Condominium IV – Board of Managers

CONDO IV – January 2020

Another New Year and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are gone! We hope they were filled with happiness, warmth, and enjoyed and shared with family and friends.
As mentioned in earlier newsletters, there will be no open condo meetings in January or February. Work orders will be handled as usual and answered promptly.
Please remember if you will be away for an extended period of time, set home heat at 55-60 degrees to prevent frozen pipes. Most important, leave a key with a neighbor or friend and notify the office of the contact. There have been emergency situations in the past where there was a need to get in the condo for safety purposes. Also, it’s a good idea to leave a spare car key with a neighbor if you plan on being away and for some reason, your car has to be moved.
Parking: Please remember there are no reserved spots. Please take care and park head in and between the yellow lines and straight. It has been noted that sometimes people tend to park crooked and take up two spots. Please be considerate of all utilizing only one spot. Also, handicap permits must be visible when parking in a handicap spot.
Reminder: Please do not block dumpsters or lean items against dumpsters or place items in such a way that it prevents the garbage truck from accessing.
A very warm welcome to our new neighbors at:
357 Clubhouse Court – Morgan & Terri Munoz
373 Clubhouse Court – Aldo & Lina Graziano
374 Clubhouse Court – Vanessa Malonado
We hope you enjoy and take advantage of the many amenities that Bretton Woods has to offer.
January 1st- Wednesday- New Year’s Day – (government offices, schools and many businesses closed)
January 20th – Monday- Martin Luther King Day- (Schools, banks and all Federal buildings are closed.)

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