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Dear Condo IX Neighbors,
Summer officially begins on June 21st but have been enjoying the lovely weather for some time now. We welcome back Snowbirds – it is wonderful to see you again! The outdoor pool is open and many outdoor activities are underway. There is something for everyone here in Bretton Woods – check the calendar for activities that may interest you. We hope that all the Dads, Granddads and Great Granddads enjoy their special day this month!

SMOKE DETECTOR INSPECTIONS: Last month community volunteers completed the mandated Town of Brookhaven semi-annual smoke detector inspections. The Board extends many thanks to the Project Chair, Mary Ann Russo, and to all the Condo IX residents who helped with this project: Sue Conklin, Janet Keller, Lisa Leshaw, Joe Lucia, Marilyn Maloney, Chris Mohanty, Pat O’Mahoney, Linda Redenburg, Cathy Ruger, Kathy Russo and Deirdre Severson.

CONDO PROJECTS: At our May meeting the Board approved funding for the following two projects: 1) the mulching of common areas by AMC; 2) pest control of gypsy moth caterpillars and inchworms by Red Dragon Organics.

LANDSCAPING/BEAUTIFICATION: The sprinklers have been tested and turned on for the season. Please submit a work order immediately if you notice an inoperable sprinkler head or that the grass is turning brown, so the problem can be corrected before the grass is irrevocably damaged.

CONDO LIVING by definition is within close proximity of one’s neighbors. During the summer months, windows are open and there is an increase in the time spent outdoors, with a concurrent increase in the noise level from residents who are talking, playing, socializing, etc. We ask that you please respect and be considerate of your neighbors, so we can all live in harmony in our community.

o PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! For safety’s sake, we offer a gentle reminder to all walkers/runners/joggers to please wear bright or reflective clothing and/or carry a flashlight when out and about in the early morning or evening hours.
o Stay to the side of the street – not in the middle – and always walk/jog/run facing traffic.
o Parents, please ensure that your children have proper protective gear and ride their bikes/skateboards safely within our community – not on the sidewalks upon which residents need full/clear access.
o Please remember that there are no assigned parking spots in our community.
 While it would be desirable to be able to park in close proximity of one’s unit, this is not always possible due to the volume of vehicles that must be accommodated, especially now during the summer months.
o Similarly, please be reminded any vehicle with the appropriate sticker or plates can park in any designated handicapped parking spot.
o In order to maximize the space available, please park your vehicle within the lines of a single parking spot.
o Please exercise caution when driving throughout the community – remember that the posted speed limit is 25 mph.
o For everyone’s safety, please STOP at the posted signs.
 Birthday wishes: June is a month of birthday celebrations for Joe (the boxer) Albarello, Lee Amato, Richie Kelly and Dennis Sall.
 Meetings: Condo IX Board of Managers will be held Wednesday, June 6th at 6:00 PM in the Library. HOA open meeting is Tuesday, June 12th at 7:30 PM in the PA Room.
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