Condominium IV – Board of Managers

CONDO IV August 2018

Our next Condo IV board meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 8th at 7:30 pm. All are welcome to attend!

In accordance with Federal Housing Act and HUD disability clauses, Condo IV Board members would like to ensure that Handicapped Parking Spaces are being properly allocated to accommodate residents with physical disabilities. Therefore, we are revisiting the location of Condo IV handicapped spots in proximity to the Condo IV residents for which handicapped spots are allocated. Although handicapped parking spaces are not reserved for specific individuals, the board does intend to allocate sufficient spots to each parking plaza to reasonably accommodate those with handicaps.
We are requesting that those with permanent or temporary physical handicapped certifications provide a copy of their handicap certificate/sticker and driver license.
In addition, please provide the parking plaza you generally park in. Send this information to 1027 Clubhouse Court, Attention Condo IV Board, Coram, NY 11727.
This is a voluntary request, however, we do ask for your compliance as it has been brought to our attention that there are a few cases in which a parking plaza may be overcrowded and have assigned handicapped spaces which are not needed. In those circumstances we may be able to remove a handicapped spot, to accommodate other residents.
We appreciate your cooperation in assuring that we have properly allocated spots without over allocation.
We will maintain this list going forward to avoid any further inconvenience.
Reminder: All condo problems should be addressed in a work order. Please put your request, name, address, and please put your phone number. Please do not call your board members at home. Remember your Condo board is comprised of your neighbors and they are all volunteers.
Our community is a great place to enjoy the warm weather! Please pay close attention to our speed limits and children playing, people walking or jogging.
Please keep the grounds clean. Please do not litter and dispose of your trash properly. Cups, plastic bags, paper plates, fast food trash should all be thrown in the garbage bins and not in the wooded areas.
A very warm welcome to our new neighbors:
Matthew, Patricia Buhse and their two sons, Patrick and Dylan – 356 Clubhouse Ct.
Kyle, Kristen, and Josiah – 380 Clubhouse Ct.
Danielle and August Abbondanza – 370 Clubhouse Ct.
Hope you enjoy your stay at Bretton Woods and utilize the golf course, the indoor and outdoor pool, tennis, bocce, shuffleboard, bowling, the various clubs and the many other amenities that are offered here at Bretton Woods!

Fun fact: Did you know Cinnamon can deter ants and the smell is so strong, it disrupts their trails?

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