Condominium IV – Board of Managers

Condo IV – July 2021

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! – Independence Day! The Birthday of our Nation! This is the day Americans come together to acknowledge our nation’s birthday. We celebrate and enjoy the freedom. Fourth of July is a Federal Holiday where banks and all Federal buildings are closed. Most offices are also closed. It is not complete without fireworks and parades! Please display the American flag and be proud of our country!
July is also a month for barbecues, baseball, family picnics and just enjoying the nice weather!
Power washing has been completed for all buildings in Condo IV. We were all very pleased with the job Magical Touch Power Washing did.
REMINDER: Smoke Alarms:
As required by the Town of Brookhaven, all smoke alarms must be tested. Each condo will have to be checked and will be done in August. It should not take more than five minutes of your time. If they are unable to reach you, they will leave a note and a contact number. Please arrange for access to your home so your alarm can be tested and be replaced if necessary.
Since this seems to be an ongoing problem, please refrain from leaving food out for birds, stray cats, deer, and chipmunks. It attracts, rodents, raccoons, and other unwanted visitors. Also do not leave basins or birdbaths with water. Stagnant water will attract mosquitos which bring the West Nile virus.
Basement Clean-Up will be done in August
If there are items with no labels or items not in containers, they will be discarded.
Please check if you have anything stored in the basement and that it is properly labeled.
Summer is here! This is a beautiful community so enjoy the beautiful flowers many of our neighbors have planted. Enjoy the pool and all our outdoor activities. Take walks, get exercise and enjoy the sunshine! Drive slower since many people are out. Smile and say “hello” when you see your neighbors!

“Accept what is………. Let go of what was………… Have faith in what will be………
And choose to be happy!”