Come join us every
Monday-Saturday at 9 AM.
We will be exercising outside until Labor Day.
After Labor Day we will be back in the indoor pool.

Water exercise can increase cardiovascular health, joint health, and upper and lower body strength. A swimming cardio workout is a great way to ease into exercising, especially if you are looking for a low-impact aerobic activity. Water aerobics is for everyone, especially athletes who are training for a marathon or fear getting injured while training. Water-based activities can increase a person’s flexibility and help prevent injuries. Water aerobics can help improve the physical and mental health of an individual. The environment can help you relieve stress and tension as the muscles are loosened once you let your body submerge in water. The little to no impact on joints and muscles helps you strengthen the body and lose weight; a person who weighs 150 lbs. can burn 272 calories in one hour — sweat free!