Message from Administrator

I write this article on a rainy Tuesday in March. The Clubhouse is currently closed to the public and this virus has everyone scared, to say the least. I attempted to go out to dinner last night after a very long and trying day, only to discover that everything was closed. I touched on being safe and healthy last month, having no idea what would come. So that being said, if you feel sick or are worried about becoming sick, stay home for your health and the health of others.
I know that many people are frustrated that the Clubhouse is closed and that they can’t use the recreational facilities. However, keep in mind that if we didn’t close and somebody became sick, they could try and hold us accountable. The HOA board and myself struggled with this decision for a while and ultimately decided that being proactive was better than being reactive.
I 100% percent stand by the decision that was made and applaud the board for taking the necessary steps to prevent this virus from impacting us and/or spreading. As of today, we have no reported cases of this virus within our community. However, it is unlikely that will be the situation come next month. I am hopeful that by the time you read this article, all of us will be healthy and this scare will over with.
I will not be addressing anything else during this month’s article pertaining to the community!
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this virus. I know how scared many of you are and wish you and your family the very best.
Let us all love one another and be supportive of each other during these trying times.

Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator