Condominium VIII – Board of Managers

Condo VIII – July 2021 

Condo 8 has an ongoing and expensive problem, causing major damage to several units due to residents using their toilets and sinks as trash cans and garbage disposals.

Only biodegradable toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down toilets. Other items that do not belong down toilets or sink drains include, but are not limited to rubber gloves, plastic wrappers, napkins, paper towels, diapers, wipes, tampons, sanitary pads, tissues, cotton balls, washcloths, Q-tips, kitty litter, coffee grinds. Cooking oils, grease, and meat fats should be stored in a jar or can then disposed of in the dumpster with your kitchen trash. The cost for this reoccurring issue will be billed to the homeowners.

Everyone should have Condo Insurance. Check with your carrier to see that you are covered for water damage from backed-up toilets and sinks.

At the time of writing this newsletter, the Condo 8 Board Election has not taken place, so results will be announced in the August edition.

Condo 8’s Bi-Annual Smoke Detector Testing is in progress, performed by our dedicated Building Captains. As always, the cooperation of every resident is greatly appreciated. The Brookhaven Fire Marshal must be notified of anyone not in compliance. Please email the Board if you are interested in volunteering as a Building Captain.

Fridays are mowing days, so be sure lawn ornaments and decorations are out of harm’s way from the lawnmowers as landscapers are not responsible for damage to these items. If you want to do planting in your own flowerbed but are not sure what is/isn’t permitted or are interested in personalized landscaping to the “common areas” at your expense, contact the Board. Do not cut down trees or bushes that you did not plant without confirming with the Board.

Residents who do not want AMC Landscaping to either work in their common landscaping areas, flowerbeds, or trim their shrubs, must mark the corners of the area with four red stakes so the landscapers know to avoid it.

Additionally, should you do any trimming of your own or common area shrubs or trees, it is your responsibility to dispose of the clippings and debris. The landscapers are not contracted nor prepared to dispose of clippings and debris when they are assigned to do lawn maintenance.
If you have not scheduled your Free Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning in the past 12 months, please submit a workorder to have it taken care of ASAP.

No work will be done without the submission of a workorder unless it is an emergency.

If you are unsure if the home repair you need is the Condo’s responsibility or yours, contact the Board via email or submit a workorder.

All work orders must be filled out completely, with your name, unit number, and phone number before it will be approved.

Paper-format work orders are available at the clubhouse; however, electronic work orders expedite your request.

If you are using contractors to do work in your unit, they must be licensed and insured—contact the Board for requirements.

Contractors must cart away debris; they are not permitted to dispose of debris in the dumpsters.

Do not obstruct dumpsters in any way by putting discarded items in front of or touching the dumpster.

Monday and Friday mornings, our HOA Maintenance Department picks up prohibited and oversized items left outside our dumpsters.

It is recommended that you call maintenance to arrange a special pickup of oversized items and any debris from renovation projects you are doing on your own.

Please advise your visitors of the Condo 8 House Rules and By-Laws and request they follow the same guidelines as those who live here. All residents are responsible for the actions of their guests within Condo 8, as well as the entire Brettonwoods Community, including but not limited to parking, rules of the road, utilizing the clubhouse facilities, and disposal of trash and cigarette butts. Fines will be imposed on the homeowner for their guest’s failure to follow house rules.

All vehicles in Condo 8 Parking Plazas must have a current registration and plates. This includes the long-term parking area. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

If you observe a lamppost light is out, either in the parking area or on the walkway near your unit, please submit a workorder as you may be the only person to notice it for maintenance to know to repair it.

Feeding wildlife is prohibited in Condo 8. Birdseed, bread, fruit, and other food left outdoors attracts unwanted pests from wooded areas and closer to our homes. If rodent problems arise due to feeding wildlife, you will be billed for repairs.

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