Ladies Golf Club

The golf season has begun and we are playing on Tuesday mornings.
If you are free on Tuesday mornings and would like to join us, we welcome new members.
The dues are just $20.00 for the year. You do not have to be an expert golfer to belong to the club.
Our first outing of the year is scheduled for June 18th at Heatherwood.
The first tee time will be 7:45 am and we will have lunch at 1 pm at Nick and Gina’s. The price of Golf is $40, price of lunch is $22. You need to play five times and get five scores to establish a handicap. If you don’t have a handicap by June 18th you will be placed in A flight.
Memorial Tournament is tentatively scheduled for July, exact date will be available at a later date.
There are some new golf rules, which are supposed to be posted on the first tee. Perhaps the most startling new rule is that you may leave the flag in if you prefer, while putting. There is no penalty if your ball strikes the flag pole when you have chosen to leave it in the hole.
When the café opens outside, we will meet for coffee/breakfast/lunch after golf. Games will be planned and dollars will be collected. Until the café opens, we will play our one game to accumulate the necessary scores for handicaps.
Our next meeting will be on Friday, June 7th at 10 am.