Message from Administrator



The November open board meeting only had four people in attendance this week which means only one thing; winter is approaching. The winter is a much slower time in the community as many of our residents are snow birds. The Clubhouse remains open regular hours as well as all of the indoor facilities for those of you who still come down to enjoy. The upper tennis courts will have been closed by the time you read this article as well as the regular greens on the golf course. As always, please proceed with caution while driving in the community, especially during snow storms, as the roads become icy and it’s difficult to see.
The maintenance trucks will be getting a facelift to make them look more appealing to the eye. We will be replacing the truck beds, fixing the bodywork, and giving them a paint job. In addition, a new maintenance truck will be purchased as well. The trucks are all in good condition mechanically as they have been maintained very well over the years. However, because they are getting older the cosmetic work is necessary and will improve the look of our vehicles.
The clubhouse will be locked 24/7 by the time you read this article. I want to ensure all of the residents that we are just doing this to ensure all people in the clubhouse are in good standing. Many people have approached me and are concerned that we have a security issue and that is not the case. The board has elected to have more control over who enters the building for the well being of the entire community.
New flooring will be getting installed in the upstairs of the clubhouse over the next few months. We will be addressing one room at a time and will be starting with the areas that are in the worst condition first. The intention is to replace all the flooring in the upstairs of the clubhouse over the next few years. We may have to close certain areas of the clubhouse during this project so please be understanding of the room closures as this project will only improve the aesthetics of the clubhouse.
We will not be having any open board meetings over the winter months as is the standard practice every year. The next open meeting will be in April of 2018; however, the board meets throughout the winter months. If you would like to come before them for any reason that I am unable to assist you with, please put the request in writing to me at and I will pass that information on to them.
Hope everyone in the community has a healthy and happy holiday season. Please take this time of the year to spend time with your family and friends and truly just enjoy the season.
e to proper budgeting and efficient management, the Mooney Pond board will be giving a $1000.00 dividend to each of the nine condos this year.