Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  December 2020

We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving with friends and family, in our “new normal” world.

Welcome to our new resident, Scott Johnson, at 242 Birchwood.

December birthday wishes to Ruby Ullrich, Irene Hourigan, Isabel Desmond, Stephanie Chavez, Tony Mirando, Barbara Gillule, Marty Chandler, Anita Als, and Joel Forman.

Here are a few cold weather reminders:

• Please remember to shut off the outside water supply to hose bibs.

• Use caution when going out after a snowfall. Always be on the lookout for black ice and carry a flashlight.

• Take some sand from the cans near the dumpster to keep near your front door.

• If snow is in the forecast, pick up your doormat and tie your gate open to make it easier to shovel to your door.

• It is always a good idea to have a flashlight and battery-operated radio, and fresh batteries on hand in case of a power outage. (Maybe some wine too!)

• Upper Lamont Residents: Please remove any snow that accumulates on your balconies quickly. It is essential that the snow be removed in order to help prevent possible damage to the lower units. Melting snow and ice can back up and leak into the foyers of the lower units. If you do not clean the snow off quickly and there is leaking in the home below, you can be legally responsible for the damages. If you are unable to clean it yourself, you can find a list of people who will shovel at the front desk in the Clubhouse. Keep some ice melt near your balcony door for easy access.

• Regency Model Residents: Because your pipes are located within the exterior walls, please open your bathroom faucets to a trickle to help prevent the water pipes from freezing and/or bursting if the temperature falls to subfreezing.

Snow parking reminders:

• Once the HOA plows the roadway, please move your car out of the parking plaza.

• When the parking plazas are plowed, please move your car off the roadway back into the parking plaza.

• NO PARKING: Along the island in parking plaza 47 if snow is in the forecast, to facilitate the snowplows getting through; on Hilltop Court if snow is in the forecast; and on the south side of Birchwood Road from December 1st to April 30th.

• Cars parked illegally will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. The fees for towing are $135.00, plus a $35.00 per day storage fee, in addition to a $50 admin fee, as well as a $50 labor fee! So, please follow the parking rules.

• Please remember that commercial vehicles are never permitted to park anywhere in Condo VI overnight.

***Please do not walk your dogs on the grass or public areas. Walk them only in the street and pick up after them! Having a pet in Condo VI is a privilege, not a right!
***Some residents continue to park head-out! Please adhere to the rule of parking head-in. Thank you.

December Dates: Pearl Harbor Day December 7th), Hanukkah (begins December 10th), First day of Winter (Dec. 21st), Christmas, December 25th, Kwanzaa (December 26), & New Year’s Eve (December 31st).

Stay warm and safe.

The Condo 6 Executive Board wishes everyone a Very Happy,
Healthy, and Peaceful Holiday Season!