Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  April 2019

“Our Spring has come at last, with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers”
-Byron Caldwell Smith-

We did it! We got through another winter in NY, and a pretty mild one, at that!


April Birthday Wishes go out to: Robert Gluck, Frieda Schlesinger, Barbara Lagarenne, Trudy Hering, Marty Rosenblatt, and April Golden, Pavan Kolli, and Evan Kusa.

Happy Anniversary to Pavan Kolli and Divya Katikaneni.

Keep Bretton Woods clean and beautiful. We have noticed an increase of trash being thrown out of car windows and left in our parking lots. Please throw your wrappers, cups, and newspapers in the dumpster. NEVER LEAVE TRASH BAGS ON TOP OF, NEXT TO, OR IN FRONT OF THE DUMPSTERS. WHEN THE TRUCK COMES TO EMPTY THE DUMPSTERS, YOUR TRASH WILL FALL ALL OVER THE STREET.

PLEASE-It has come to our attention that residents are still not cleaning up after their dogs! Please take the time to do so. Let’s keep our little community pretty!

Inspection of smoke alarms will be conducted in May. Your block captain will be calling to set up an appointment to check your alarm and to update your information data sheet. We need to know that your license plate information is current in case of emergencies in the parking plazas and contact information numbers in case of an emergency in a unit. We are adding emails to our information sheets so be sure to give them to your block captain.

Attic Storage is never permitted in any of our units. It is a fire hazard to you and your whole building.

Another reminder about parking; No commercial vehicles or vehicles with a commercial or Taxi license plate are permitted to park in Condo VI overnight. You may rent a parking space in the commercial parking lot located on Daryl Drive. Check in the HOA office for availability. Residents who do not comply are subject to have their vehicles towed at their expense. The towing fee is $170.00 to CD Automotive Enterprises in Rocky Point and a $35.00 per day storage fee.

Long-term storage of vehicles of any type is not permitted in the plazas or roadways of Condo VI. No vehicles should be left unmoved for more than two weeks. All vehicles should be parked “head in” at all times. Washing of or repairing of vehicles in parking areas or roadways is prohibited. Cars can be washed on Daryl Drive once the hose bibs are turned on outside the maintenance building.

Water for outside hose bibs are safe to turn on when there is no longer any threat of frost. This is usually after Mother’s Day.

Our VP Café has been busy all winter. Thank you to all of our residents who support it.
The restaurant is open for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. In May, the snack bar will reopen. They are available for all catering large or small.

Bretton Woods Library – Did you know our library has been in existence since 1984? All of the books have been donated by residents. The library is beautifully maintained and staffed by three wonderful volunteers. Our own Condo 6 Irene Hourigan, Shelly Weber, and Joan McGroarty. Thank you, ladies, for giving us this wonderful gift. All of the books are free to use on the honor system. Just return it when you are finished. A new children’s section has been added. Come check it out

FYI – Our new towing company is Midnight Towing.

April dates to note- 1st April Fool’s Day, Easter, 16th, Passover, 19th-27th.

Our next Condo 6 meeting will be held in the Library on Thursday, April 11th, at 7:00 pm.
All Condo 6 residents are welcome to attend.

If you have any announcements that you would like to see in our newsletter, please email them to

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