Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  June 2019

June 2019
“It is the month of June; the month of leaves and roses, when pleasant sights salute the eyes, and pleasant scents the noses.”
Nathaniel Parker Willis-

We wish all of our Dads, Granddads, and Great Granddads a wonderful Father’s Day! Get out on the golf course, and have fun. You all deserve it!

Welcome to new renters at 151 Birchwood-Lana Pallares, her husband, Joe Marciano, and her children, Isabella Auth and Liam Auth. Welcome to Condo 6!

Happy June Birthday wishes to Carin Kranz, Barbara Chandler, Leslie MacMillan, Vinnie Amodio, Lorraine Petersen, Stephen Liotta, Kenny Cortes, and Alyssa Orioles.

Happy Anniversary wishes to Erma & Bob Gluck, Harriet & Marty Rosenblatt, and Ira and Mirta Katz. .
The speed limit in Bretton Woods is 25 mph. We have too many drivers speeding, and not stopping at stop signs. Some drivers have been clocked doing over 60 mph on our roads. Now that the summer is here, there are lots of people out walking. Slow down!
Election for new board members will be held on June 13th in the Rainbow Room.
“Election Polls” will be open 6:15 – 7:00 pm.
The June General Meeting will start at 7:00 pm.
If you cannot attend and vote, please give your proxy to your Block Captain or Board member. We need at least 51% of the homeowners voting to make this a legal election.
Refreshments will be served. Come on down and socialize with your neighbors.
Regarding doors: If you are purchasing a new door, it may have up to, but not more than 50% glass. Before purchasing, submit a work order, with picture and details on the door.
Reminders: The following items should never be discharged to the sewer system: Paper products including, paper towels, moist towelettes, tissues, handy wipes, disposable towels, cigarettes, diapers, cat litter, sanitary napkins, and feminine products. The only paper product that can be discharged is toilet paper. Cooking grease and oil should never be discharged into the sewer system. Chemicals such as vinegar and baking soda that claim to dissolve grease should not be used, as these products dislodge clogs and move them down the sewer system, which can lead to problems. The BW’s maintenance department recommends using Main Line Drain Cleaner, available at Home Depot for approximately $13 per gallon, to dislodge clogs and twice-yearly for preventative maintenance. Furthermore, the use of garbage disposal grinders is discouraged, as they do not always reduce the size of kitchen solids such as fruit and vegetable rinds and peels, corn kernels, eggshell, chicken bones and other kitchen solids. It’s important to follow these guidelines so that the sewer treatment plant can operate without problems.
Paint – If you want to touch up the paint on your door yourself, with approved Condo 6 colors, submit a work order and the maintenance department will bring you a small jar or can of paint.
IF YOU SEE SOMETHING… if you notice something that is in need of repair, or not looking good in our community, put in a work order and let us know. You are the eyes and ears of Condo 6. Your board members cannot see everything and need your help. We are working hard to maintain and to improve our community.
Be sure to submit work orders for dryer vent cleaning. You will then be contacted for an appointment.
***Dog walkers, please stay off of the grassy areas. Each month I have reminded residents to pick up after walking your dogs, yet each month there are still dog droppings on the street and grass. There are now signs on Birchwood indicating that fines will be incurred if you are seen not cleaning up after walking your dog. So, please CURB YOUR DOG! We have residents who garden in the common areas and do not want to step on your dog’s droppings. Dog urine also kills the grass. All dog droppings should be scooped up and disposed of in a bag in the dumpster. Walking in the woods does not preclude “poopy scooping”.
Please stay on the cement walkway. Walking on the grassy areas kills the grass and could be dangerous when wet.
Please support the Snack Bar and restaurant at the Clubhouse. The food is great, and we really love having them here.
June Dates to remember
• June 14th- Flag Day. Hang your flag outside your home proudly.
• June 16th – Father’s Day
• June 21st- First day of summer.