Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  September 2020

We certainly did not have a typical summer this year at Bretton Woods! However, living here definitely made it easier to get through the unimaginable. We were able to meet our neighbors at our great pool or beautiful golf course. Though we were unable to have guests, we still had fun and stayed safe. Thank you to all who followed the rules that benefited all!
Happy Birthday wishes to Barbara Russo, Fran Augi, Anna Marie Mirando, Alexis Casey, Donna Ceasarani, Lana Pallares, John Catalano, Lauren Hoag, and Brian Neiderman. We wish you all a great day and a healthy year.
Anniversary wishes go out to AnnaMarie and Tony Mirando, and a special Happy 50th anniversary to both Lois and Pete Cantalupo and Leslie and Bruce Mac Millan! Enjoy your special days.
Smoke alarms will be checked again in October. Please be available for your building captain.
Gutters will be cleaned in the late Fall after the trees have finished dropping all of their leaves. We ask all residents to remove any breakable items from their patios before the gutter cleaning. You will receive a blast call in November to notify you of your date.
Dog walking -We have had many more complaints about dog owners not picking up after their pets. You must walk your dog only on the street, never on any grassy or dirt areas, and all droppings should be picked up, put into a bag, and then deposited into the dumpster. Dog walking on Birchwood Drive is restricted to the wooded side of the street only, not along the parking lots. Remember: Dogs must always be leashed!

Smoking Code Reminder
The Suffolk County legislature unanimously approved one of the toughest smoking restrictions in the country. Smoking is PROHIBITED in common areas of condominiums and within a fifty-foot radius of all entrances and exits of such buildings and within fifty feet of any ventilation intake that serves these buildings. Unfortunately, there are many cigarette butts littering the ground, especially around the Clubhouse. Please adhere to the smoking restrictions. If you have a problem with a neighbor violating this code, you are to call the Suffolk County Health Dept. at 631-854-0000, not the Condo 6 board.
Long Term Parking- As you know, there are designated parking spots for residents who will be away for more than two weeks. We are asking that in addition to parking in those spots, you notify someone on the Board that you will be away for an extended period of time. This will enable us to answer any questions that may arise regarding a parked car.
Basement Storage – All items stored in the basement must be clearly labeled with the homeowner’s name and address. Items should be stored in clear plastic boxes. No upholstered items, paints, or cleaners are permitted. Items that are not labeled will be removed. Each resident is allotted a 10×10 foot area. Please take some time to straighten out your section in the basement, and to get rid of any unnecessary items. LESLIE MAC MILLAN WILL BE AT THE UPPER BASEMENT ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, FROM 11 AM TO 2 PM, TO ENABLE YOU TO ACCESS THE BASEMENT FOR CLEANUP. THANK YOU.
REMINDER: It is illegal and against the fire code to store any items in the attic. If anyone has anything in the attic, please remove them immediately.
Homeowners’ Insurance- It is very important that each owner maintain their own insurance for the contents of their unit. For example; if a common pipe breaks, the Condo is responsible for the repair of the pipe and the common property. Your property would be covered by your own insurance policy. Please be aware of this when selecting a deductible amount.
September dates to remember: Labor Day, 7th, Grandparents’ Day, 13th, Rosh Hashana, 18-20th, Yom Kippur, 27-28th.