Condominium IV – Board of Managers

Condo IV – February 2021

Reminder: All work orders will be handled as usual. For on-line work orders just go to: and click on the work orders tab. Please remember to put your phone number.

Please be extra careful to observe children crossing the street and maybe waiting for the school bus. Be aware of residents walking and take caution to drive a little slower, observe the speed limits and stop signs. If you’re going out for a walk, please wear reflective clothing or something bright so you can be seen. Dress in layers. During these winter months, ice may cover our roadways. Be cautious and be aware of black ice!
Also, leaves when wet can be very slippery.

During these difficult times, there are many people out of work and in need of food because of the pandemic. Whether it’s food, money, or time, there are many ways to give to our neighbors in need. Every $1.00 provides 2 meals to people.

If your supermarket has an offer for “buy one, get one free” item(s), please consider donating the free item(s) to a local pantry, church, or soup kitchen.

If you have sweaters, blankets, clothes, or coats, please consider donating them to a local church and the homeless and needy.

Check on your neighbors especially the elderly who may not be able to get out. Maybe they need assistance with their computer and ordering food or items on-line. Sometimes even just a “smile” or a pleasant “hello” makes someone feel better!


Days to Remember & Holidays and Observances:
February 2nd – Ground Hog Day – If the sun is shining when the groundhog comes out of his burrow and he sees his shadow, he will go back in and we will have winter for 6 more weeks. If it’s cloudy and there is no shadow, we will have an early spring! Let’s hope for an early spring and lots of sunshine!

February 14th – Valentine’s Day- A celebration of romantic love. Red roses, chocolate, hearts, and pictures of cupids are all symbols of Valentine’s Day. (40 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are expected to be sold) Many people give Valentines to their pets.

February 15th – President’s Day – A National Federal Holiday- This day commemorates George Washington, our first president and all past presidents of the USA. All schools, banks, and federal offices are closed.

Did you know French fries did not originate in France but in Belgium? They are called French fries because they are French cut!

Did you know recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch television for 3 hours?

“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we seek.”