Ladies Bowling Club

Hello, Ladies hope everyone is enjoying this bowling season. We have experienced a decline in the bowling teams. We have plenty of room if any of you ladies are interested in bowling. If anyone is interested in bowling now or in the fall please call Diana Cataldo @ 516/672-8239. There is room in the day and evening. Here are the top scores for February:

Week of 2/6/2018 Week of 2/12/2018
Karen Punto 185 Karen Punto 167
Kathy Presuto 175 Diana Cataldo 156
Joanne Mazza 156

Week of 2/19/2018 Week of 2/26/2018
JoAnn Breun 161 Karen Punto 169, 164
Karen Punto 157 Diana Cataldo 169, 150
Geri Ciullo 156 Geri Ciullo 159
Sandy Reifel 151 Kathy Presuto 153
JoAnn Breun 152
Happy Bowling