Message from Administrator

I start this month’s article on a nice spring day, with just the perfect amount of fresh crisp air blowing in through the window. I unfortunately also have a clear view of the stop sign on the corner of Bretton Woods drive and Hilltop Ct. I must tell you; I find it extremely concerning to see so many people running through this intersection and speeding. I personally live off of Clubhouse Ct and Bretton Woods Drive and witness the same blatant disregard for the other drivers and pedestrians. I don’t know why people think that stop signs in Bretton Woods are optional, because they’re certainly not.
We have managed to keep the fining and suspensions to a minimum, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change that at any time. I assure you if such behavior continues, we will do everything within our power to rectify the situation. I am currently in the process of getting prices to install radars throughout the community. I have also been in contact with our security company and we are discussing having security guards at different intersections. These security guards will be equipped with radar guns as well as cameras. I will be presenting the following idea to the board at the next meeting. If you are witnessed speeding or running a stop sign, you will be issued a warning letter for the first offense. Which will be followed up with a fine for the second offense, and the suspension of your recreational privileges and additional fines for the third offense.
I am not sure if those of you who are speeding and violating traffic laws realize many young kids, senior citizens, and pets live in this community. Many of whom are under the care of a loved one and may wander off on occasion. By speeding and running stop signs, you put them and the entire community in grave danger of being injured or even killed. So, I kindly ask all of you that are violating the traffic laws of Bretton Woods to stop immediately. That includes not only all the resident’s that live here but your guests as well. If a guest is seen breaking the traffic laws, you as the resident will be held accountable. I thank you in advance for your cooperation as we strive to improve the safety in this community for everyone.

As I try to come up with an appropriate segue, I realize that I can’t really think of one. So, let’s talk about the golf course and dog walking. Long story short, dog walking is not allowed on the golf course period the end. The golf course is meant for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to play golf. I love animals and I asked you to be considerate of them earlier in this article, the facts are that animals can’t play golf and therefore should not be on the golf course.
On a much happier note by the time you read this article, much of the outdoor furniture will be out for your enjoyment. The Outdoor Pool will be opening Saturday, May 25th and the hours of operation will be posted. The Tennis Courts are already opened and I was watching people play earlier today. The Golf Course will be in full swing and we are currently in the process of wrapping up phase one of the irrigation project.
Construction will be taking place in May most likely on Birchwood road across from the maintenance shop and behind the 8th green. This is part of the sewage upgrade and has been in the works for a while. Parts of Birchwood road will be closed during this time, so please look out for the posted road closure signs.
May brings us Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day. A special thanks to all those that served, currently serve, and to those that made the ultimate sacrifice. To those Moms out there many thanks for fulfilling the hardest job in the world.
“Every community has its challenges, but here in Bretton Woods we rise above those challenges and come together”.
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator