Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo 3 -August 2018

A big thank you goes to Jackie Morino for Condo III’s Meet and Greet on Monday, July 9th. Jackie came up with the idea that Condo III homeowners should get together and meet each other. We had a wonderful turnout, meeting new homeowners and old timers (nothing to do with age). Questions were asked – answers given.

Georgia Duggan, Condo III President stated she was resigning her Presidency but remaining on the Board. Georgia has been the Condo President for over 10 years. We thank her for her leadership and knowledge. Maryann Schaefer, our V.P., is moving up. The Board looks forward to working with her.

Garbage is picked up Mondays and Fridays. Please put your mattresses and bulk items out the night before.

If you plan on redoing your bathroom or kitchen and water needs to be shut off – you need to do the following:
1. Tell your neighbors.
2. Put a work order in.

FYI: Passenger trucks with commercial licenses can park in Condo 3 Plazas.

Smoke Alarms to be checked on Saturday, August 4th. Flyers will be sent out. Please plan to be home between 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon. If not, please leave a key with a neighbor.
This inspection is REQUIRED BY LAW.

Basement: If you want to go to the basement, you now need to put a Work Order in. Thank you.

Please be careful driving in the community. People are walking, children dart into the street.
The speed limit is 25 mph. STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS.

A reminder that upper Lamonts are not permitted gas or charcoal barbeques on their patios. All grills on the 1st-floor patios must be kept 8 feet away from the buildings. In addition, Tiki lamps cannot be used.

August is a quiet month. Just enjoy the Clubhouse and its amenities.

Submitted by Condo III Board of Managers.

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