Condominium IV – Board of Managers

CONDO IV February 2018
Reminder: There will be no open condo meetings in February and March. They will resume again in April. All work orders will be handled as usual as any emergencies. Please remember to put your name and phone number on the work order.

Winter Reminders:
• Please be on the lookout for “black ice” and proceed with caution.
• Dress warm and in layers.
• If snow is in the forecast, keep a small container of sand or ice melt on hand for icy walkways.
• Please walk on paved walkways and not on the grassy area or lawn. This is for a person’s own safety as well as protecting the lawn and grassy areas.
• After a snowstorm, once the HOA plows the parking lot, please move your cars
so they can clear and plow all the spots.
• Use sunny days to your advantage by keeping drapes open during the day to let the sun in.
• If you don’t have to go out when it’s snowing, stay in, watch a good movie, read a book, enjoy the company of family, or friends and just stay warm.
• Dogs should not be left outside or left alone on patios. Remember if you are cold, so are they.

During the winter months, the clubhouse has many inviting activities and amenities. We have the indoor pool, gym, bowling alley, fully stocked library, pool tables, card rooms, various clubs you can join, and the restaurant! Please take advantage of them.

Please be extra careful to observe children crossing the street and maybe waiting for the school bus. Be aware of residents walking and take caution to drive a little slower, observe the speed limits and stop signs. During these winter months, ice may cover our roadways.

A very warm welcome to our new neighbor at:
361 Clubhouse Court – Kristin Hall- We hope you enjoy living here and please take advantage of everything that Bretton Woods has to offer.

Days to Remember & Holidays and Observances:
February 2nd – Ground Hog Day – If the sun is shining when the groundhog comes out of his burrow and he sees his shadow, he will go back in and we will have winter for 6 more weeks. If it’s cloudy and there is no shadow, we will have an early spring! Let’s hope for an early spring!

February 4th – Super bowl –To be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota- Millions of people
will hold or attend the “Big Party” to see who will leave with the victory and a super
bowl ring!

February 14th – Valentine’s Day- A celebration of romantic love. Red roses, chocolate, hearts and pictures of cupids are all symbols of Valentine’s Day. (40 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are expected to be sold)

February 19th – President’s Day – A National Federal Holiday- This day commemorates George Washington, our first president and all past presidents of the USA. All schools, banks and federal offices are closed.


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