Message from Administrator

I just finished meeting with a technician in the bowling alley. Those of you that bowl know that we have been having some issues with the lanes for the past couple of weeks. Although we performed a full service on the bowling alley, we have continued to experience problems. I want to ensure all of our bowlers that we are aware of the problems and doing everything in our power to rectify the situation. I understand that doesn’t help with the frustration, but please understand that I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Phase two of the golf course irrigation project will have begun by the time you read this article. Hopefully, the weather holds up for us and we can complete the majority of the work before the winter. We are hoping that by the 2020 golf season, we will be in great shape and even better by the completion of the project in 2021. I would like to thank Greg Fox our Superintendent from LIGM for all of his hard work. Also, a big thank you to Joe Jr and his crew for helping with this project and providing great savings to the HOA.
I would like to remind everyone again, that maintenance is due on the 1st not on the 10th. If you pay on the 11th you are not one day late, but rather ten days late. The office staff does not have the authority to waive your late fee nor do I. The respective Condo in which you reside is the only one with the ability to waive your late fee. So, please be conscious of this and don’t take your frustration out on the staff. I assure you if I become aware of any employee being mistreated, your privileges will be removed swiftly.
I would like to remind everyone that the VP Café is open Wednesday- Friday from 5 pm-9 pm. I eat there at least once a week and find the food and environment to be quite nice. Many residents eat there consistently and have a great time socializing with friends and family. Bretton Woods is a very welcoming community and we encourage everyone to come out and get involved. So, why not start by having a nice meal and see where it takes you.
November brings us the following: Daylight Savings, Election Day, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving. I would like to thank all of our Veterans for all that they have done for this Country. To all of you celebrating Thanksgiving, may you have a blessed day.
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator