Message from the President

An Update from the President

We have survived our 1st major snowstorm and I would like to give a shout out to the Bretton Woods Maintenance Department for the EXCELLENT job they did to clean our roads and parking plazas. Thanks, Guys.
Remember we’re only in the middle of winter between the cold weather, ice and snow please be careful out there and don’t go out if you don’t have to, be smart and stay home.
A gentle reminder keep a supply of drinking water, food, extra blankets, flashlights and warm clothes handy in case of a blackout. If you lose power, it’s up to you to call PSEG before you call us, keep the emergency number handy.
We’re starting a large winter project to replace all the carpets in the clubhouse with vinyl flooring which looks very much like wood yet very easy to maintain and cost-effective to the budget. This will take some time to complete, there will be days areas of the clubhouse will be closed, please be patient with us. This is your money working for you to improve the clubhouse. When this project is finished, you’ll be very proud to take your friends and family up to the clubhouse.
Thank you, everyone, for remembering your B/W’s Recreation ID cards when coming up to the clubhouse, this is for your security.
There seems to be many residents who feel STOP SIGNS aren’t for them… well they are! A stop sign is just that, you STOP.
Now that we have a new entrance you have another sign to fly through, well the HOA is looking into a stronger way to make you stop. Please obey these signs they are there for your protection.
President’s day and Winter break are also this month, please be careful on the roads and drive slow.
Happy Valentine Day everyone! I hope everyone enjoys their day!
Georgia Duggan