Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  October 2019

The trees are in their autumn beauty, the woodland paths are dry. Under the October twilight, the water mirrors a still sky.” -William Butler Yeats-

Welcome new homeowners, Brian Neiderman, 703 Hilltop, and Marilyn and Joel Forman, 228 Birchwood. We are happy to have you in Condo 6.
We have more children in Bretton Woods than ever before. The bus stops in the morning and afternoon are full. You must stop behind any school bus that is picking up or discharging children. It is against the law and extremely dangerous to pass it. Watch for children crossing the street. To the parents dropping off children at the bus stop…you must park legally. Do not double park or park on a corner even for just a moment. Let’s keep our children safe!
Happy Birthday to Mindy Lipsky, Lori Jeacoma, William Casey, and Isabella Auth. We hope you have a special day.
Common charges coupons books have been mailed out. If you have not received yours by now, please let the HOA office know. Just a reminder, common charges are due on the 1st of the month. They are considered late if received after the 10th of the month, and there is a $50 fee for tardiness. Homeowners, if you bank online you are able to pay your common charges online, however, your bank still has to mail a check. Leave yourself enough time to factor in the US mail, weekends, and holidays.
Work orders- Please submit a work order for any lights on poles you see out, even if it is in a public area. Indicate the location of the pole and the pole number. Don’t assume that someone else has reported it. It is dangerous to have lights out. If you see anything else that needs repair, please also submit a work order. You are the eyes of Condo 6, and we need everyone’s help. It is not enough to tell a Board member about any problems. Everything must go through the HOA office on a work order.
Basement access- There is a list at the front desk with the names of people who have the basement key. We are not permitted to simply hand you the key to the basement. A key holder must go down with you, stay with you, and lock up when you are finished. Remember your board is made up of volunteers who have other responsibilities, so please be patient. Thank you.
Please continue to support our restaurant! The staff does a great job, and always responds to our wants, needs, and suggestions. Why cook? Meet your friends at the VP Café!
Dryer plugs- If your dryer power wire does not have a plug that can be put into an outlet, it needs to be changed. Some older dryers are still wired directly into the wall (hard wired).
Be sure to change your air conditioning filter monthly for good health and lower electric bills!
Flashlights- It is a great idea to use flashlights, along with wearing light-colored clothing, if you are walking at night. Have you noticed how dark it is on our roadways? It is very hard to see pedestrians unless they are holding a light.
A few reminders to our snowbirds- If you have the outside water shut-off valve in your unit, be sure to shut off the water supply to the outside water spigot before leaving for Florida. Let someone on the board or your block captain know who will have a key to your unit in case of an emergency. When turning the water back on in the spring, check for leaks inside your house. If you are leaving a car, park it in a far corner that will not need to be plowed in the winter. Do not take a spot that will be used by people who are staying.
Parking Etiquette: Handicapped parking spaces are for anyone who has a handicapped hang tag or handicapped license plate. These specially marked spaces are not reserved parking spaces for a particular individual, but are available to anyone, whether they are resident or visitor, as long as they have the required permit. Although the American Disabilities Act is not applicable to condominiums, as the ADA is only applicable to public accommodations, this Board has been responsive to homeowners’ requests for handicapped parking spaces. REMINDER: According to the by-laws, everyone must park head in only! Thank you for your compliance.
October Dates to Remember
Oct. 14th- Columbus Day- Schools closed
Oct. 26th Bretton Woods children’s Halloween party 1-3pm, and adults’ costume party 7-10pm.
Oct.31st- Halloween- Drive carefully.
We wish our Snow Birds a safe trip to warmer climates. We look forward to your return with the good weather in the spring.