Condominium II – Board of Managers

Condo 2 – August 2018

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought”
Condo II hopes that everyone is enjoying the summer weather. Here’s a fun fact! August 10th is National S’mores Day! S’mores are a favorite campsite treat for everyone. If you’re at a campfire, chances are you’ll be enjoying this yummy treat. Sticky and gooey, S’mores are nothing short of delicious!
Our community is a wonderful place to enjoy the warm weather outside. Please take great care while driving through our community for the safety of our residents. Please pay close attention to our speed limits. You will notice many of us are outside enjoying a nice walk with or without our dog(s), jogging, and our children are playing. Keeping our residents safe is our number one priority.
In the unfortunate event of an emergency, it is extremely important that fire, EMS, and police can see your unit number clearly from outside of your unit. I cannot stress enough how important this is. If they cannot find you, they cannot help you. Please make sure your unit number is properly displayed.
For the safety of our pets here in Condo II, cats are only allowed as INDOOR pets only. There are many dangers outside for pets that are allowed to roam freely. To prevent this, as well as other problems, please keep your cats inside where they are safe. OUTDOOR CATS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Dogs are also not allowed on the patio unsupervised. Dogs should NEVER be left alone on outside patios. This is a very real danger to them for many reasons. Also, with the weather being so hot, remember if you are hot, so are they. Please remember when walking your dog(s), to pick up after them. It is important to respect your community and your neighbors. Be a considerate dog owner and remember to bag it and trash it.
Please don’t forget to check yourselves and your fur babies for ticks. It is extremely important to remove ticks as soon as you find one to prevent further complications. They are nasty little creatures that can cause some serious health issues. Follow tips to prevent ticks by avoiding wooded and brushy areas that may have high grass. Also, use repellent that contains 20 percent or more of DEET. You can protect your fur babies with over the counter tick preventions or look into non-toxic prevention as well.
If you wish to have access to the basement, it is open without an appointment on the second Saturday and the fourth Sunday between 11:00 am and 11:15 am. If you require access to the basement at another time, please submit a work order and someone will contact you.

In regards to fire alarms, if the fire alarm goes off, and there is a fire in your unit, leave your unit immediately and call 911. Please try to ensure the safety of your neighbors by calling, or if the situation is safe, walk outside to each neighbor informing them of the fire. If the alarm was set off by accident, call or walk outside to each neighbor informing them that it is a false alarm. Please do your best to make sure that everyone is safe. The fire alarm company will contact the Board of Managers. Safety is our number one priority.

Please remember that when taking trash to the dumpsters, that we do not leave our garbage bags in front of or on the sides of the dumpster. The garbage men will not pick up if the dumpster is being blocked. Also, be mindful that during the summer months, garbage attracts animals. Please do not leave this to your neighbor to put your trash in the dumpster.

Also, in regards to furnaces and electrical panels. Older furnaces tend to not run as efficiently and clean as newer units. This may cause your electric bill to be higher than it would be if a newer unit was installed. Older electrical panels that have push buttons are no longer being made. Thus making it very difficult, if not impossible to find replacement parts. They can also cause a slew of other issues. It is suggested to upgrade both of these to newer more efficient systems. Please contact a Licensed HVAC and Licensed electrical company to assess your furnace and electrical panels working order and or for its replacement. Thank you for your understanding on this very important matter.
We look forward to seeing you at the August open meeting on the 21st.

Thank you,
Condo II Board of Managers.

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