Message from Administrator



I am currently sitting at my desk and looking at the snow falling to the ground, but the forecast is only calling for a dusting. We had a major snowstorm two weeks ago and I am very happy to say that our maintenance crew did an excellent job in clearing the roads. Our staff works very diligently to try and keep up with the snow as it falls. I would like to thank the overwhelming majority of the residents for following our snow procedures and allowing the staff to do their job.

I would like to discuss winterizing the units for those of you that travel or are snowbirds. Unfortunately, we have had some broken pipes occur this winter season. If you go away over the winter months, please leave a key to both your condo and vehicle. The temperature in a unit should never be below 55°degrees, and the water should be turned on periodically. The condos should not go more than a few days without being checked on. When you have someone check on the condo, make sure they check toilets, sink, showers, tubs, and especially hot water heaters for leaks. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call and report it to maintenance immediately. During the event of a snowstorm, have whoever is watching your condo move your vehicle. If you live in an upper lamont, have someone shovel your balcony as soon as the snow stops to help prevent potential leaks.

The board has voted to renew a contract with VP Café, which is our current caterer. Kurt and his team have been with also for the past couple of years and have developed a nice following. From what I’ve heard, they have plans to invest in a slicer and start offering open-faced sandwiches. This will be an addition to the current menu that they have which everyone seems to be very happy with. The restaurant is currently open Wednesday – Friday from 5:00 pm-9:00 pm. I encourage anyone who hasn’t stopped in and tried the food in our restaurant to do so.

The restaurant also offers takeout food for those of you who want to grab something to bring home with you. They can also do private catering for those of you are interested in renting our rainbow room. The room is available to any resident in the community and is a great deal for a variety of private functions. The application can be picked up at the front desk with the specific details of what’s required to rent the room.

February brings us Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am hoping the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow.
I end this article with very sad news Mary Lynne Miller, a long-time resident, employee, and Condo II board member passed away in the beginning of January. She will be greatly missed by many people throughout the community. My sincere condolences go out to her family and specifically her grandkids, who adored her as I witnessed firsthand when I saw them together at the clubhouse.

Craig Pessin- Administrator