Message from Administrator

I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am sure that everyone limited their crowd to only ten people at their home. I have reviewed the rules and as of today, the maximum of ten people only applies to private residences. However, social distancing and masks are still required while anyone is in the clubhouse. Additionally, by the time you read this article, new rules may be in place from NYS. I was really hoping that COVID would be behind us by now, but yet it continues to linger. So, be smart and follow the guidelines that have been laid out for all of us. I decided for Christmas this year to buy my nieces matching masks and socks.
The fall clean up hopefully will have been completed by the time that you read this article. I have received several phone calls these past few weeks complaining about the leaves. I want to remind everyone that there are nine individual condos in the community and each one is responsible for their leaves. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sure seems like they fell all at once this year. I am hoping that once the leaves are all gone, we don’t have any of that nasty white stuff falling to replace them.
In the event of snow, please pay attention to the blast calls in regards to clubhouse closures and revised hours. Additionally, many of the condos will also send out blast calls pertaining to the plowing of the individual parking plazas. As always, I thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during the snow removal process. Let’s hope for a mild winter and a relief from the last eight months of this pandemic.
As stated earlier the clubhouse remains open, but restrictions are in place. As of today, the gym is still closed due to the restrictions that we must follow from NYS. The Board has been following all of the required guidelines and will continue to do so for everyone’s protection. I must reiterate that Bretton Woods has not been coming up with these guidelines and I understand that many of you may not agree with them. However, if we don’t follow them and somebody becomes sick, we could be opening ourselves up to potential liability.
Please remember to honor all of those that we lost on December 7th “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day”
Wishing everyone a joyous and happy holiday season.
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and of course Happy New Year!
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator