Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –February 2021

Fences – As of this writing, only one more building needs fences installed. Add-ons will be done after that along with gates.
Now, this stinks! Sewerage back-up – One of our buildings has had two sewerage back-ups within the last 6 months. This does not have to happen and is totally avoidable. Grease, baby wipes, and rags were found to have caused the blockage. If you are putting these items down the drain, you need to stop. These items as well as paper towels, tissues, feminine products (even those presumably flushable), dental floss, Q-tips, and more are to be put in the garbage and not down the toilet. Grease and cooking oil are to be put in the garbage and not down the sink. No one should have to end up with sewerage backing up into their shower, toilet, kitchen sink, or worse because someone has not followed the rules.
Remember, only what nature intends and toilet paper are to be flushed in our toilets. Resident cooperation is key to preventing costly and inconvenient sewerage back-ups.

FACP Box –– If you hear a beeping sound coming from the Fire Alarm Control Panel Box, please, fill out a work order in order to notify the board as soon as possible. The beeping means there is something not working in the system and it needs servicing. To access the work order portal go to and click on the work orders tab.
Reminder – Everyone should have a battery-operated smoke detector as a back-up in the event of a power failure and/or the fire alarm system fails. In addition, it is a good idea to protect yourself and your property with a carbon monoxide detector and a water leak detector.
A friendly reminder from Dennis our sanitation truck driver – Dennis has asked that residents be reminded not to put cans of liquid paint in the garbage. Cans filled with paint tend to explode in the truck when compressed and can leak from the truck onto the road, other vehicles, or property. You must make the paint into a solid before disposing of it in the trash. Latex paint can be dried out by removing the lid or by using kitty litter or another absorbent. A dry product called “Paint Hardener” can be added to old cans of paint to make the paint hard and acceptable for disposal in the trash. Paint Hardener, or Waste Paint Hardener, as it is sometimes called, is sold at most hardware and some home improvement stores. Once fully dry the paint can be put in the garbage.

Litter – Help keep Bretton Woods beautiful. A community littered with trash can lower your property values. Did you know that visitors are less likely to litter in an area that is neat and clean? When the residents value and respect the community, it sends a signal to visitors to do the same. So let’s work together to keep litter out of our parking plazas and off of our streets. If you are walking by and see a piece of litter pick it up and toss it in the dumpster. Thank you.

Vehicles – The registration and vehicle inspection must be up to date on cars parked in Bretton Woods. Vehicle gatehouse entrance stickers are required for all residents.
Head-In Parking of Vehicles – It is required that all residents and their guests park their vehicles head-in when parking in our plazas. Parking head in keeps the exhaust fumes away from our homes. In addition, parking head-in prevents the hot automobile exhaust from burning the grass or other plantings that might be there. This rule is relaxed during snowstorms. Otherwise, please, park your vehicle head-in. Make sure your visiting relatives and friends adhere to the rule, too.

Parking Spots – Spaces may be used by anyone and are not assigned. However, there is a shortage of parking spots in some of our parking plazas. Please, make every effort to park within the lines so that you do not take up two spots. Our Prospectus states, there is to be no storage of vehicles or long term parking in excess of five days without use. If going away, please, be courteous and avoid leaving your car in a “prime spot” such as near a walkway. Instead, move your vehicle to a more out of the way place. Parking Plaza 4 on Skyline Drive has extra parking spaces on the left side as you enter and may be used by Condo I residents expecting to be away for longer periods of time.
Walkways – Please use the existing walkways and do not take shortcuts through the woods or over the grassy areas. This is for your own safety.