Message from Administrator

I have to start this month’s article by saying that I hope my nieces Isabella and Maya are having a great time in Texas. I love them both very much and hope that they are enjoying their time away. I had a very disappointed seven-year-old earlier this week when she read my article and saw that I didn’t mention her by name. I can only say that I truly do worry about what these two will be like as teenagers. I did enjoy having an easter egg hunt with them earlier this week before they left. I must say that these kids don’t have the competitive streak with each other that my siblings and I did growing up. Maybe, that’s just because all children are just a little softer these days than they used to be. I will say that my nieces know that life is not rainbows and lollipops and this family doesn’t believe in participation trophies.
I hope that all of you were able to spend the busy month of holidays with family and friends. I am always grateful when I get to spend the holidays with those that I care about. However, I do feel like I need to get away for a few days after doing so as well. I have been debating the best way to clear my head after so much family time and work meetings. I can’t decide if it’s the beach, lake, forest, or all of the above. I guess I will do what I always do and just drive until something clicks in my head and then write about it next month.
I would like to thank those of you that attended the HOA meeting and asked questions. I am always very pleased when the residents show an interest in their community. I hope that everyone’s questions were answered and concerns addressed. As a reminder, I am always reachable by e-mail or phone if you have anything that needs immediate attention. I am a firm believer in transparency and encourage open communication with everyone. So, please always feel free to bring your concerns, comments, complaints, and dare I say compliments to myself or the Board at any time.
I guess with it being May I should let everyone know that the Outdoor and Kiddie Pool will be opening on Memorial Day Weekend. The board voted to install new salt generator systems in both pools. So, this summer you should be able to enjoy the saltwater with minimal chlorine. I want your friends, families and of course, yourselves to enjoy all amenities, but remember to follow the rules. All of us should try our best to be good neighbors and good people to one another. I know it’s not always easy to be kind and considerate to each other, but it is the right thing to do.
I commented on all of our other amenities last month, so I will not do so again. I do want all of you to know that the new de-humidification unit for the Indoor Pool should be installed by the time you read this article. I know that we all had to wait a long time, but it has arrived. Once the unit is installed and working properly, we will be able to address the flooring in the upstairs of the Clubhouse. I am optimistic that all work should be completed by June. However, keep in mind with all of the supply and labor chain issues we may run into some unexpected delays. For example, the Indoor Pool unit ended up being delayed by several months, despite taking all necessary steps to minimize any of them.
The main roadways were all swept earlier this month and the parking plazas should be in the process of being completed shortly. I want to thank all of you that followed the blast calls and posted signs during this process. I want to remind those of you that didn’t to refer to what is written above. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR! I am amazed at how different this country is from one state to the next. I don’t want to lose focus as usual, but I know that we all have it in us to be better and therefore we should.
Now, what I do want to discuss is roads, folks it looks promising that we are getting close. I know Vinnie, your HOA President touched on it in his article. So, I am just going to discuss the current situation, not the future. Normally, we spend anywhere between $10,000.00-$30,000.00 in asphalt repairs annually. With the roads being done within the next 12 months most likely, we will not be doing the usual repairs this year. If we have a substantial pothole, we will do a cold patch to tie us over. If a cold patch is not possible, we will block it off with cones. To those of you that use Daryl drive, you will see that we already did that. The intention is to not spend money on repairs as we will be replacing all roads. As I always say all too often in my articles and at meetings,
“If you see something, say something.“
I can’t emphasize enough that I will always address any problem. I am honored to work for each and every one of you. If you are a resident of this community, I will always make myself available to you. I try very hard to be approachable and sympathetic to how all of you feel. I may not always agree or be able to fix your problem. However, I will look into it and make an objective decision. I can only do the above though if I am aware of the issue.
May brings us the following holidays and days of significance; Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.
I have many adopted Moms and I want to wish all of them a Happy Mother’s Day. I would also like to wish my little sister a Happy Mother’s Day as well. She is a phenomenal Mother and not a bad sister either. I normally don’t mention my real Mother too much, but I will take this month to say that I love her and I am hopeful that things will improve in her life. Most importantly that I am grateful to her for giving me life and raising me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
A special thank you to all of our men and women who are currently serving, have served, or gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us to have freedom. I am truly grateful to each and every one of you and all of us should be.
Craig Pessin HOA Administrator
“The best way to determine how you come across, is to sit across from yourself.”