Condominium VII – Board of Managers


Where has the summer gone! It started late, weather-wise and now it’s August already.

We still have a lot of beautiful weather coming up and lots of activities outdoors to enjoy. Loving the pool because it’s warmed up considerably. Lots of time to swim, play cards or games, and enjoy the snack bar.

August 25th we will have our pool deck party. Bruce will be the D.J. again. He seems to know the Brettonwoods mix of music. Let’s see if we can organize an area where condo 7 can all be together. We can bring our own food or better yet patronize our snack bar that night. Bring your own drinks and maybe we can have a dessert table.
I’ll see if I can get that organized. I’ll be in touch. That’s a Sat. From 6:30- 9:30pm. Again, August 25th. We usually have a great time together.

I’m so happy to welcome to condo 7 our good friends from across Woodland Ct. Joanna and Peter DiMartini. Your home already looks like you’ve been here all along. Many happy and healthy years ahead. Welcome aboard!

A reminder to all residents again about keeping your phone numbers and guest list for the gate, up to date. So important if there’s a problem and you’re not at home. It’s to your benefit. Also, if you have an alarm system and a neighbor has a key, make sure they know the code. If the police or fire are called, condo seven is not responsible for the charge, if there is one.

Our budget committee is hard at work on our 2019 budget. If you have an interest in helping the board with budgets, helping the treasurer, and have a background in bookkeeping or accounting, we’d love to have your help. Send a letter to the condo seven board, attention Carol and we’ll get back to you. Thank you!

Safety concern with the basements. A door was left unlocked. Push door tight and turn the key. If it doesn’t lock, please notify a board member or the HOA office.

Make sure when you plan to go to the club house or use the outside facilities to bring your pass. The doors are always locked 24/7 for our security.

A friend of mine mentioned they nearly had an accident with someone who was walking. PLEASE WEAR WHITE OR REFLECTIVE CLOTHING. CARRYING A FLASHLIGHT WOULD BE GREAT. Especially watch your dogs and walk them close to the curb.

Our board meeting is August 23rd. Please come and find out about our budget. Costs have been going up and as hard as we try, there will probably be increases. Also, this is our last year of our roofing assessment. Please come.

Thought for the month:

If you’re depressed you’re living in the past.
If you’re anxious you’re thinking of the future.
If you’re at peace and happy, you’re living in the moment.
Lao Tzu

Have a beautiful, healthy, fun-filled month everyone.

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