Condominium IV – Board of Managers

CONDO IV August 2017

Our next condo IV meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 9th @ 7:30 pm in the library. All Condo IV residents are welcome to attend.
We are still receiving many complaints regarding dogs. Owners MUST clean up after their pets, pick up debris and dispose of it inside a plastic or paper container in the dumpster. Also, dog urine kills the grass. Dogs are not allowed on the patio unsupervised. This can be a danger for many reasons. PLEASE respect your neighbors and adhere to these rules.
Contractors must cart away debris from work done in your unit, deliveries such as appliances, furniture, carpeting, and boxes. Also, they need to be licensed and insured.
Dumpster lids must remain closed at all times & any items, garbage etc must be placed inside the dumpster. Also please do not leave garbage on your patios. It will attract rodents, raccoons, squirrels etc. Large items can be placed next to the dumpster on Monday and Friday morning only.


One thought on “Condominium IV – Board of Managers

  1. To: Craig Pessin, VP/Condo IV
    I was advised by the HOA staff to write to you. This is the only way I could determine from the Bretton Woods website to do so. So-here goes:
    I wrote 2 letters to the Condo IV Board of Managers (12/16 and 12/30). Neither has been acknowledged. I live in Condo II (38 years). My sister and brother-in-law were residents of Condo IV for 8.5 years (3/05 to 8/13). Their names are Carol Milazzo-Direnzo and Michael DiRenzo. We are simply asking two questions: Does Condo IV have a tax grievance pending with the Town of Brookhaven and do you have their names on your list for a refund, when such is granted? A reply would be appreciated. They did ask me to try to get this info. for them. I don’t quite understand why my letters have not been acknowledged. My address is 246 Bretton Woods Drive. The HOA staff assured me you would respond. Thank you.

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