Condominium IX – Board of Managers


Condo Projects:
• A-1 completed the gutter-cleaning project in early December.
• The Board approved funding for the repainting of the edge of the steps with bright yellow paint to increase their visibility/safety. Completion of this project depends on HOA Maintenance’s schedule, as well as the weather.
• A walk-about is scheduled early this month with Bartlett Tree Service to inspect the property for the annual tree pruning/removal preventive maintenance project.
Some Winter Reminders…
 Snow Removal: HOA maintenance plows the roads first, then the Parking Plazas. Our Landscaper, Naturescape, will shovel the walkways and steps after 2” of snow has fallen and stopped. Please have patience. We know this can be difficult when people have work and appointments, but it’s impossible to clear every area at the same time. Naturescape will also apply Ice-Melt as needed to clear walkways and steps to prevent icing. Keep some ice-melt near your front door for use when the landscaper is not about!
 Upper Lamont Residents: Please remove snow from your balcony in a timely manner, to prevent any damage to the units below.
 Work Together! When a snowstorm is predicted, communicate with neighbors who park in your parking plaza. Our new Building Captains* can assist with this process.
If you can agree to park most cars in one section of the lot before a predicted snowfall,
it will allow the snowplows to clear your lot more quickly. After cleaning your vehicle, please move it to the road, after it is cleared, or to an already cleared area in your parking plaza. Be kind to your less able neighbors and assist if you possibly can. Kindness is its own reward…
 Walkers/Joggers/ Drivers: Beware! If going for an evening run or walk, please wear bright or reflective clothing, or carry a flashlight as a safety precaution. Drivers, please watch out for walkers, and deer which are prevalent!

Condo Reminders
Correspondence – The Board will gladly respond to any work order or other signed written correspondence submitted.
 Basement Key Courtesy – The Front Desk has the key for our Basement Storage. You are required to leave your Driver’s License to sign out the key. As a courtesy, please return the key within one hour, if possible. You may also borrow the key from any Board member.
 Garbage – A gentle reminder that trash needs to be placed inside the dumpsters, not next to it.
 Condominium Insurance – It is necessary for all residents to have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Check to be sure that your policy includes coverage for “water back-up”, as this damage can be costly for the homeowner.
*Building Captains
Many, many thanks to Joanne Anderson (#934), Janet Keller (#965), Cheryl Solomito (#975), Kathy Russo (#1007) and Amanda Shortell (#942) who have volunteered to be Building Captains for our community! The Captains act as a liaison between the Board and the residents. They may be asked to distribute flyers of upcoming projects to neighbors, submit work orders for problems you may notice in the common areas (e.g. defective light), advise us of social events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. for inclusion in the newsletter, notify residents when HOA will be in our area to clear our parking plazas of snow and request that you remove your vehicle(s) to the road.
If you are interested in volunteering for any of the uncovered/remaining areas, please speak with any Board member or leave a note at the HOA office. We can use your help!

News in our Condo IX Community
 Please Welcome the newest residents to Condo IX: Teesha Wilson & family, and Sharagin Bahar & family.
 Happy Birthday Wishes are sent to James Cosenza and Christine Mohanty who both celebrate this month. Enjoy!
 Thanks and sincere appreciation go out to Joanne Anderson, Christine Mohanty, and Bob Ripp, who participated in the BW Players’ Traveling Chorus, and brought holiday cheer to many different locations last month!
 The Board extends our deepest sympathy to Walter Hlawitschka and family on the loss of his wife, Arlene, last month.
 Please note that the Condo IX Board of Managers will not have a regular meeting in January. Our next Board meeting will be Wednesday, February 5th at 6:00 PM in the Library. Work orders and other matters will be handled as usual – just send your written work order/concern or online request to the HOA Office and a Board member will contact you.
Quote for the month: Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man.” -Benjamin Franklin
HAPPY 2020!

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