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Just when we thought/hoped that Winter was over, we experienced a couple of frustrating snow/slush/ice storms last month. The Board wants to acknowledge the efforts/teamwork of our residents as neighbors helped one another shovel out, clear, relocate, and de-ice their vehicles so the parking plazas could be plowed in a timely fashion. We also appreciate the efforts of Naturescape and HOA Maintenance, who worked diligently to clear the sidewalks and plazas to ensure our safe passage throughout the community.

 Gutter cleaning:
o At our March meeting, the Board approved the proposal from A-1 Roofing for the semi-annual cleaning of gutters. Weather permitting, the project was completed at the end of last month.
 Tax grievance:
o Last year Koeppel, Martone, & Leistman filed a tax protest application to challenge the assessed values of Condo IX units for tax year 2018/2019. This application is still pending with the Town of Brookhaven.
o The Board provided required information to the law firm so they can file the tax protest application on our behalf for the 2019/2020 tax year.
o Homeowners should have received correspondence from Koeppel, Martone, & Leistman regarding the challenge authorized by the Board. If you have any questions about the letter or authorization, contact the law office at (516) 747-6300.
 Prospectus changes:
o The Board has authorized the establishment of an advisory committee to explore changing our governing documents – the By-Laws, House Rules and Declarations.
o We have consulted with our attorney regarding the steps of this process. We will advise you of the status of this project as it progresses.
 Resident information packet:
o The welcome/information packet given to each new resident was last revised many years ago. The Board initiated a project to review the documents included in the packet and has been working on an updated version that will be distributed to all Condo IX residents and homeowners upon its completion.
 Long term parking:
o The Board approved purchase/installation of a sign designating four parking spaces across from the mail boxes at the entrance of PP #16B facing Skyline Drive as a long-term parking area for Condo IX residents for any absence of more than five days.
 Dryer vent cleaning:
o We have contracted with Dryer Vent Wizard for completion of the project this month. Flyers will be distributed and a blast call sent once the date if determined.
 OK, the Board gets it and understands our residents’ concerns about the parking challenges in some parking plazas in our community.
o When our Condo was designed over 30 years ago, 1.5 parking spaces were allocated per household.
o Obviously, many residents have more vehicles per household at this time.
o Due to the volume of vehicles, especially during the summer months, it may not always be possible to park immediately adjacent to your unit.
 Please remember that –
o There are no assigned parking spaces in Condo IX.
o Handicapped parking spaces are not assigned to a particular individual.
 Any vehicle with the appropriate sticker or plates can park in any designated handicapped parking spot.
 OK with acceptance/understanding of the provisos stated above, what can we as a community do?
o Please be considerate of your neighbors and park within the confines of a single parking space.
 We understand that this may be difficult due to the lack of delineation of clearly visible lines. Re-striping of the parking spaces is another project on the Board’s “to do” list.
• We are researching this issue, which involves ADA parking space size/aisle access/minimum allocation requirements.
o If you have a vehicle that is not used on a regular basis. please move it to the long-term parking area in PP #16B.


 Welcome Back Snowbirds – it is great to see you again!
 Happy birthday wishes are sent to Walter Le Mien, Janet Keller, Matthew Cosenza, Kaleb Mapp, and Amanda Shortell this month. We also extend belated birthday wishes to Ed Derby, who celebrated his special day in March. Many happy returns to all of you!
 Get well wishes are sent to Joe Albarello, Rosalie Berger, and Bob Ripp.
 News to share? If you have a birthday, anniversary or any other news you would like to share with your neighbors, please contact Pat O’Mahoney at (516) 313-2785 or leave a note at the HOA office to Pat’s attention.
 The next Condo IX Board of Managers meeting will be held Wednesday, April 3rd at 6 PM in the Library. HOA open meetings will resume this month – Tuesday, April 9th.


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