Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  July 2021

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”
-Ronald Reagan-
We finally seem to be getting back to some kind of normalcy. It is so nice to see our friends again and to enjoy the activities Bretton Woods has to offer. Let’s have a fun and safe summer.
Thank you to all residents who voted in the Board election. Here is your new Board:
Ruby Ullrich, President, Fran Augi, Vice-President, Vinnie Amodio, 2nd Vice-President, Leslie Mac Millan, Secretary, Lori Jeacoma, Treasurer, Arlette Giliberto, Co-Treasurer, Rosemarie Catalano, Bob Gluck, and new member, Rosemary Dantone. Let’s have a great and productive year!
Keeping Bretton Woods safe is everyone’s responsibility. If you see behavior that doesn’t look right to you, call 911, and report it. Don’t call the front desk or the gate. The police are the ones to handle it.
Important Reminders: Several cats have been seen roaming around. Cats are to be kept inside! Also, very important: No one in Bretton Woods has a reserved parking space! You may park anywhere, except in Handicapped spaces, unless you have and display the proper sticker. Thank you for your cooperation.
It is imperative that any work done in Bretton Woods be done solely by licensed and insured contractors. This is to protect us from lawsuits that may arise from workers or homeowners being injured while work is being done. If you are planning any work, including landscaping, (even just mulching) you must submit a work order and attach a copy of the contractor’s name, license number, and insurance information. The homeowner must also all fill out a “hold harmless” form, which indemnifies Condo 6 from any loss and/or damages. The work order should be submitted well before any work is started.

Just a reminder: All condo problems should be addressed in a work order. Please do not call your board members at home.
Please be advised that when a work order is submitted, we ask you to be patient until the work is completed. Please submit paper work orders for landscaping issues only.
Parking Issues: Please ask your guests to park in the street, if possible. Often, our residents cannot find a parking spot in our designated lots. Also, there is No Parking overnight on Birchwood Road. It is very dark along this road, and we have had some close calls of cars almost hitting parked cars. Please remember to park head-in only. We do not want to have car fumes in anyone’s homes.
IMPORTANT: If you see a light pole that is out, please submit a work order, and state the number that is on the pole. We want the streets and sidewalks as well-lit as possible!
Our condolences to the family of Ann Ciampoli on her passing.
Our Birthday wishes go out to Joanne Cassano, Bruce MacMillan, Rosemarie Catalano, Ann Jacobson, Nicole Savino, Dale Mahr, Denise DeMott, Vincent Pease, and Carmen Fictner. We hope you have a great day and a healthy and happy year.
Happy Anniversary to Irene and Rich Hourigan, Chris and Bob Dapelo, and Marilyn and Joel Forman. Congratulations!
Stay healthy, stay happy!
Let’s enjoy the summer with friends and family!