Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo 3 – December 2017

Good news first: We welcome a new homeowner – Ingrid Howell of 413 Clubhouse Court. Wishing you many happy years here.

Sad news. Robert Burns passed away in late October. He was retired from the NYC Fire Department, a Marine and loved golf.

Wanda DeFrancis, a long time Bretton Woods homeowner who moved to Florida with her husband Dick, passed away. She was on the Condo III Board for many years. A warm and lovely person.

Election Results: To have a legal election we must have 44 homeowners present in person or by proxy, as we only had one proxy and 4 homeowners we were unable to have a legal election so the Board remains the same for one year.

The Board members are:
Georgia Duggan – President
Maryann Schaefer – V.P.
Jackie Marino – Treasurer
Sharon Fink – Secretary and MPAU
Gene Karowski – Landscaping
Ravi Jaiswal – Contracts
Margie Burns – Basement
Al Solomito

By now everyone with an indoor shut off valve should have turned it OFF and OPENED the outdoor spigot so the water can drain and the pipe will not freeze. KEEP THE SPIGOT OPEN.

In case we do have snow storms, Upper Lamont homeowners need to keep their terrace free from snow. The snow melts and trickles down to your neighbor. You will be responsible for any damage occurring.

The basement will be open on Saturday, December 9th from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. All items need to be labeled with your name, telephone #, and address. No flammables including tires, furniture, paint cardboard boxes, appliances, and mattresses are allowed.

Please pick up your outdoor floor mats to make it easier for the landscaper to use the snow blower. This way, the mat will not get caught in the blower.

A reminder that there will be no Board meetings in December, January or February. Keep submitting your Work Orders. They will be handled.
Bits and Pieces
December 7th – Pearl Harbor Day
13 – Hanukkah starts
21 – First day of Winter
25 – Christmas Day
26 – Boxing Day
31 – New Year’s Eve
Condo III Board of Managers

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