Republican Club

Contact: Elaine Baumvoll

Our last meeting was rather quiet, but that quiet is going to last long. We are at the beginning of a very exciting campaign season. Our ticket starts with the office of District Attorney. Our candidate for District Attorney is Ray Perini. Ray has the experience to make a difference in Suffolk. His experience spans 40 years in our state a few of his accomplishments have been: establishing Suffolk County Das Narcotic Bureau, Chief Narcotics Prosecutor for 10 years and Member –Retired Detectives Association, to name a few. He is looking forward to joining us in August. Our own Tom Muratore and Mike Loguercio are also seeking reelection. Each of them came to our previous meetings and shares their ideas on the state of the town. Also, Supervisor Ed Romaine will be here to meet with us and address our concerns. Looking forward to discussing our concerns with our representatives.
We are planning a couple of fun events in the next few months and would like some volunteers to come and help with the planning a Chinese auction and a bingo night. Please contact Elaine at 696-3214 or leave a note at the clubhouse. Let make these activities fun.
All residents are invited to attend our meetings. The information provided by our elected representatives is for all of us. They are elected to represent us no matter what our party affiliation is. I hope you will give them an opportunity to meet you and see why this community is so great. It is time for us to join together and let them meet us.
Until next meeting, be well.