Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –September 2020

Condo I Board of Managers Positions and Terms
Officers for Condo I were elected at the July Condo I Board of Managers meeting and terms were determined.
President – Kim Hart (1 year)
Vice-President – Jared Duchin (3 years)
Secretary – Huma Rasheed (1 year)
Treasurer – Diana Cataldo (1 year)

Board Members:
Susan Capek (3 years), Howie Hillman – (2 years), Danelle Permenter – (2 years), Vince Sydlansky – (3 years)

Open Meeting? – September 25 is scheduled to be our next open meeting, but with much of the country now stricken with Coronavirus, it is doubtful that in a few short weeks we will be able to hold an open meeting. If you need to contact the board, please write a letter and place it in the dropbox to the left of the clubhouse front door or fill out a work order.

Work Orders – You may access the online Work Order Portal at

Fences – You should have received a letter from the Condo One board the first week in August regarding the new fences. The letter detailed that the condo will pay for the original “L” shape configuration put in by the builder. It also listed the price of gates, extra sections, and posts as an option to enclose the original patio size. A reply was requested and needed to be received by the board by August 15 in order to accurately place the bulk order. Craftsman Fence should have let you know the cost to you as a homeowner if you requested extra pieces. Our new fences are in the process of being manufactured by CertainTeed. We expect Craftsman Fence to begin work in October. Questions have been asked. The money to pay for the fencing that falls under condo responsibility has been long set aside.

Tropical Storm Isaias – We didn’t get much rain, but we did get hit with powerful winds which took down trees, branches, and littered the property with leaves. One of our condos took a direct hit when a tree came down on the roof and invaded the living space below. Thankfully, everyone was okay. Thank you maintenance for being on the scene immediately, L.I Lumberjack for being there for us bright and early the next morning and Fragala Landscaping for the 3 days of storm clean up.

Fragala Landscaping – We had a number of compliments on the good job Fragala’s men did trimming our bushes and cutting back some of the overgrowth in July.

Tree Trimming – Besides the Isaias storm clean-up, Long Island Lumberjack will continue their regular maintenance by cutting down dead trees and doing tree trimming.

Units 41 – 48 – The gutters and leaders have been replaced with new 6 inch ones. The underground drainage has been inspected and found to be compromised with clogged and broken pipes. Plans are underway to make improvements to and replace the underground drainage system.

Units 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, and 80 – You are on our radar, the board has been bringing in various contractors to help determine the best way to solve the drainage issues in that area.

Furnace/AC – There is a filter in your furnace/ac unit that must be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation written on the filter packaging. You should expect to change a one-inch pleated filter every 60-90 days. Changing your filter when it is due will help to keep your HVAC unit running more efficiently and related energy costs down. It will also allow you to breathe cleaner air.

Mosquitoes – The length of the mosquito breeding cycle varies by species, but insect control authorities often recommend dumping any standing water at minimum once a week. If you see any brown dirty standing water, please, dump it. Even a bottle cap or discarded soda can filled with rainwater laying around for many days can serve as a place for mosquitoes to lay hundreds of eggs if not picked up and discarded.

Vehicles – Registration and car inspections must be up to date on cars in our parking lots. Long term parking or storage of vehicles is not allowed in our parking plazas. The Prospectus states that a vehicle may not be left in any one parking space for more than five days. We understand this may not be always be possible to adhere to if you are not here. So if you go away, please park in an out of the way space and leave the prime spots for your neighbors. If you work from home and rarely go out, please move your vehicle every five days or so that others do not think it is abandoned.

Walkways – Please walk on the paved walkways and not on the grassy areas. This is for a person’s safety, as well as, to protect the lawn from damage.

Stay safe, be well, continue to social distance and wear your mask when out in public. Remember your mask protects me and my mask protects you. It is about respect and caring about others.

Drive safely. The speed limit in Bretton Woods is 25 m.p.h.

We wish all students and school personnel a healthy, safe, and productive school year.