Condominium IX – Board of Managers

Condo IX  – September 2020

Coronavirus is still active in New York State. Schools are allowed to reopen with decisions being made by local districts under strict Department of Health guidelines. Be smart – wear a mask and maintain 6’ distance in public.
September is always a very busy month for Condo IX residents we enjoy our last days of summer, children and school personnel return to the classroom, and many holidays are celebrated. This month we have our VERY IMPORTANT ANNUAL MEETING/ELECTION. DUE TO PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERNS, WE WILL NOT HAVE AN IN-PERSON MEETING THIS YEAR. VOTING FOR POSITIONS ON THE BOARD OF MANAGERS WILL TAKE PLACE EXCLUSIVELY BY MAIL-IN BALLOT.

ANNUAL MEETING/ELECTION: Last month we mailed an application for Board membership to every homeowner. Later this month all homeowners will receive an instruction letter and ballot that must be signed and returned via mail no later than September 17th. In order to have a valid election, we must receive ballots from a quorum of members of Condominium IX (51% of our 94 homeowners) by the deadline. PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY AS A HOMEOWNER AND RETURN YOUR BALLOT IN A TIMELY MANNER SO THAT YOUR VOTE CAN BE COUNTED!

BUDGET: The Board met at the end of August to develop the budget for fiscal year 2020-2021. The budget will be mailed with the new coupon books to all homeowners later this month. A gentle reminder to please contact your financial institution to change the monthly debit if you make electronic payments for your common charges.

 Storm damage:
o Unfortunately, our community sustained some damage from Tropical Storm Isaiah last month. Our landscaper, Naturescape, cleaned up the branches/leaves/debris generated by the storm. As of this writing, the Board is in the process of obtaining estimates for the tree work that must be done.
 Inspections:
o In order to comply with a recent mandate from the Town of Brookhaven, the Board approved funding for the inspection of dryer vents and firewalls.
 Concrete:
o The Board initiated a review of the condition of concrete walkways and steps. Areas in need of remediation will be prioritized and completed as funding permits since everything cannot be done at once.
 Beautification:
o At the August meeting, the Board approved a shared homeowner/condo beautification project in the common area between units #985 and #999.

WORK ORDERS: As you know, the HOA has implemented the online system, Upkeep, for electronic submission of work orders. You can access the system on the HOA website at You can also submit a hard copy work order to the attention of Condo IX. With either method of submission, we ask that you please retain a copy of your work order. Unfortunately, sometimes things fall through the cracks. If you are not contacted by a Board member or the request has not been completed in a timely fashion, please let us know by leaving a note to our attention at the HOA exterior mailbox.

EXTERIOR CHANGES: Please remember that all requests for exterior changes including landscaping, installation of replacement windows/doors/sliders, lighting, etc. require advance approval from the Board. All requests must be submitted to the Board in writing and approved by the Board before any work is initiated. Plan ahead – the Board has 60 days to respond to your requests. The Condominium IX Architectural Control Matrix outlines the requirements for all exterior changes. The Matrix is available on the Bretton Woods website at


 Many, many thanks to all the Building Captains and community volunteers who helped with the attic access project and general mailing last month – you are the best!
 Birthday celebrants this month are Arash Kamalinejad, Bea Weinberg, Chris Shortell, Cindy Kelly, Fran Schultz, Greg Martella, Kathleen Wloszczyna, Lisa LeShaw, Michael Panzella, Nina Papillo, Rose DeCarmine, Susan Conklin and Renata Zinkevicius. Best wishes to each of you on your special day!
 Congratulations to Joanne Anderson whose granddaughter, Katrina, and Joseph A. McNulty IV will be married on September 25th. Thanks for sharing family news with us!
 Meeting Contingent on the availability of the Clubhouse, the next meeting of the Condo IX Board of Managers will be held Wednesday, September 2nd at 5:30 PM.

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