Condominium IX – Board of Managers

Condo IX  – December 2020

7th Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day; 10th Hanukkah begins; 21st First Day of Winter;
25th Christmas Day; 26th Kwanzaa begins; 31st New Year’s Eve

Dear Condo IX Residents,
The Condo IX Board wishes all our residents safe and joyous holidays. May the spirit of the season warm your heart and home!

 HOA Maintenance plows the roads first, then the parking plazas.
 When a storm is predicted, communicate with your neighbors to move vehicles to one section of the parking lot which will allow the snowplows to clear the lot more quickly.
 After cleaning off your vehicle, please move it to Skyline Drive or to an already cleared area in your parking plaza.
 Snow will be shoveled from the walkways and steps after 2” of snow has fallen and stopped. Ice melt will be applied to the walkways and steps as needed. Please have patience – it is impossible to clear every area at the same time.
 Ice melt and sand are available in the basement storage area for your use. You may want to keep a small container of ice melt by your front door and/or in your car.
 Please remove doormats and newspapers, which can damage snow blowers and delay snow removal.
 Upper Lamont residents are responsible for the timely removal of snow from the balcony of their unit.

 The common basement storage area needs attention – please be considerate of your neighbors and consolidate, purge, organize your belongings! The space in the basement is limited and each of our 94 households is entitled to an area.
 Upholstered furniture (couches, mattresses, chairs etc.) and/or tires are not permitted to be stored in the basement storage area. All personal effects must be stored in boxes, barrels, metal or plastic/totes containers. All storage containers/items and tarps must be clearly marked with the owner’s name and address. All belongings must be safe and secure; not piled so high they are in danger of toppling over. Items must not cover or block the drains in the floor. Empty cardboard boxes cannot be stored. Entrances, exits and aisles must be clear at all times to allow safe passage. Possessions in multiple areas must be consolidated into a single space. All items stored in the basement are done so at the resident’s risk. The Board reserves the right to remove any improperly stored and/or labeled item without further notice.

COMMUNITY CONCERN: As you may know there was an incident of violence within our community last month. Please be assured that the Board has taken the following actions: 1) consulted with our attorney; 2) established liaison with HOA re front gate security protocols; 3) contacted the Suffolk County Police Department 6th Precinct to request increased patrols within our community. PLEASE HELP US IN OUR EFFORTS. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING – CALL 911!

 Please be considerate of your neighbors and take care to park within the confines of a single parking space. A vehicle with a handicapped placard or plates can park in any designated handicapped space. The Board has designated four spaces in PP #16B facing Skyline Drive as a long- term parking area for Condo IX residents.
o If your household has multiple vehicles, we ask that you please park some of them in a less utilized area of your parking plaza or in the previously mention long-term area. Thanks for your cooperation!

 Fall clean-up: Naturescape closed down the irrigation system last month and will complete the final clean-up of leaves this month.
 Gutter Cleaning: Weather permitting, Super Clean Machine was scheduled to initiate this project on November 30th.
 Financials: The financial statements for the year ending September 30, 2020 have been completed by the independent accountant. Condominium IX homeowners can obtain a copy of the report at the HOA Office.

 Let’s work together to make Condo IX the most festive/beautiful area within Bretton Woods this year! Please decorate as much as you would like and then enjoy the efforts of our neighbors as you walk or drive through our community. Thanks for the suggestion, Amanda!


 We extend birthday wishes this month to Mark Cosenza, Ernestine Panzella and Kinard Gradney. Enjoy your special day!
 Please join us in welcoming new neighbors Dennis and Theresa Dantzig (#949), as well as Dorothy and Marie Newman (#986) to our community.
 The next meeting of the Condo IX Board of Managers will be Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:00 PM in the Clubhouse Library. Please submit any concerns/questions you have in writing; the monthly meeting is not open to residents due to the pandemic.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. (Anne Bradstreet: c 1612-1672)

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