Condominium VIII – Board of Managers


ALL Residents are responsible for the actions of their visitors—within Condo 8, as well as the entire Brettonwoods Community—including (but not limited to) proper parking, driving the speed limit, obeying community Stop signs, utilizing the clubhouse facilities, and appropriate disposal of trash and cigarette butts.
Please advise your guests of the Condo 8 House Rules and By-Laws and request they follow the same guidelines as those who live here.
Vehicles must be parked NOSE-IN, occupying ONE space.
There is NO PARKING on Skyline Drive at any time, except immediately after snowstorms and at the direction of the Condo Board through a Blast Call to remove cars from the plazas.
Handicap spaces are not assigned spots.
Dumpsters are for HOUSEHOLD trash only.
Oversized items such as tables, chairs, furniture, toys, lamps, drywall, doors, toilets, mattresses, carpeting, and of course contractor debris, as well as paint cans, do NOT belong in our dumpsters. These things MUST be placed off to the side of and not touching the dumpster. Trash should NOT block, lean against, or be placed in such a way that it prevents the garbage truck from accessing dumpsters.
On Monday and Friday mornings, HOA Maintenance picks up the items prohibited in dumpsters. Residents doing their own home demolition/renovation should call Maintenance to arrange a special pick-up.
Cardboard boxes should be flattened and disposed of in the recycling bins located along the main roads throughout the complex.
We are all connected through the pipeline, so let’s avoid clogging it up for everyone.
Cooking oils and meat fats do not belong down the drain; store it in a jar or can, then dispose of it in the dumpster with your kitchen trash.
Only bodily waste and toilet paper should be flushed down toilets. All other items—including but not limited to diapers, tampons, tissues, cotton balls, Q-tips, kitty litter—do not belong down the toilet.
Contractors are not permitted to dispose of items in Condo 8 dumpsters; They must cart away debris from work done in your unit, including deliveries such as appliances and furniture.
Lint accumulation in the dryer vent is a fire hazard.
If you have not had your dryer vent cleaned by the Bretton Woods Maintenance Department in the past 12 months, submit a work order to schedule your free annual dryer vent cleaning.
If you are planning to do some spring planting in your flowerbed and you’re unsure what is/isn’t permitted, send an email to the Board.
Also, personalized landscaping to the “common areas” is at your expense and requires prior Board approval.
For access to the basement, send the Board an email – – to schedule a date and time.
Call 911—not the gatehouse, clubhouse, board members, or neighbors.

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