Message from Administrator



As I write this article it’s a cloudy and stormy day outside and feels like summer has left us for the year. We had a nice season at the pool and I would like to thank Tom and his staff for doing an excellent job. Our Indoor pool and Jacuzzi are now open for the year. The bocce ball and shuffleboard courts are still open for those that would like to come and play. The bowling leagues have started back up so make sure you check the schedule before coming down to play to make sure the lanes are available. Our last party of the summer season will have been held by the time you read this article and has already been moved inside do to the cold weather.
I would encourage those of you who golf to get out and play as this is the perfect time of the year. I find nothing more relaxing than playing golf in a long sleeve shirt and as the fall breeze blows through the trees. I would like to extend my appreciation to LIGM for doing an excellent job this year with the golf course. I think we can all agree that this was a much better season than last year.
I am happy to report that the new gatehouse is working very well and seems to be getting a lot of use. I have not seen any backups occur at the old gatehouse since this has been up and running. We will be installing some additional stop signs on the west side of Daryl drive and Birchwood for safety reasons. Additionally, two signs saying “Bretton Woods” have been purchased for the entrance as well. I have heard from a few people that on a couple occasions, they have driven by the new entrance because we don’t have signs out front.
I received a phone call this morning pertaining to people speeding and running stop signs. I would like to remind everyone that we have many kids that live in this community and we should be mindful of them. No matter how much of a rush you may be in it doesn’t warrant jeopardizing the lives of children or anyone for that matter. Let’s all try and remember that we are a very diverse community and should be aware of the different concerns and needs of our neighbors.
I had the privilege of having the opportunity to speak at the September 11th memorial earlier this week. I would like to acknowledge Rich Wagner and everyone that is involved in putting the service together. Listening to people share their stories was very moving and I was touched to be able to participate.
Craig Pessin- HOA Administrator