Condominium VIII – Board of Managers


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year! ________________________________________
THANK YOU to our dedicated Building Captains—Christel Gelman, Eugene Kancirik, and James Dunn, plus Condo 8 President, Mike Perry, for filling in, and the Building Captain Coordinator, Michelle Rutman—for testing smoke detectors during October and November. And thank you to those residents who complied.

DO NOT BLOCK THE FRONT OF THE DUMPSTER, PREVENTING THE GARBAGE TRUCK FROM ACCESSING THE DUMPSTER. Anything that doesn’t fit or belong inside the dumpster (e.g.: paint cans, furniture, drywall, doors, toilets, etc.) must be placed OFF TO THE SIDE of the dumpster. On Monday and Friday mornings, HOA Maintenance picks up the items prohibited in dumpsters. Residents doing their own home demolition/renovation should call Maintenance to arrange a special pick-up.

If you are doing major renovations inside your unit, please inform your adjoining neighbors as a courtesy because noise travels easily between the walls and ceilings/floors. Also, neighbors would also appreciate that drivers with excessively loud automobiles avoid revving their engines at early morning and late-night hours. Thank you in advance.

Before leaving for the season, make sure there is an up-to-date emergency contact number listed with the Bretton Woods Office and Condo 8 Board of Managers, and leave a spare key with a neighbor. Prevent potentially expensive water damage to your unit and your adjoining neighbors’ by shutting off the water to your hot water heater and washing machine; Bretton Woods Maintenance will drain your hot water heater at your expense. Also, turn off the circuit breaker to your hot water heater. If you have the shut-off valve to the outside spigot, please make sure it’s off for the season.
Lint accumulation in dryer venters will become a fire hazard. Remember to submit a work order to schedule a free annual dryer vent cleaning.

Call 911—not the gatehouse, clubhouse, board members, or neighbors.

Winter is here, so rear-end parking is permitted during snowy conditions, otherwise, parking must be nose-in. Parking spaces are not assigned spots. Park within the lines—one space per vehicle. If you will not be moving your car for seven consecutive days, put it in the long-term parking by the mailboxes in PP17A to free up spaces for other residents. Call 852-COPS regarding vehicles parked in handicap spaces without displaying the appropriate permit.

For access to the basement, you must make an appointment. Send an email to or submit a work order with the requested date and time. Belongings must be clearly labeled with your name and unit number: there are still some items not properly identifiable so make an appointment to get into the basement to check on your belongings before they are discarded. No paint cans, tires, or other flammable objects can be stored in the basement.


“Love the giver more than the gift.” — Brigham Young

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