Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo 3 -February 2018

Condo III wants to welcome new homeowners Marilyn and Jose Escudero and Miriam Ramos and her daughter, Carmen Ramos to 343 Clubhouse Court. Wishing you many happy years here.

Once again I am reminding homeowners about the importance of homeowners insurance to cover interior damage to units. The interior is the homeowner’s responsibility, not the Condos.

We had another backup. There was a clog in the sewer pipes due to wipes being flushed down the toilet. Wipes, brillo pads, diapers, cigarette butts, sanitary napkins are NOT TO BE FLUSHED DOWN THE COMMODE. What don’t you understand? Do you not care? Do you think Condo III is responsible for any damage you may have? You are. Only what nature intended plus toilet paper is to be flushed down the commode.

February is a quiet month in terms of things happening. To recap: Upper Lamonts – you need to clear the snow off your terraces so melting snow will not damage your downstairs neighbors units as you will be responsible for any damage.

• Sand barrels are in the parking plazas for your convenience.

• Have ice melt, sand or cat litter by your front door in case of emergency.

• Pick up your outdoor mats so they won’t be caught in the snow blowers.

• After the Maintenance Dept., has plowed Birchwood Road, please, if you can, move your cars out of the parking plazas so the men can plow.

• Please be careful walking and driving in the snow and ice.

There will be no Board meeting in February. However, keep submitting your work orders. They will be handled.

Bits and Pieces:
February 2 – Ground Hog Day
14- Valentine’s Day
14- Ash Wednesday
16 – Chinese New Year (the year of the dog)
19 – Presidents’ Day

Condo III Board of Managers

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