Message from Administrator

I write this article on a rainy day in December and feel grateful that it’s not snowing out. We had a nice turn out earlier this week for our annual Santa Visit. I would like to say a special thank you to Santa and his elves for always providing the kids with a great experience. The Toys for Tots boxes are nice and full and will be getting dropped off later this week. Thank you to all of you that donated a toy, as your contribution will be sure to brighten a child’s day.
A friendly reminder to all of our residents that we live in the woods. That being said, it means we share this community with a lot of wildlife. So, please make sure that you don’t leave things outside that these creatures will eat. Some residents have vegetable gardens that are left unattended once the fall arrives. Although you no longer want to eat what’s left in those gardens, many rodents are thrilled to. Then the fall displays are set up and although they look very nice for a short time, the rodents love to eat those rotted pumpkins and make homes in the hay bales. Of course, let’s not forget those of you that love to feed the birds over the winter months. All of these things contribute to rodents wanting to come into our homes. I thank you ahead of time for your cooperation and I am sure your neighbors will as well.
As I am sure all of you are aware, we have a Gatehouse here in Bretton Woods. The Gatehouse is staffed 24/7 and is under twenty-four-hour video surveillance. The staff that works down there have a very stressful and difficult job. So, please be respectful and courteous to the staff when you call or enter the community. As stated last month I am very grateful to all of the staff as well as the contractors and vendors. Therefore, I will not tolerate anyone being mistreated, disrespected, verbally abused, and certainly not threatened in any way. If you or your guests are guilty of any of the above, rest assured, we will use every resource to rectify this behavior.
I understand waiting on line to enter the community can be frustrating. One of the reasons we have backups at the Gatehouse is because many residents refuse to get barcodes. Every resident must have a barcode to avoid causing traffic at the visitor’s entrance. If we continue to have traffic issues, we will enforce every resident having one on their car. If they refuse to do so, we will fine them and rescind their passes. The other two big issues are residents not calling ahead for their guests, which causes delays. Also, for some reason, people don’t want to show ID or have their cars scanned. Long story short; if you or your guests don’t want to follow the security procedures, then you will be denied access to the community. Thank you for understanding that these safeguards in place for the protection of yourself, family, and guests.
Hoping that 2020 is a great year here in Bretton Woods and for you and your families as well. So, with that being said a very special and Happy New Year to everyone. The month of January brings us the epiphany, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as well as the Lunar New Year.

Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator