Message from Administrator

I am currently sipping a hot chocolate as I think about what to write about this month. I always try to focus my article on topics that came up recently to keep everyone informed. Without question, this prior month was the topic of recyclables in Bretton Woods. I recently spoke with the Operations Manager at Winter Brother’s Waste who currently does all of our trash removal. After a very lengthy conversation, the following information is what I received.
Winter Bother’s has their own plant and sorts the recyclables when they are dropped off at the plant. As we are a commercial account the same restrictions on residential homes do not apply to us. That being said, glass is no longer a recyclable item in the Town of Brookhaven. So, any glass that you have can be thrown out with your regular garbage moving forward. Any cardboard that has grease on it will no longer be recycled either moving forward. So, if you decide to have pizza and don’t want to walk to the recyclable dumpster, you don’t have to. However, everything else is the same for us so please keep recycling and rest assured you are not hurting the environment.
We recently added a Kid’s Corner section in the back of the library. The volunteers on the library committee work very hard keeping everything organized for all of you to enjoy. So, please keep that in mind when you come down to check out the new section. The library is completely comprised of donated books and we operate on the honor system. Meaning, feel free to take any book home with, just please return it when finished. Also, if you have any books or toys that are just sitting around the house, please feel free to donate them, and the committee will try and find a home for them.
Maintenance is always due on the 1st of the month for everyone that lives here. A grace period exists up until the 10th of the month for your convenience. This means that if the check is not sitting in one of the maintenance mailboxes or in the office by 9:00 am the morning of the 11th, your maintenance is late. A late charge will be applied automatically and the staff will not be able to waive it. I thank you in advance for paying on time and for following the policy that currently exists.
The Clubhouse rotunda and skylight corridor will have been painted by the time you read this article. I want to thank the maintenance staff for taking on this endeavor on behalf of the entire community. We went out and got prices to do this work by different contractors and the prices were substantial. By doing this work in house with our crew that we have here we saved significantly. So again, thank you and job well done to the entire maintenance crew.
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator