Condominium VIII – Board of Managers

Condo VIII – September 2020 

Schools will be reopening in September according to the NYS guidelines:
Check your mailbox for the school district newspaper for bus route times so you can adjust your morning and afternoon commute accordingly, to avoid being delayed due to driving behind the school buses.
In addition to the Bretton Woods pedestrians and golfers, drivers must be mindful of school children at bus stops in the early mornings and mid-to-late afternoons, within and outside Bretton Woods. NEVER pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing.

Check your mailbox for new Common Charges booklets.

No work will be done without the submission of a Work Order unless it is an emergency.
If you have a question as to whether a home repair is your responsibility, contact the Board via email at
Calling Board Members at home or telling them in the parking lot does not qualify as submitting a Work Order.
Paper Work Orders are available at the front desk of the clubhouse and should be dropped in the Common Charges mailboxes, or they can be submitted online at
Contractors must be licensed and insured—contact the Board for requirements.

Contractors are not permitted to dispose of items in Condo 8 dumpsters unless prior arrangements have been made with the Board; they must cart away debris from work done in your unit, including deliveries such as appliances and furniture.

If you are doing major renovations inside your unit, be courteous, and inform your adjoining neighbors because noise travels easily between the walls and ceilings/floors.
Residents doing their own home renovations can call Maintenance at 631-698-2497 to arrange a special pick-up to remove debris.

Our DUMPSTERS fill up fast—just because a discarded item may fit in our dumpsters doesn’t mean it belongs in our dumpsters. Dumpsters are for HOUSEHOLD trash only. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and disposed of in the recycling bins located along the main roads throughout the complex; however, if you must throw cardboard boxes into our dumpsters, break them down to conserve space. Oversized items such as plastic bins, television sets, stereos, garden planters, tables, chairs, furniture, toys, lamps, drywall, doors, toilets, mattresses, carpeting, as well as paint cans, do NOT belong in our dumpsters—these things MUST be placed off to the side of and not touching the dumpster.
Trash should NOT block, lean against, or be placed in such a way that it prevents the garbage truck from accessing dumpsters — a $50 fine for each occurrence will be imposed on those individuals who fail to comply. On Monday and Friday mornings, HOA Maintenance picks up the items prohibited in dumpsters. Large items can be left in the empty parking space next to the dumpster in Parking Plaza 17A closest to the mailbox.

Any standing water in birdbaths or other receptacles should be emptied due to mosquitoes.

Please advise your VISITORS of the Condo 8 House Rules and By-Laws and request they follow the same guidelines as those who live here. ALL Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests — within Condo 8, as well as the entire Brettonwoods Community—including, but not limited to, proper parking, driving the speed limit, obeying community Stop signs, utilizing the clubhouse facilities, and appropriate disposal of trash and cigarette butts: Fines WILL be imposed on the homeowner for their guest’s failure to do so.

Be aware, although Brettonwoods is a safe community, we are not immune from crime. Do not leave valuables in your vehicles, especially within view. Always lock your cars and homes.

Parking spaces are not assigned spots. Spaces are limited, so park within the lines — one space per vehicle. Park nose-in only. If you will not be moving your car for seven consecutive days, put it in the long-term parking lot PP17A to free up spaces for other residents. Call 852-COPS regarding vehicles parked in handicap spaces without displaying the appropriate permit.
We are in Hurricane Season until the end of November. A few items to keep on-hand include bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, medications, a first aid kit, and cash. The American Red Cross has a free hurricane app that sends alerts to Smartphone users. Visit their website at: Be sure to keep a snow shovel and ice melt in your unit during the winter.

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