Condominium II – Board of Managers

Condo 2 – August 2017

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought”
Condo II hopes that everyone is enjoying the summer weather. Here’s a fun fact! August 10th is National S’mores Day! S’mores are a favorite campsite treat for everyone. If you’re at a campfire, chances are you’ll be enjoying this yummy treat. Sticky and gooey, S’mores are nothing short of delicious!
Our community is a wonderful place to enjoy the warm weather outside. Please take great care while driving through our community for the safety of our residents. Please pay close attention to our speed limits. You will notice many of us are outside enjoying a nice walk with or without our dog(s), jogging and our children are playing. Keeping our residents safe is our number one priority.
For the safety of our pets here in Condo II, cats are only allowed as INDOOR pets only. There are many dangers outside for pets that are allowed to roam freely. To prevent this, as well as other problems, please keep your cats inside where they are safe. OUTDOOR CATS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Dogs are also not allowed on the patio unsupervised. Dogs should NEVER be left alone on outside patios. This is a very real danger to them for many reasons. Also, with the weather being so hot, remember if you are hot, so are they. Also, remember when walking your dog(s), to pick up after them. It is important to respect your community and your neighbors. Be a considerate dog owner and remember to bag it and trash it. Thank you in advance for your compliance.

If you wish to have access to the basement, it is open without an appointment on the second Saturday and the fourth Sunday between 11:00 am and 11:15 am. If you require access to the basement at another time, please submit a work order and someone will contact you.

In regards to fire alarms, if the fire alarm goes off, and there is a fire in your unit, leave your unit immediately and call 911. Please try to ensure the safety of your neighbors by calling, or if the situation is safe, walk outside to each neighbor informing them of the fire. If the alarm was set off by accident, call or walk outside to each neighbor informing them that it is a false alarm. Please do your best to make sure that everyone is safe. The fire alarm company will contact the Board of Managers. Safety is our number one priority.

The Condo II board has also voted to increase the fee for missed Fire Alarm inspections mandated by the Town of Brookhaven. As you all are aware the second makeup date is free of charge. If the second date is missed, you will be charged on the third inspection to which you will have to schedule a time with Arrow for the inspection to be done. The fee has increased from $110 to $150.

It is extremely important that no resident tamper with the alarms inside your unit. This is very dangerous and puts not only your safety in jeopardy but your neighbors as well. Please do not touch these alarms. If it is noticed that the alarms were tampered with, you will be charged a fee. Condo II does not want the safety of any resident compromised. Thank you for your compliance.
In regards to fire prevention, as part of our health and safety concerns, Condo II requires all units with gas heaters to have them inspected and cleaned by a licensed, certified provider. The Board will soon be sending out letters with further information. Please remember that this cost is the home owner’s responsibility. You are free to use the vendor of your choice. The Board of Managers is researching companies to provide a lower cost to homeowners. Once this work has been completed at your unit, the Board asks that we are supplied with written proof signed by the vendor you used. We appreciate your compliance greatly regarding the importance of safety in our community.

Lastly, Condo II regrets to announce that three of our Board Members have resigned. Joe Maurici has been an integral part of our Condo II Board for countless years. Joe held an officer’s position as Vice President on the Condo II Board, President of the HOA to which he resigned to take on an even bigger task as the Bretton Woods Administrator. Joe’s combined knowledge of Bretton Woods and experience, coupled with his dedication to our community will surely be missed. Sue Nemet has been a part of the Condo II Board for fifteen plus years. She has served most recently as treasurer to which she has diligently handled our finances. Sue, like Joe, had countless roles here on our Board of Managers and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all of her hard work and commitment to this community. Lastly, Stephen Chwalek has served on our Board of Managers for the last few years. Although his time on our board was not as long as Joe and Sue, his dedication and efforts matched. We thank you, Steve, for your innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuable, your tireless efforts. We all wish Joe, Sue and Steve luck with their future endeavors. They will be missed.

The Board has appointed Valerie Costello as Treasurer to continue the remainder of Sue’s term. The Board has also appointed Tony Nielson to join our team. We are looking forward to introducing our new members to you, as well as working alongside them. Welcome to the Condo II Board Valerie and Tony. The Condo II Board is as follows Rich Wagner-President, Jim Tullo-Vice President, Valarie Costello-Tresurer, Danielle Grochowski- Secretary, Arleen Turner, Maryann Manganello, Lou Manganello, and Tony Neilson.

We look forward to seeing you at the August open meeting on the 15th. Thank you.
Condo II Board of Managers.

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