Condominium VII – Board of Managers

Condo VII  – May 2022

• May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
• May 8 – Mother’s Day
• May 30 – Memorial Day

Our landscapers finished the spring cleanup and the mulching. Once the weather is warm enough, they will be planting flowers in some of the common areas.

Spring Planting
As the weather warms many of you will be beautifying your areas. Just a reminder to be careful of what you plant. There are plants that are invasive and should not be planted, specifically ivy, pachysandra, and bamboo. Any planting or landscaping in the common areas must be approved by the Condo Board and you must submit a detailed plan of what you want to do and wish to plant. The planting and maintenance of such areas is at the cost of the homeowner. The Condo’s landscapers will not take care of it.

Smoke Alarms
A working smoke alarm in each residence is required by law and is for everyone’s safety. If your alarm was not tested during our bi-annual testing period in April, please put in a work order so it can be checked.

Outside Hose Bibs
If your unit has the valve that controls the outside spigot, please make sure it is now turned on. If the indoor valve is leaking, put in a work order so it can be repaired.

Littering and Dumpsters
We continue to see an increase of litter on the streets, the lawns, and in the wooded areas. There are plenty of dumpsters so dispose of your garbage properly and if you see any trash (paper, bottles, cans, coffee cups, etc.) lying around, pick it up and put it in the dumpster. Don’t dump the trash from your car in the parking plazas. All trash bags must be put into the dumpsters and not left in front of them. Not only is it unsightly, it will attract rodents. If you walked it to the dumpster, you can throw it in. It’s not your neighbors’ responsibility to clean up after you.
Some of the dumpsters continue to be overfilled. The three main reasons for this are that (1) people not breaking down cardboard boxes; (2) large items such as furniture are being put in; and, (3) contractors are disposing of construction debris in the dumpsters.
You can help alleviate this problem by (1) breaking down all cardboard boxes so there’s more room for the other trash; (2) placing furniture and other large items next to (never in front and never leaning against) the dumpster. These items should only be placed out on Sunday and Thursday evenings for pickup by Maintenance on Monday and Friday; and, (3) ensuring your contractor does not use the dumpsters.
We live in a beautiful community, let’s keep it that way.

Remember it’s head in parking only. Please make your guests aware of this.
If your car is not being used within a seven-day period, please put it in long-term parking. Parking is limited in some of the plazas and it is unfair to those who need their cars every day to not be able to park because cars are left unused for weeks at a time. There are eight long-term parking spots in Plaza 29B. Be considerate and courteous to your neighbors.

Prior to any work being done, please contact the Board for the necessary forms and documentation that must be submitted.
Planning a renovation to your unit’s interior? The contractors you hire to do the work must dispose of the debris and are not allowed to use our dumpsters to dispose of the materials, i.e., old appliances, bathroom or kitchen fixtures, carpets, cabinets, sheetrock, etc. All contractors must be licensed and insured.
If the renovation requires the water to be shut off, you must notify Maintenance via a work order at least 48 hours in advance. Only the Maintenance staff is authorized to shut off the water since it will shut it down for your entire building and all residents must be notified in advance.
Replacing your doors or windows? Please make sure you are following the correct color scheme for Condo 7.
• Storm doors – only brown or almond in color
• Front doors – sandstone color only
• Windows/Patio doors – brown sliders only
Fence painting – all fences must be painted brown. You can put in a work order for the paint and it will be delivered to you by Maintenance. The painting is done at your expense.
If you are replacing any of your appliances, you cannot put your old ones by the dumpster. Please arrange with your deliverer to cart your old ones away.

Just a reminder you cannot wash your car or do any car repairs on the street or in the parking plazas. If you wish to wash your car, you can make use of the car wash hose on Daryl Drive outside the maintenance yard.

Tax Grievance
The pandemic put many things on hold over the last two years, including tax grievances. We will once again be submitting the paperwork to grieve our taxes and hopefully, it will go through this year. Later this year you will receive a form that we ask everyone to sign and return. If you have any questions regarding the form when you get it, please contact the Board.

The preferred method to submit Work Orders is online at Note Condo VII and your phone # on the work order form. No computer? No problem. You can still obtain a paper work order at the Clubhouse.

Condo VII Board of Managers

Thought for the month
To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to care. – Unknown