreational facility to follow the rules. Please continue to social distance and wear masks for the protection of yourself and those around you. Regardless of what you choose to utilize this summer, please do so responsibly. I am hoping that these restrictions will be lifted in time, but we are not there yet. Please be aware that we must follow the guidelines of NYS regardless if we agree or not.

Cinco de Mayo is on May 5th; To those of you that celebrate, I hope you enjoy.

Mother’s Day is May 9th, to all of the Moms out there thank you for fulfilling the hardest job that exists. A special thank you to my sister for keeping my nieces in line and me on occasion. To all my other Moms “you know who you are” A sincere and heart-felt thank you to all of you.

Armed Forces Day is May 15th, A special thank you to all of those who are currently serving.

Memorial Day is May 31st, A special thank you to all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator