Message from the President

An Update from the President

Dear Bretton Woods Community,

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the winter season.

At the executive meeting in January, the Board of Directors discussed various important topics. One of these topics was the roads in our community. We are currently working to determine the most cost-effective way to redo the roads and an accurate timeline for this project. This is a very complicated topic which has been on the table for years and years. Since the roads run through each of the nine condos and flow into all the parking plazas, which are owned by the condos, there is a lot to be determined. However, I am confident that your current Board of Directors will get this job done.

We also discussed tot lots. In the Spring, we will evaluate the condition of our various tot lots and determine the future of each one.

I understand that a lot of our golf friends are anxious for Bretton Woods to have golf carts. This too is a very complicated topic. First, our golf course was unfortunately not designed to have golf cart paths, like many other courses do. Also, the purchase of golf carts not only comes with a hefty price tag but increased safety and liability concerns as well. At this time, this is not a closed issue, but the Board is working to look at this from every angle to determine if golf carts can be a reality or not.

Please be sure to utilize our new online work order system, Upkeep, for more efficient processing of work orders. A link to the Upkeep system can be found on our website,

As I state each month, the first open HOA Board meeting of the new year will be held on April 9th, 2019. If you have an issue or concern and would like to speak to the Board before then, please e-mail me at so your name may be added to our agenda. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

Your President,