Condominium IX – Board of Managers

Condo IX  – July 2021

We made it through over a year of COVID-related restrictions and now can enjoy relaxation of guidelines as defined by CDC and implemented by the New York State Department of Health!
The long-awaited delightful days of summer are finally here for all of us to enjoy! Check the Bretton Woods newsletter calendar for activities that may be available/of interest to you. The Board wishes all our Condo IX friends and neighbors a safe, happy, wonderful summer.

• Naturescape will complete the annual pruning of bushes and shrubs this month. If you have a shrub or bush that you do not want to be trimmed, tie a ribbon on it to indicate that it should not be touched.
• We appreciate the efforts of the many residents who have taken the time to beautify the area around their units. We encourage you to take a “garden tour” walk to see for yourself how lovely our community looks!
• Please submit a work order, either online to HOA UpKeep or hard copy at the HOA Office, if you notice a sprinkler head that is not working properly so we can bring the problem to Naturescape’s attention.

• By definition Condo living is within close proximity of one’s neighbors. During the summer months, windows are open and there is an increase in the time spent outdoors with a concurrent increase in the noise level from residents who are participating in various activities. We ask that you please respect and be considerate of your neighbors so we can all live in harmony in our community.
• Take pride in our community – please do not toss cigarette butts, trash, fast food containers, garbage, bottles etc. on the ground in the common areas/parking lots.
• Please ensure that your contact information – telephone #, emergency contact, alternate address etc. – is up to date with the HOA Office/Front Desk.
• Please submit all requests/concerns to the Board in writing. If you leave a note at the HOA Office, a Board member will get in touch with you.
• Remember that we are a Board of volunteers – please do not contact Board members at home. Thanks for your cooperation.

• Many thanks to the residents who participated in the Community Spring clean-up of the basement storage area! We appreciate your efforts to organize, purge and consolidate your belongings to bring them into compliance with the House Rules. The Board plans to schedule the Spring clean-up annually so the task will not be so daunting going forward.

SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING: If at any time you see something suspicious in nature or you feel that your personal safety is threatened, you should call the Suffolk County Police immediately. Do not call the Front Desk or Gatehouse or submit a work order or contact a Board member – any of these actions will only delay response to your concern. Contact phone numbers are included in the Brettonews each month and are as follows:

Police Emergency 911 6th Precinct Desk 854-8600
Police Dispatch 852-6400


Birthday wishes are sent this month to Britany Decker, Margaret Genovese, Ronald Groshans, Sean Kelly, Lorraine LeMien, Lucas Warren Shortell and Gintaras Zinkevicius – enjoy your special day!
News to share? If you have a birthday, anniversary or any other news you would like to share with your neighbors please contact Pat O’Mahoney at (516) 313-2785 or leave a note at the Clubhouse to Pat’s attention. The news we share makes us a community!
Board meeting – Contingent on the availability of the of the Clubhouse, the Board has scheduled a meeting on July 7th at 6 PM. The Board’s monthly meetings are working sessions. However, we allocate time at each meeting to address resident’s concerns. Please let us know if you have an item that you want to place on the agenda for discussion

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