Contact:  Allene Goldberg

Bretton Woods 55+ Club

Happy 4th of July!

Let’s hope the summer weather doesn’t get too hot! At least we can enjoy our air conditioning in our homes or at the Clubhouse. Some of us will enjoy a dip in the pool.

On Monday evening, June 5th, the Bretton Woods Players held a special memorial for Bill Closter to honor his life with pictures, music, and stories. He will never be replaced or forgotten.

As usual, we will have our Monday meetings and program planning.

Thanks to the faithful members who help set up and clean up after we have our coffee and bagels.

We will be having a fundraising raffle. So please get together with friends and family to purchase a winning ticket. There will be 100 tickets and three (3) prizes. Further information will be announced.

We send out our prayers and good wishes to our members who are having surgery or recovering from illness.

Peace, Pat B.
Corresponding Secretary