Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo 3 -April 2019

As we welcome in Spring and hopefully warmer weather, we will have many things happening in our community! We will be continuing with our beautification project and the installation of lawn sprinkler systems on both Clubhouse Ct. and Birchwood Rd. This will be followed by topsoil and grass seed. Many of our trees have already been trimmed or removed over the winter along with the poison ivy on Birchwood Rd. We will also continue with replacing sections of sidewalks that have seen better days and having our building’s power washed when the weather permits.

With the warmer weather, more of our neighbors and their children will be spending time outside. Please drive slowly…. our speed limit is 25mph…. and make sure to stop at the stop signs. Also, do NOT park in our NO PARKING/TOW AWAY ZONES as this hinders visibility and will result in your car being towed.
Remember that tiki torches and fire pits are NOT allowed and BBQs should be kept a safe distance from buildings and fences. Upper Lamonts may NOT have gas or charcoal BBQs on their balconies.

Board Meetings… Our next board meeting will be on Wednesday, April 17th at 7:30 pm in the library. Our meetings are always held the 3rd Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted. Please be advised that homeowners are welcome at our monthly meetings for informational purposes only. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed and you need to meet with the board at our monthly meeting, please fill out a paper work order and we will schedule an appointment to meet with you.

We would also like to encourage each building to nominate one resident to act as a building representative who will participate in monthly meetings and share, directly with other residents, projects that the board will be working on.
There are many projects being worked on and your input is very valuable.
Please get involved and be part of making our community a better place to live.

The Board of Managers of Condo III is always looking for volunteers. The Condo III Board of Managers currently has four vacancies and we need your help! Serving on the Board is a volunteer position that requires a commitment of time, energy, ideas, and a genuine interest in the ongoing management of our community. Any homeowner is eligible to serve on the Board. Please think about what you can offer your community – meet new people, become involved, join the Board! If you have any questions, please leave a note at the HOA office and a Board member will get back to you.

Basement… The basement will be open on April 13th from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. Anything stored in the basement must be in a plastic tote with your name, address and phone number on it. No furniture or flammable items may be stored in the basement.
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY… If you have a fire, police, or medical emergency, CALL 911. Do not call the office. This wastes valuable time and they cannot help you.. If you hear the fire alarms going off, CALL 911, get out of the building and then notify your neighbors.

Outdoor Water… For those of you who have the valves for the outdoor water spigots in your units, please wait until we are no longer having temperatures that drop below freezing and then turn on the valves for the outdoor water.

Condo III would like to welcome new homeowners to our community this month!
A BIG WELCOME to Peter Rodolfy and his daughter, Haley, of 404 Clubhouse Court. We wish you many happy years here.

Tax Grievance Final reminder… Condo III will again be grieving our property taxes. All units will be included. However, you must sign and return the letter you have already received in the mail. There are no upfront costs for this service. If you haven’t already returned your letter, please do so immediately or you will NOT be included!

Online Work Orders… Just go to and click on the work orders tab.
Give it a try and put in a work order for Maintenance to schedule an appointment to clean your dryer vent. All that accumulated lint from the fuzzy blankets and flannel shirts of winter is a fire hazard! You can also use this method to order a gallon of paint to freshen up and repaint your fence.

Common Charge Payments… Did you know that non-payment of your common charges and other fees affects all of us? So why should someone else not paying affect you? It’s very simple. Our yearly spending budget is based on what we expect to be receiving as income from our common charges. That money makes it possible for us to pay our HOA fees, provide landscaping, snow removal, take care of our trees, replace fences, concrete work, fix roofs, clean buildings, and pay the legal fees incurred going after the non-payers. Look at your own household – if your expenses are higher than your income, you must cut something out. Well, it’s no different for the Condo. If we don’t have enough money, we can’t provide all the services that we would like. Basic items (such as snow removal and emergency repairs) will always be provided, but other things (power washing buildings, trimming trees, or repairing a broken fence) may need to be postponed. Just an FYI – Condo III currently has liens on 2 units, with a 3rd in the process. Total arrears for these units are many thousands of dollars. Just think what this much money could do for our community. The Condo neither wants to nor does it enjoy, initiating legal action and would prefer not to do so. However, we do need everyone meeting their financial responsibility if we want to keep Condo III safe and beautiful.

Dates to remember:
April 1st – April Fool’s Day
19th – Passover
21st – Easter
22nd – Earth Day

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