Condominium VI – Board of Managers

Condo VI-  January 2020

“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas.” -Charles Kettering-

January Birthday wishes go out to Filomena Sardone, Christine Dapelo, Cathy Romano,
Richard Kraft, Diana Torres, Andy Jeacoma, Benjamin Kusa, and Sandy Alpern.

Happy Anniversary wishes to Lori and Andy Jeacoma and Rosemarie and John Catalano.

Welcome to new neighbors, Lauren and Timothy Haag, at 699 Hilltop Court. We wish you the best in our special community.

We want to wish our snowbirds a safe trip. We look forward to your return, along with the warm weather in the spring.

Homeowner’s insurance- We would like to remind all of our residents that Condo VI’s insurance will replace or repair your home to its “original builder’s condition”. If you or the previous owners have made upgrades to your home, they need to be covered on a separate policy purchased by you. You should not assume that the unit you purchased is an original model. It is a good idea to annually review your policy with your insurance agent. Take pictures of your home and furniture, and keep them in a safe place outside of your home.

Dryer Vents need to be cleaned at least once a year.

All work orders must be completely filled out with your name, address, and phone number. Anonymous work orders will be discarded.

If you are a snowbird, or just planning a long vacation, please leave your car and home keys with a friend or neighbor. Let your building captain know who has them in case of an emergency. Try to leave your car with a friend or relative outside of Bretton Woods. If you do need to leave your car here please park it in one of the long term parking spots, leaving nearer spots for those who are braving our LI winter.

Outside Water bibs should now be turned off from the inside for the winter. Check them to be sure they are not leaking.
Basement storage areas are provided for residents only, and are designated for each address as follows:
Basement “A” or lower basement is located at 191 Birchwood Road serves unit numbers 149 through 208 Birchwood Road.
Basement “B” or upper basement; located at 242 Birchwood Road serves unit numbers 209 through 252 Birchwood Road, and 697 through 720 Hilltop Court.

If you need access to the basements, contact the front desk at the Clubhouse and specify upper or lower basement for Condo 6. You will be given the phone number for whom to call to gain access to the basement.

When storing items in the basement, put them into plastic storage containers. Be sure to write your name, address, phone number and date on each bin. The following materials are not permitted to be stored in the basement: Combustibles of any kind including paints, tires, propane tanks, chemicals, and fertilizers vulnerable to mold and insect infestation such as; cardboard boxes, fabrics, clothing, etc.

No attic storage is permitted ever. This is a fire hazard to you and your neighbors.

Walking on the grass is very damaging in the winter (or any time), so please walk only on sidewalks and walkways. Please curb your dogs, and be sure to clean up after them.

Parking; Please be sure that your car is properly registered and inspected. Remember that parking is prohibited on Bretton Woods drive at all times. There is no parking on Birchwood Road from December 1st through April 30th. Head in parking only, please.

Winter reminders: Sand is available in the parking lots. Please take some, and leave it near your front door. Remember to pick up your doormat and tie your gate open when snow is the in forecast for easier snow removal.
-When walking at night wear light-colored clothing and carry a flashlight.
-If you see a lamppost light out, please take note of the pole number and put in a work order to have it repaired.

Our next Condo 6 meeting will be on April 9th, in the library at 7:00 pm. All residents are invited to attend.

January Dates: January 1st-New Year’s Day, January 20th, Martin Luther King Day, January 21st, National Hug Day!