Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo III – December 2021

For non-work order related issues, you can contact the board at
Please do NOT call your board members at home unless it is an emergency after office hours.

Online Work Orders: Just go to and click on the work orders tab.

Condo III would like to welcome new residents to our community this month!
A BIG WELCOME to Kelly Zegers and Kevin Lazzaro of 429 Clubhouse Ct. We wish you many happy years here!!

The results of the Condo 3 elections are as follows:

President – Mary Ann Schaefer
Vice President – Steve Gramarossa
Treasurer- Bill Xavier
Secretary- Sharon Fink
Board member- Renee Wagner
Board member- Tom Wagner
Board member- Lynn Racioppo
Board member-Tracey Beach
Board member-Jennifer Gangitano

There will be no Condo III meetings for the months of December through February. Work orders and other matters will be taken care of as usual.

Snow: A few reminders:
• Upper Lamont Owners – you are responsible for the maintenance of your balconies. You must remove snow accumulations from your decks promptly and carefully so there is no damage to the lower unit.
• Pick up your outdoor mats so they won’t get caught in the snow blowers.
• Leave your gate open if you want the path cleared to your door.
• After the Maintenance department has plowed the roads, please move your car out of the parking plazas so the men can plow the lots.
• Be careful walking and driving in the snow and ice.
• The landscapers will clear our walks only after the snow has stopped and only if there is 2 inches or more.
• Keep ice melt handy.

Basement: The basement will be open on Saturday, December 11 from 11:30 am to 11:45 am.

Smoke Detectors: Please change your smoke detector batteries. If you’re unable to do it yourself, have a friend or family member or maintenance do it. It should be done once a year!

Plumbing: Avoid a wastewater backup in your condo. Only toilet paper and what nature intends should be flushed down the toilet. Do not put Q-tips, dental floss, hair, tissues, paper towels, wipes, and sanitary products down the toilet. Kitchen grease belongs in the garbage and not in the drain.

Long Term Parking: If you will be away for longer than 7 days, we request that you leave your car in our long-term parking lot no matter the time of year. These spots are marked and located on the north side of PP 39 on Birchwood Road. There is NO charge to park here. This area is only for Condo III residents. We are also asking that you notify someone on the Board that you will be away for an extended period of time. This will enable us to address any issues that may arise regarding parked cars or any issues with your unit while you are away.
Snowbirds: Before you leave for the winter:
• LEAVE A KEY with a neighbor and update emergency contact info with the HOA Office. Let Condo III know who has your key in case of an emergency.
• DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAT OFF. Turn the thermostat no lower than 55
degrees. If the pipes burst, you could be held responsible for the cost of the repairs.
• CLOSE ALL WATER VALVES to the sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. For all units with inside shut-off valves to the outside water, please make sure you close the inside valve and open the outside bibs.
• Bretton Woods Maintenance Dept. can drain the hot water heater at your expense.
• DISCONNECT all TV’s computers, stereos, microwave, and clock radios by pulling out the plugs.
• DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR in your parking lots, leave it in the long-term parking area we have on Birchwood Rd in parking plaza #39. There is NO charge to park here. This area is only for Condo III residents.

Dates to Remember:

December 7th- Pearl Harbor Day
December 21st- Winter begins
December 25th- Christmas Day
December 26th- Kwanzaa begins
December 31st- New Year’s Eve