Ladies Bowling Club

Things appear to be almost back to normal and I’m sure there are many lady bowlers out there wondering if the Bretton Woods Ladies’ Bowling League will be back this September. Well, that’s a good question?

The answer is: if there are four ladies out there who would like to take over this league, please contact me, Diana Cataldo @ 516-672-8239, as I will no longer be the person in charge. After a number of years as your Secretary, Treasurer, President, and Vice President, all at the same time, it is now time for me to graciously step down to allow four other people to run the league.

It has been my pleasure meeting all you lady bowlers, updating the score sheet, so you could actually read your scores, and putting little holiday greetings on the score sheets as a little pick-me-up when it was time to bowl. I will miss my teammates on the lanes, but will not miss those lanes.

So again if anybody is interested in getting the league started up for September, contact me and I will give you all the information needed to run the league.

Thank you ladies for your friendship and team spirit.