Condominium VIII – Board of Managers

Condo VIII – February 2021 

In the event of snowfall under two inches, or if you need to get out before the snow removal team arrives, residents are encouraged to keep a snow shovel and safe ice melt on-hand.
For snowfall over two inches:
1. When the snow has stopped, the plows will make a pass through the parking plazas.
2. A blast call will be sent to all residents to move your cars from the parking plaza to the street so the entire lot can be plowed. It is your responsibility to shovel out your car or arrange for someone to shovel out your car and move it to the street so the plows can return to clean the lot.
3. Once the lots are plowed completely, you can move your cars back into the parking plaza.
4. Remove your doormat prior to snowfall so it doesn’t get caught in the snowblower.
5. The sidewalks will not be shoveled until the snow has stopped.

Parking spaces are not assigned spots. Spaces are limited, so park within the lines—one space per vehicle. Park nose-in only; backing into parking spaces is permitted only when there is snow. If you will not be moving your car for seven consecutive days, put it in the long-term parking by the mailboxes in PP17A to free up spaces for other residents. Call 852-COPS regarding vehicles parked in handicap spaces without displaying the appropriate permit.

For access to the basement, you must make an appointment. Submit a work order or send the Board an email with the requested date and time. Belongings must be clearly labeled with your name and unit number. No paint cans, tires, or other flammable objects can be stored in the basement.

No work will be done without the submission of a Work Order unless it is an emergency. If you have a question as to whether a home repair is your responsibility, contact the Board via email at Calling Board Members at home or telling them in the parking lot does not qualify as submitting a Work Order. Paper-format Work Orders are available at the front desk of the clubhouse and should be dropped in the Common Charges mailboxes. The preferred electronic-format Work Orders can be submitted online at: .
If you are doing major renovations inside your unit, inform your adjoining neighbors because noise travels easily between the walls and ceilings/floors. Residents doing their own home renovations can arrange a special pick-up to remove debris by calling Maintenance at 631-698-2497. Contractors are not permitted to dispose of items in Condo 8 dumpsters unless prior arrangements have been made with the Board; they must cart away debris from work done in your unit, including deliveries such as appliances and furniture. Contractors must be licensed and insured—contact the Board for requirements.

Dumpsters are for household trash only. Items such as plastic bins, television sets, stereos, garden planters, tables, chairs, furniture, toys, lamps, drywall, doors, toilets, mattresses, carpeting, as well as paint cans, do not belong in our dumpsters — these things must be placed off to the side of – and – not touching the dumpster.

On Monday and Friday mornings, HOA Maintenance picks up the items prohibited in dumpsters. Trash must not block, lean against, or be placed in such a way that it prevents the garbage truck from accessing dumpsters — a $50 fine for each occurrence will be imposed on those individuals who fail to comply. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and disposed of in the recycling bins located along the main roads throughout the complex; however, if you must throw cardboard boxes into our dumpsters, break them down to conserve space.

Lint accumulation in dryer vents will become a fire hazard, so submit work order to schedule your appointment for a free annual dryer vent cleaning.

Submit WORK ORDERS online at:

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY call 911—not the gatehouse, clubhouse, board members, or neighbors

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