Condominium IX – Board of Managers


We hope you are enjoying the “hazy, lazy, crazy days” of Summer that have finally arrived! The outdoor pool is open, as are the golf course, bocce and tennis courts. HOA is sponsoring several evening poolside parties for residents to relax and socialize with friends and neighbors – there is something for everyone here in Bretton Woods, enjoy!

O At our May meeting, the Board approved the scheduling of a Special Meeting to consider a reduction in the threshold from 80% to 66 2/3% of homeowners of record to approve changes to the governing documents.
O We also approved holding an Informational Meeting prior to the Special Meeting to discuss the proposed changes to the Prospectus.
 The Informational Meeting will be held Thursday, August 22nd at 7 PM in the Performing Arts Room.
 Upon the recommendation of our attorney, the Special Meeting will be held in conjunction with our Annual Meeting/Election in September.

 Pest control:
o Red Dragon Organics sprayed for gypsy moth caterpillars and inchworms in June.
 Concrete:
o The Board contracted with Concrete Impressions for several concrete remediation projects in our community.
 Landscaping/Beautification:
o Weather permitting, Naturescape completed the annual pruning of bushes and shrubs last month.
o Some landscaping projects, such as re-seeding after the slit-seeding, had been delayed due to the inclement/rainy weather but are back on schedule now.
o Lawn fungus and irrigation issues are being addressed.
 Parking:
o The Board continues to research this extremely complicated issue.
 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act/HUD, as well as New York State, County and Town regulations all come into play.
 Unfortunately, not all the sources from which we have obtained information agree and, in consultation with our attorney, we are in the process of reconciling the different requirements/views.
 Parking plazas:
o The Board has requested estimates from vendors for the partial repainting of the lines that designate the parking spaces in the plazas.

CONDO IX ELECTIONS: Condo IX is governed by a nine-member Board of Managers, who are elected to serve (staggered) three-year terms. As per the rotation established by the Prospectus, three seats will become vacant; there are also two additional vacancies due to the lack of applicants last year – for a total of five vacancies at the end of the fiscal year, September 30th. Any homeowner, including incumbents, is eligible to run for the Board. Serving on the Board of Managers, which is a volunteer position, requires a commitment of time, energy, ideas and a genuine interest in the ongoing management of our community. If you have any questions about running for the Board, please leave a note at the HOA office and a Board member will get back to you. An application form will be mailed to each homeowner later this month with a return date that will allow sufficient time to prepare for the election in September. Please think about what you have to offer your community – become involved, run for the Board!

BUDGET: Later this month the Board will develop the Condo IX budget for fiscal year 2019 – 2020. Like all the other Condos and HOA in the Bretton Woods community, we are faced with increasing costs and needed infrastructure repairs, both immediate and long-term. We strive to budget realistically so we don’t have to dip into our reserves for operational expenses. Please remember that we have no control over the HOA common charges, the reimbursables, and the MPAU expenses – we simply collect these monies on behalf of HOA and MPAU. As with our own budgets at home, there are some things that we must do and some things that we would like to do – please be assured that we will prepare the budget with all of these considerations in mind.

• NEW RESIDENTS Please join us in welcoming Joseph, Ernestine and Michael Panvella (#961), Arash and Kristina Kamalinejad and their sons Mielad, Amir and Navid (#971), as well as Allison Ramos and her sons Alejandro, Sebastian and Leonardo (#1015) to our community!
• BIRTHDAY CELEBRANTS this month are Walter Hlawitschka and Stu LeShaw – enjoy!
• MEETINGS The next Condo IX Board of Managers meeting will be held Wednesday, August 7th at 6 PM in the Library. The Prospectus Change Informational Meeting is scheduled for August 22nd at 7 PM in the PA Room.

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