Condominium VII – Board of Managers

Condo VII  – December 2020

FLOWER: Holly GEMSTONE: Blue Zircon
December 7th – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 11th – First Day of Hanukkah
December 21st – Winter Begins
December 25th- Christmas Day
December 26th – Kwanzaa Begins
December 31st – New Year’s Eve

All Sewer Traps have been cleaned out.
Blockages and Clogs within your Condo Unit are your responsibility.
We have been experiencing an alarming number of foreign materials being flushed down the toilets or poured down drains. The sewage system and pumps in the waste treatment station are designed to handle water, human waste, and toilet paper only.
Examples of what should NOT be flushed down toilets or poured down drains are as follows:
• Cloth rags or towels
• Baby wipes, Toilet wipes, Towelettes, Disinfecting wipes, or cloth wipes of any kind (even if the container indicates that they are “flushable”)
• Paper (other than toilet paper)
• Medications (Prescription and or over-the-counter Medication and Sharps should be disposed of properly)
• Feminine hygiene products of any kind
• Beauty products, Q-Tips, dental floss
• Plastics of any kind
• Grease of any kind – especially cooking grease
• Garden supplies (such as pesticides, fertilizers)
• Paint, varnish, paint remover
• Motor oil, gasoline, or any explosive material

In fact, any of the above-listed items, should NOT go into the Condo VII drains or sewage system. Instead, ALL OF the items mentioned above should be thrown out with the trash or disposed of properly.
Remember… only water, human waste, and toilet paper should be flushed down toilets. Clogged pumps lead to sewer backups which can back up into the Units and are expensive to clean and repair.
The Condo VII Board Thanks You for your support.

Condo VII Board needs a representative on the MPAU Board.
Please notify the Board if you can spare one evening a month.
Maintenance workers do NOT do Electrical nor Plumbing work.
24-hour notice is required to turn off the water, requested via Work Order. In an emergency during non-business hours Maintenance will turn off the water, there will be a fee to do so.
Homeowners will be fined $50.00 for each day that an illegal animal is in the residence.
Dryer Vent Project should have been completed by the time you read this.
Thank a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member for their Service.
Thought For The Month
“Every day May Not Be Good But There Is Good In Every Day”

James and the Condo VII Board