Condominium III – Board of Managers

Condo III – September 2020

Can you believe another summer is almost gone? Labor Day is almost here and schools will be opening. Hopefully, life will be returning to our new normal. A reminder that days are growing shorter and children are outside waiting for school buses. Please drive slowly – the speed limit is 25 mph. Remember to STOP at the STOP SIGNS and keep our NO PARKING zones clear.
Condo III made it through our first major storm of the season relatively unscathed. Our damage included some tree limbs breaking and falling, a gutter or two being taken down by these branches, and the major expense of cleaning up afterwards. All homeowners should make sure their Homeowner’s Policies are up to date.
Homeowner’s Insurance…. Your homeowner’s insurance should be updated regularly. Be sure you have “betterment and improvement coverage” if you have changed or upgraded anything from the original builder’s materials.

At the time of this submission, the clubhouse remains closed and board meetings will also remain closed until further notice.

For non-work order related issues, you can contact the board at:
Please do not call your board members at home unless it is an emergency after office hours.

Condo III would like to welcome new residents to our community this month!
A BIG WELCOME to Kyle Reisert & Cassandra McCardle, of 432 Clubhouse Court. We wish you many happy years here.

In our community… The Town of Brookhaven Fire Marshall has required that we have all of our attics inspected to make sure our dryer vents are all up to code. Many of your attics will need to be accessed to complete the inspections and any necessary repairs. We should be scheduling these inspections sometime this month. Please remember attic storage is strictly prohibited and will hinder our inspections and repairs as well as result in a fine for the homeowner.
Our gutters have all been cleaned and all roofs were blown clean of debris with impeccable timing! (The day after Isaias.) Our buildings have all been power washed and the crew from Super Clean Machine did a fabulous job! We plan to have some tree trimming done this month as well (if it hasn’t already been completed).

Roof Assessment…. The 2nd year of our 3-year roof replacement assessment will begin in October. Your new assessment booklets will come in the mail with your new common charge booklets sometime in September. If you do not receive a new booklet before October, please contact the HOA office.

Elections…. Elections for the Condo III Board of Managers will take place in October. They will be conducted by proxy this year due to Coronavirus. Ballots and proxy forms will be mailed to each homeowner before the election. Board members do NOT get paid. Serving on the Board is a volunteer position that requires a commitment of time, energy, ideas, and a genuine interest in the ongoing management of our community. Any homeowner is eligible to serve on the Board. If you have any questions, please send us an email at or leave a note in the HOA office mailbox and a Board member will contact you. You must submit an application in advance if you have an interest in running for one of our open positions.

Budget…. The Board has been working on developing the Condo III budget for fiscal year 2020 – 2021. Like all the other Condos and the HOA in the Bretton Woods community, we are faced with increasing costs and needed infrastructure repairs, both immediate and long-term. We strive to budget realistically so we don’t have to dip into our reserves for operational expenses. Please remember that we have no control over the HOA common charges, the reimbursables, and the MPAU expenses – we simply collect these monies on behalf of HOA and MPAU. As with our own budgets at home, there are some things that we must do and some things that we would like to do, along with things we will have to do without. Please be assured that we prepare our budget with all of these considerations in mind. We try to keep our Condo III expenses as low as reasonably possible.
Basement… Until further notice, the basement will be open by appointment only. ONLY if you must get down there, send us an email and someone will call you to arrange a time.

Homeowners will be informed of any updates or changes by blast call.

Friendly reminders….
• Dogs MUST be leashed AT ALL TIMES and are not to be walked on our paths or lawns. They may only be walked in the streets and must be cleaned up after.
• All work requires written board approval. Please submit a work order and wait for a response.
• There is no feeding of animals outside. Please don’t throw out nuts, seeds, or bread. It attracts rodents.
• Please make sure to put garbage inside the dumpsters and to close the top when you are done. The dumpsters won’t fill up as quickly if you break down your cardboard. Please be courteous.
• Flush only toilet paper. Do NOT flush flushable wipes. They clog up our lines and cost the condo a lot of money that we all pay for.

Condo III Board of Managers