Message from Administrator

I am writing this article after taking my six-year-old niece for ice cream at Cold Stone. I have to say that they have great ice cream, but a little too rich for my blood. I am always amazed at how happy sugar makes a small child, but more concerned about how smart she is becoming. I always knew that both of my nieces would grow up to be smarter than me, just didn’t think would happen so quickly. I have to wish my youngest niece a Happy Birthday, she will be turning four years old on July 16th. I also would like to wish what will be a belated birthday to our HOA President, who turned thirty-six on June 24th.
Now that I have accomplished writing one paragraph, I think it is time to jump into some Bretton Woods items. Yes, it is true, all of you are allowed guests, and don’t have to wear masks. NYS has officially lifted all restrictions that pertain to us, so come on down and enjoy. Please remember to be kind to one another and follow the rules that are still in place. I am very happy that things are finally back to normal, but let’s remember to be considerate of one another.
A few friendly reminders to all of you that utilize the facilities. Your Bretton Woods ID card is required to be shown to access any amenity. If you choose to bring a guest to an amenity excluding the golf course, you must have your guest card with you as well. If you elect to play golf with a guest the fee is $15.00. Residents that have a plus one sticker on their ID card are allowed one free guest and must pay for any additional guests. No exceptions will be made to these rules, and I thank you in advance for following them. The staff has been instructed to be strict and to ensure everyone is in compliance. If you have any complaints, please feel free to contact me directly. Becoming loud, angry, and/or inappropriate with the staff will result in your immediate suspension.
Bocce is up and going and from what I hear, everyone appears to be happy with the work that was done. A special thank you to the Maintenance/Clubhouse staff for all of their hard work. I must acknowledge John from Executive Landscaping for always coming through for this Community. He delivered us additional blue stone with only a few hours’ notice.
The snack bar is getting some use, but still very quiet. I encourage all of you to come down and eat and enjoy the pool at the same time. The restaurant will be re-opened by the time you read this article. New equipment was ordered for the Café and several other behind the scene items were addressed at the same time. Long story short; come on down and eat and have some fun with your neighbors. Thank you to the staff again for all of their efforts
July 4th is a day that we should all be honored and feel privileged to celebrate. I don’t think many people remember that this is the day that we all became united, free, and independent. Not from each other, but rather from an outside influence. So, let’s remember that we are all united and called the United States for a reason. “God Bless America” It just makes me feel so great to say it!
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator