Tennis Club

Contact:  Rich Fuchs

Tennis & Ping-Pong Club

Our next tennis meeting will be on Wednesday, August 2nd at 7:30 PM in the Performing Arts Room.

We can discuss plans for our End of the Season Brunch at Lombardi’s on the Sound which we usually have in September or early October.

On a less joyful note, we haven’t had a tennis tournament yet this year. I am asking all of us to commit to a mixed tournament, yes mixed. We will have fun!! It’s up to us. Arrangements for a day and time in August will be made.

Remember, our next meeting is on August 2nd, at 7:30 PM. Your input is needed.


If anyone is interested in playing Pickleball, the equipment is in the clubhouse closet at the front desk. You will need the key for the tennis court from the front desk.

The game is played on the lower tennis court.

As of now, we play Pickleball on Mondays at 9 AM, weather permitting. Players
can play any other time that they would like. They can get the key and the equipment from the front desk. Playing Pickleball at our level, we usually play with at least four players.

We usually call one another to make sure that we have at least four players. We rotate so
that everyone gets to play.

If you would like information about Pickleball, contact Joe at