Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  May 2022

The month of May, according to the Gregorian calendar, is named after Maia-the Goddess of springtime and growth. Historically, the gentle warmth of the month caused flowers to blossom, crops to sprout, and people to dance. What a beautiful description! The last couple of years have been trying, to say the least.
Why don’t we try to feel the gentle warmth, inhale the fragrances of the flowers, and even dance. Enjoy!

Happy and healthy birthday to Stanley Schlesinger, Bob Dapelo, and Marilyn Forman.

Anniversary wishes to Barbara and John Russo, and Lisa Pallares and Joe Marciano.

Welcome to new Condo 6 residents Nancy Mitzman at 212B and Eric Kleinknect at 239B.

Both the smoke detector inspections and the annual election will take place in May and June, respectively. Please check your mail for your ballots.

*The following information is in your Welcome Packet and Prospectus. Please review. If you have any questions, please notify the Board.*
• Common areas are not storage areas!
• Nothing to be left on common areas-i.e. chairs, benches, storage bins.
• BBQs must be 10 feet from building.
• Hoses may be rolled up by spigot.
• No exterior changes may be made without proper paperwork, to be in compliance. i.e.-door colors, new windows.
• For work to be done, you must submit a request to the Board for approval, and submit proof of license and insurance.
• Do not attach anything to the fence or siding.
• No vegetable planting whatsoever, including on the patio. It attracts rodents!
• No unregistered/uninsured vehicles may be parked on Condo 6 property. They will be towed.



Check your homeowner’s insurance to be sure it covers all improvements made by you or previous owners to the original builder’s specs. Condo 6’s insurance will only replace the original materials.
It has come to our attention that some homeowners’ policies do not cover upgrades. This can lead to a significant outlay of money to the homeowner if there is damage due to water, fire, or other mishaps.

Preventive maintenance for pipes and plumbing. To prevent having drainage problems in your homes, it is suggested by maintenance to pour Main Line Cleaner, (Available at Home Depot) into your kitchen sink or shower drain. Carefully follow the directions. Of course, do not allow any food, oils, or papers to go down the drain. Only toilet paper should be thrown in the bowls. Do not wait until you have a problem. Keep your pipes healthy!

Dog Walking: It is very disturbing to constantly see all of the dog droppings on the common areas. Your dog should be walked only on the street, and immediately picked up after. When they (and you) walk in the garden areas, they step on plants and their urine kills the grass. For everyone’s sake, please clean up and stay out of the garden and grassy areas.

Drive Safely: The speed limit in Bretton Woods is 25 mph. We have children and adults out walking now that the weather is nice. Go slowly, so you can stop quickly if need be. You must stop at ALL STOP SIGNS ALL OF THE TIME.

The car wash hose on Daryl Drive is now turned on. Please be sure to turn it off tightly, and rewind the hose when finished.

Work orders are required for any renovations that you are planning. Please submit via the website, and detail the work to be done. Include a drawing or photo, if you have one. Please submit a “hold harmless” form along with your work order and your contractor’s license and insurance information. Your contractor must take all construction trash with him. Our dumpsters are for household trash only. Be sure to indicate Condo 6 on the top of the form and include your phone number.

Spring clean-up of our common areas is in progress. We will be seeding, fertilizing, and aerating throughout the season. All of your efforts to beautify our condo are welcome. Before planting any shrubbery or trees, please submit a work order with a diagram for the board’s approval.

May dates to remember: May 5th-Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day 8th, Armed Forces Day, 21st, Memorial Day 30th.

Our next Open Condo 6 meeting will be on Election Night, June 9th. Please consider becoming a member of our Board. Nomination forms are due May 12th. Contact a Board member if you did not receive a nomination form.


THANK YOU to all of the men and women who have served in the armed forces, and to their families. They have sacrificed so much for our freedom and our country.