Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo III – July 2020

I hope that this month’s newsletter finds all our Condo III residents healthy and in the process of beginning to return to normal. As we enter the next phase, many people are out walking and golfing and the outdoor pool has now opened with rules and social distancing guidelines posted. At the time of this submission, the clubhouse is still closed and board meetings remain canceled until further notice.

In our community… Red Dragon Organics has sprayed our lawns for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. They’ve also sprayed our trees for gypsy moth caterpillars.
Our landscapers have been maintaining our lawns weekly.
Maintenance will also start replacing some of our fences that have seen better days.

Fire alarm inspections…. Will remain postponed until the pandemic is over.

For non-work order related issues, you can contact the board at:
Please do not call your board members at home unless it is an emergency after office hours.

Basement… Until further notice, the basement will be open by appointment ONLY. If you must get down there, send us an email and someone will call you to arrange a time.

Landscaping… Please do not remove or plant any bushes, shrubbery, ground cover, or trees without submitting a written request and waiting for board approval.

Homeowners will be informed of any updates or changes by blast call.

Friendly reminders….
Dogs are not to be walked on our paths or lawns. They must be walked in the streets and cleaned up after.
All work requires written board approval. Please submit a work order and wait for a response.
There is no feeding of animals outside. Please don’t throw out nuts, seeds, or bread. It attracts rodents.
Please make sure to put garbage inside the dumpsters and to close the top when you are done.
Flush only toilet paper. Do NOT flush flushable wipes. They clog up our lines and you will be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

Condo III Board of Managers