Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo III -October 2019

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Online Work Orders… Just go to and click on the work orders tab.

Elections…. Elections for the Condo III Board of Managers will take place at our October meeting. Ballots and proxy forms will be mailed to each homeowner before the election. Board members do NOT get paid. Serving on the Board is a volunteer position that requires a commitment of time, energy, ideas and a genuine interest in the ongoing management of our community. Any homeowner is eligible to serve on the Board. If you have any questions, please leave a note at the HOA office and a Board member will get back to you.

Common charges…. Everyone should have received a new common charge book in the mail by now, along with a copy of our current budget. This year we combined our common charges and assessment in one book to keep costs down. If you prefer, you always have the option to pay your assessment in full instead of monthly. Assessments will incur an additional late charge if not paid on time. If you have not received a new book, please contact the HOA office. Please contact your financial institution to change the monthly debit amount if you make automatic payments for your common charges.

Projects…Please remember it takes time for projects to be identified/reviewed/
prioritized/authorized and completed. While we would like to be able to approve all your requests and provide instantaneous results, unfortunately, we are not able to do so! We appreciate your patience/understanding of the process. Some of the projects completed last month include:
• We have completed more badly needed cement work.
• We removed a few trees that were struck by lightning or hanging over roofs.
• We have had the edges of our steps and curbs repainted yellow.
• We have had some drainage issues resolved.

Basement… The basement will be open on October 12th from 11:00 am – 11:30 am. All items stored in the basement must be in a plastic tote labeled with your name, address and phone #. Cardboard, flammable items, and furniture are not permitted. All items stored in the basement are done so at your own risk.

Smoke Detectors – smoke detector testing and battery changing will take place sometime in October for those units that do not have electronic alarms. A blast call will follow with more information. Please make your unit available for this service. This is done by volunteers and there is no charge.

Long Term Parking… If you will be away for longer than 7 days, we request that you leave your car in our long-term parking lot no matter the time of year. These spots are marked and located on the north side of PP 39 on Birchwood Road. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR CONDO III RESIDENTS TO PARK HERE. We are also asking that you notify someone on the Board that you will be away for an extended period of time. This will enable us to address any issues that may arise regarding a parked car or any issues with your unit while you are away.

Dumpsters… Dumpsters are for household trash only. Please put your garbage IN the dumpster and make sure the covers are closed. This will help to keep pests and rodents away from our living areas. Contractors are not permitted to use the dumpsters. They must take debris with them.

Plumbing… Only bodily waste and toilet tissue should be flushed down toilets. All other items, including wipes, do not belong down the toilet. If you clog the lines, you will be charged for the repairs.

NO DOG Condo… Condo III is a NO DOG Condo. If you have prior approval from the board allowing a dog, remember that you are not exempt from the rules. It is your responsibility to update your documentation annually. Failure to abide by the rules will result in the revocation of your approval.
• Dogs must ALWAYS be leashed.
• Dogs are not permitted on the grass or common areas; especially not the golf course.
• Dogs may only be walked in the street, not on the paths or the grass.
• You must clean up after your dog.
• Your dog shall not be a nuisance to other homeowners.

Condo III would like to welcome new residents to our community this month!
• Bridget Byrne of 423 Clubhouse Court
• Timothy Richter of 432 Clubhouse Court
• James Devereux and his wife Lisa Beauchamp of 62 Birchwood Rd
We wish you many happy years here.

Dates to remember…
9th – Yom Kippur
14th- Columbus Day
31st – Halloween