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Summer officially begins on June 21st, yeah! It was a really temperamental Spring, wasn’t it? We had a tease of warm weather then cooler temps prevailed with lots of rain intermixed. The outdoor pool opened May 25th and many outdoor activities should be underway. There is something for everyone here in Bretton Woods – check the calendar for activities that may interest you. We hope that all the Dads, Granddads and Great-Granddads enjoy their special day this month!

 At our May meeting, the Board approved the scheduling of a Special Meeting to consider a reduction in the threshold from 80% to 66 2/3% of homeowners of record to approve changes to the governing documents.
 The Board also approved holding an Informational Meeting prior to the Special Meeting to discuss proposed changes to the Prospectus.
o Notice of both of these Meetings will be sent once the details are finalized.

 Community volunteers completed the mandated Town of Brookhaven semi-annual smoke detector inspections during the month of May. The Board extends many thanks to the Project Chair, Mary Ann Russo, and to all the Condo IX residents who helped with this project: Sue Conklin, Janet Keller, Laverne Laria, Lisa Leshaw, Joe Lucia, Christine McKeever, Marilyn Maloney, Chris Mohanty, Pat O’Mahoney, Linda Redenburg, Cathy Ruger, Kathy Russo and Deirdre Severson.

 Last month the Board mailed the updated information packet to every homeowner and resident. If you did not receive a copy of the packet, please leave a note at the HOA office or contact any Board member and we will ensure that you receive a copy.

 We would like to schedule a Condo IX Summer Social for mid-August. Please let us know if this party interests you and if we should proceed with planning for this event – contact Pat O’Mahoney at (516) 313–2785 or leave a note at the HOA office to indicate your preference. Thanks.

 The common basement storage area needs attention – please be considerate of your neighbors and consolidate, purge, organize your belongings! The space in the basement is limited and each of our 94 households is entitled to an area. All personal effects must be stored in boxes, barrels, metal or plastic totes. All storage containers/items and tarps must be clearly marked with the owner’s name and address. If you have items that you wish to dispose of, you may leave them by the caged storage area and we will arrange with HOA for their removal. All items stored in the basement are done so at the resident’s risk. The Board reserves the right to remove items that are illegally stored and/or improperly identified without further notice.
 Please ensure that the Front Desk has your updated contact information on file. They must have your current phone number for you to receive blast calls from HOA and Condo IX. It is very important that you have emergency contact names/numbers etc. – on file also. Thanks.
 Condo living by definition is within close proximity of one’s neighbors. During the summer months, windows are open and there is an increase in the time spent outdoors, with a concurrent increase in the noise level from residents who are talking, playing, socializing, etc. We ask that you please respect and be considerate of your neighbors, so we can all live in harmony in our community.
 The hose bibs have been removed; if you have not already done so, please turn on the shut-off valve in your unit.
 Safety first – please exercise caution when driving throughout the community. Remember that the posted speed limit is 25 mph. For everyone’s safety, please come to a full, complete STOP at all the stop signs.

 Congratulations to the graduates! Nicholas Drago, grandson of Pat O’Mahoney, graduates from Pre-K; both Olivia Mei-Wah Greene, granddaughter of Mary K. Howe and Michael Carere, grandson of Lisa and Stu Leshaw, graduate from high school this month. Olivia will attend Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and Michael, St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA in the Fall. Good job!
 Get well wishes are sent to Joe Laria, who is recuperating from surgery – please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
 Birthday wishes are sent to Joe Albarello, Lee Amato, Joanne Anderson, Richie Kelly. Joe Lucia and Dennis Sall.
 Best wishes are extended to the Horne/Crum family as they relocate to the Sunny South – we will miss you! Please stay in touch with us.
 The next Condo IX Board of Managers meeting will be held Wednesday, June 5th at 6 PM in the Clubhouse Library. The HOA open meeting will be on June 11th.

June Is Bustin’ Out All Over (lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein: Carousel)

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