Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo 3 -February 2019

On behalf of Condo III and all of Bretton Woods, we would like to share our best wishes with Georgia Duggan as she starts the next chapter of her life in her new home in the Sunshine State. Georgia and her husband Jim moved to Bretton woods in 2001. By 2002, Georgia had already volunteered for the Condo III Board as our recording secretary. Since that time, she has held every position on our board and has taken on many tasks, including having written this newsletter for many years! Georgia was first elected as president of Condo III in 2006 and has held the office until this past summer. She was also elected to our HOA board in 2005 and served many years as HOA treasurer from 2006 until 2014 when she decided to take a short break. She returned to the HOA in 2016 as president for her last year. Georgia has always been a very active member of our community and can always be seen up at the pool, bowling, playing golf, and even playing bocce. She will be missed here in Bretton Woods as our neighbor and as our friend and we are thankful for the knowledge and experience that she shares with us now and will continue to share with us long after she moves away (even if she doesn’t know that yet)!

Condo III would like to welcome many new homeowners to our community this month!
• Frank & Justin Peters of 410 Clubhouse Court
• Thomas, Renee & Kenneth Wagner of 350 Clubhouse Court
• Floyd & Linda Johnson and their daughter, Tina Keppie of 58 Birchwood Road
We would also like to welcome back to Condo III, longtime residents of Bretton Woods:
• Jerome & Carolann Lomerson of 397 Clubhouse Ct.
We wish you all many happy years here.

There will be no Board meeting in February. Our next meeting will be held on March 20th in the Library at 7:30. Our meetings are always held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted.

Please do NOT call our board members at home. We would like to remind you that our board members are volunteers. They are not paid for the jobs they do for our community. If you need something, you can put in a work order and someone will contact you when they can. They are not on call 24/7 and it may take some time to get back to you, so please have patience! If it is after hours and you have a maintenance emergency please call the Maintenance Department’s emergency number ONLY if it can’t wait. For all other non-maintenance emergencies, call the HOA office ONLY if it is truly an emergency, and they will send a message to a board member to call you. The HOA staff cannot handle your condo related issues.
Condo III’s basement will be open for your convenience on February 9th from 10-11 am. Remember that items stored in the basement must be in plastic totes marked with your name and address. Furniture, tires, and many other items including cardboard boxes may not be stored in the basement. They are fire hazards. If you aren’t sure, ASK. All non-compliant items stored down there will be removed and disposed of with no notice.
You can now put in your work orders online if you prefer, instead of submitting a paper work order! Just go to and click on the work orders tab.
Please give it a try and put in a work order for Maintenance to schedule an appointment to clean your dryer vent. They are currently charging only $17.50 for this service. It is well worth this minimal cost to prevent a fire. You can’t replace your life or even your belongings or your memories for this price!

Please make sure to close the lids on the dumpsters when you throw out your garbage. Wildlife gets hungry too and loves to feast on the what they find in the dumpsters. Nobody wants to go to throw away their trash and be surprised by a visitor in the dumpster! Remind your children as well.
Do NOT park your cars in our NO PARKING/ TOW AWAY ZONES or they will be towed! These spots are strategically placed for our safety and the safety of our children. These zones make it easier to see and turn on the corners and for our kids to get on and off their school buses in a space in which they can be easily seen. Please keep these NO PARKING/TOW AWAY zones clear at all times! Also, try to drive a little slower and observe our STOP signs as well.
Once again, we are reminding homeowners about the importance of homeowner’s insurance to cover interior damage to units. The interior of your home, from the sheetrock in, is the homeowner’s responsibility. This is why you should have “Betterment Insurance” which covers upgrades made to your home. New kitchens, bathrooms, skylights, solar tubes, etc. Please make sure your insurance is up to date.
Tips for inclement weather:
• Have ice melt, sand, or cat litter by your front door for traction and melting of ice.
• Pick up your outdoor mats so they won’t get caught in the snow blowers.
• After the Maintenance Dept., has plowed our roads, please, if you can, move your cars out of the parking plazas so the men can plow these as well.
• Please be careful walking in the snow and ice.
• Upper Lamonts – you must clear the snow off your balconies so melting snow will not damage your downstairs neighbor’s units as you will be responsible for any damage.
• Help out your neighbors!

Bits and Pieces:
February 2nd – Groundhog Day
5th – Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)
12th – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
14th – Valentine’s Day
18th – President’s Day
22nd – George Washington’s Birthday

Condo III Board of Managers

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