Republican Club

March was kind of rough on us, dumping three nor’easter lots of snow and down tree branches. I’m sure we are all happy to say that we are have made it into April. Soon we will be seeing our trees and flowers blooming and the sun shining every morning. Along with the flowers and the sun, we will be starting our meetings up again. We look forward to an exciting year with some of our elected officials attending our meeting. We will begin our meeting with Congressman Lee Zeldin. He will be here to provide some insight into what is going on in Washington and address concerns of ours. A reminder, Congressman Zeldin was raised in Suffolk County, served in the military and became our representative in Congress; he is truly one of us.

Superintendent of Highways, Dan Losquadro attended one of our meetings last year and we spoke about Paul’s Path being a hazard. At the time he explained that a plan for road restoration was in place and he was not sure if Paul’s Path was on the list. Well, he did look and found that the road was in much-needed replacement and has made it a priority and the road will be resurfaced this season. This means not just filling the potholes but taking it down to the base and replacing the blacktop. Thank you, Dan, for those who travel this road how bad this road is.

We are also planning another Spring Fling. The Tribunes have asked to come back and entertain us. This event is open to the community everyone is welcomed.
Going forward we will have Senator John Flanagan, the Senate Majority Leader, and Dean Murray our Assemblyman from the 3rd district. Other speakers on the agenda will provide information on reverse mortgages and estate planning. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to have us include in future meetings, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Elaine Baumvoll, President