Message from Administrator

I start the article this month while looking at snow in March, and we are expecting more next week. I know they say that spring is around the corner, but that I find very hard to believe. We started out with a mild winter and March is proving to us that winter does not want to leave us just yet. By the time you are reading this article hopefully, we will be in the process of our spring clean- up. Please proceed with caution while driving in April as the salt and sand will still be on the roads. Our maintenance crew will be out on the street sweepers, but as you know this process is a major undertaking and will take some time. I thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
I would like to take some time and explain a few things pertaining to the operation of Bretton Woods. If you have any issue with anything the best thing to do is to come to the clubhouse and fill out a work order. The office staff at that point will receive your work order and send it through the proper channels. Bretton Woods is made up of eleven separate entities and responsibility for certain things varies depending on the issue. I spend a very large portion of my time trying to explain this fact to the residents, and I know it can be difficult to understand at first. If you put a work order that is for something in your home that you are paying for we will enter that in the system and set up an appointment with you. If that work order needs condo approval, we cannot enter it into the system until the condo approves that specific work order.
I have had instances when someone put in several work orders and the job hasn’t been completed. That means that the condo for a variety of potential reasons did not approve the work. For example, if you put in a work order to clean out your gutters and leaders in January, most likely unless it’s an emergency they won’t authorize that work until the spring when the bi-annual clean-up is being done. If you have any issues or questions about how things work please call me or e-mail me directly. My contact information is the following; Office-631-698-4861, e-mail
Only a condo board member can answer your specific questions pertaining to a condo matter. Only an HOA employee can answer a question pertaining to an HOA matter. If you are receiving information from other people or sources there is a very good chance that information is not accurate. Receiving information from people that are not held accountable for what information they give you is a bad idea. I will always respond to an e-mail or a phone call in a timely manner or make sure someone on my behalf gets in contact with you. I am proud to be an employee here and very grateful for the people I have the privilege to work with every day.
Open HOA board meeting will be resuming an April; the first one will be April 10th at 7:30 pm. The HOA holds an open meeting the second Tuesday of every month from April –October.
April brings us Easter Sunday and Earth Day. If you celebrate either one, I hope that you enjoy.
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator