Republican Club

Let me begin this article by thanking the membership for supporting this club and their candidates. Every elected official that has come to speak at our meetings are very appreciative of our efforts. They have repeatedly asked me to remind you that they are here and a phone call away if you need any assistance and they all look forward to coming back.
September 12th was primary day and this community showed it support for choosing the candidate to lead off our November ticket. Lawrence Zacarese. He will be attending our next meeting on October 9th. Please come and chat with him. His strong background in law enforcement makes him a very qualified person to serve in this post. He was an NYPD and sergeant before moving on to be the assistant chief at Stony Brook University. I am sure that you will find him very interesting to listen to.
Also winning his Reform Party primary is Ray Perini, Ray addressed one of our meetings and provided some background into his career. He was a former prosecutor in New York City and Suffolk County before going into private practice. He also started the first drug unit for the District Attorney’s office to combat the drug problem in Suffolk. With the growing opioid and gang related issues we need a prosecutor who would attack these issues head on.
We look forward to hearing from these candidates and helping them in their run for office. In addition to rest of the ballot. Supervisor Ed Romaine has kept this town in the best shape ever. His incentives have earned Brookhaven the best credit rating we have had in a long time. Our Councilman Mike Loguercio working with the Supervisor has made Brookhaven the best town in the county.
Our partner in the Legislature Tom Muratore has assisted and put forward many programs in the different levels of government. Help us support the good government for the people.
This club looks forward to these candidates attending our Columbus Day Celebration on October 9th. We would like to invite the entire community to attend. These representatives represent all of us, no matter your party affiliation, the programs they speak about are opened to everyone and they will when needed help everyone. So please drop by say hello and share in the refreshments.
We look forward to seeing you….