Board of Managers:

Board of Managers:

Steven Humphrey, President (2016)

James J. Garrahan, Jr., Vice President (2016)

Fran Fialkow, Treasurer (2018)

Ann Knoth, Secretary (2018)

Robert Vadnais, Esq., Recorder (2017)

Lisa Koehler, Birchwood Road Work Orders (2016)

Geri Koehler, Birchwood Road Work Orders (2016)

Frank Knoth, Woodland Court Work Orders (2018)

Daniel Murro, Esq. (2016)


All can be contacted through the HOA Office at 631-698-4861 or email option on this site.

(    ) Election Term Ending in June


Condo V building numbers run from 136 to148 on Birchwood Road and 124 to135 on Woodland Court. Postal addresses run from 113 to 148 and 169 to 184 on Birchwood Road. Then 329 to 376 on Woodland Court. The Condo is made up of Galaxy, Jarrett, Upper & Lower Lamont and Malibu condo models.