Ladies Bowling Club

Hello again ladies, hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather.
Well, we are getting ready to start another bowling season.
So first I will let you all know the bowling meeting is scheduled for
Monday, August 27th at 7 pm.
If there is anyone who would like to meet new friends, connect with old friends or
Just have a few laughs please come and join the league.
There are openings for most days and times.
If you cannot make the meeting you can call Diana Cataldo @ 516/672-8239.
Well, here are the winning teams for the last bowling season:


Fall 2017 Final Standing Spring 2018 Final Standing

1st Place team 1st Place team

Irene Hourigan Georgia Duggan
Frieda Schlessing Marge Gordon
Sandy Reifel Karen Punto
Judy Warasila

2nd Place team 2nd Place team

Marsha Miller Marie Peterson
Janet Schubeck Kathy Presuto
Dolores Kraft Debbie Tross
Janet Schubeck

3rd Place team 3rd Place team

Marie Peterson Harriet Rosenblatt
Kathy Presuto Viola Schneider
Louise Krieg Diana Cataldo

200 plus games, Marsha Miller & Diana Cataldo