Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo 3 -June 2018

A reminder that upper Lamonts are not permitted gas or charcoal barbeques on their patios. All grills on the 1st-floor patios must be kept 8 feet away from the buildings. If Condo rules are not followed and the Condo suffers a loss due to fire, restitution will be sought against the violator. In addition, Tiki lamps cannot be used.

Painting of Fences: paint will be supplied to those residents who put in work orders to the Maintenance Department. However, the residents themselves will have to paint their own fences.

Basement will be open on Saturday, June 9th from 10:00 a.m., to 11:00 a.m. Again, nothing flammable, which includes paint, cardboard boxes, mattresses, wooden furniture, appliances, etc. can be stored in the basement. Please put your name, address, and phone # on the clear plastic box(s).

Dryer vents: The Board strongly recommends that homeowners have their vents cleaned yearly. The HOA Maintenance provides this service for a nominal fee. Requests for this service may be made through a work order.

For those homeowners who have the indoor valve to open the water spigot, close the outside valve before you open the inside valve.

If you have news to share about births, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., please call me on my cell phone at 631 766-5673. I will be happy to put the event in the next newsletter which has to be submitted by the 13th of the next month.

Bits and Pieces:

June 14th – Flag Day
17th – Father’s Day
21- First Day of Summer
22 – Last Day of School

Our next Board meeting will be on Wednesday, June 20th at 7:00 in the Library. Please join us. We welcome your suggestions and any concerns you may have.

Condo III Board of Managers

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