Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –December 2019

The Condo One Board of Managers wishes everyone a very happy, healthy holiday season.
The best gift you can give your family is YOU! Please be safe.
• Coleen Hyland Goehle – 157 Skyline Dr.
• Andrea Priamo & Chris Capra – 90 Skyline Dr.
• Amy & Robert Huben – 87 Skyline Dr.
• James, Donna, and Kara Smith – 159 Skyline Dr.
Drainage – Cesspool Pros has been working on ground drainage at the building housing units 149 – 164. They have cleaned leaders and drain pipes. They replaced clogged drain pipes and added pipes where there were none so that water drains away from the units. They will also be adding 2 dry wells.
Electric Panel Boxes – The Board received a number of competitive bids and decided to hire Mike Wilson Electric to replace two badly damaged electric panel boxes. In addition, maintenance has our work order to sand and paint the rusted electric panel boxes in Condo One. It is our hope that by the time you read this, maintenance will have started painting the boxes, weather permitting.
Trees – Some of the board members did a walk around with Dave from Lumberjack. Dave shared his extensive knowledge and explained how he assesses the health of a tree and any safety risk it may pose.
Fall Spraying – Red Dragon Organics completed the fall spraying for gypsy moths, scale, mites, adelgid, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. The horticultural oil they use smothers the eggs and insects now so that we have fewer next year.
Basement Storage – Items must be stored in plastic bins and tagged with your name, address, and telephone number. No cardboard, no upholstery or cushioned furniture, no mattresses, nothing that can harbor mold is permitted. Please look through the items you have stored and clean out anything you no longer need or want. Anything stored in the basement is at your own risk as per Prospectus. It is suggested that you do not store anything valuable in the basement.
Commons Charge Payments – For automatic payment by your bank of commons charges, you must set up a reoccurring check. We have been informed that the condo does not accept Electronic Funds Transfers.
Corresponding with the Board of Managers – All communication with board members, regarding condo business needs to be put in writing. Either fill out a work order or write a letter addressing it to the Condo One Board of Managers and put it in one of the three mail slots up at the clubhouse. Be sure to sign any letters submitted. Anonymous letters will not be addressed. Please do not call board members at home.
Fire Alarm Control Panel – The Condo One Board of Managers met with Philip Lagravinese, President of Arrow Security Systems, Inc. Earlier this year, Arrow Security Systems inspected our fire alarm system and made the needed repairs. Mr. Lagravinese spoke to us about the FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) and some new technology that is available linking a radio with a call service if the alarm goes off.
 If you have not already done so, remember to change the battery in your personal smoke detector. While doing that, it is suggested that you clean any dust that has built up on the outside and inside of the smoke detector.
 If you hear your FACP box beeping something is wrong. Please, notify the board immediately so the needed repairs can be made.
Noise / Smoke – Noise and secondhand smoke from neighboring units poses a significant nuisance and in the case of the latter a serious health risk. As per the Prospectus, homeowners shall not cause or permit any unusual or objectionable noise or odors to be produced upon or emanate from their units.
Voices, music, TV can be heard through some walls. Consideration is required at all times. We have an 11:00 pm noise cut off.
If you are sharing a building, you are sharing the air. Smoke can pass from one unit to the other. Smoking indoors poses a significant health risk to neighbors from both second and third-hand smoke. Suffolk County law pertaining to multiple dwelling buildings prohibits smoking in all indoor and outdoor common areas of multiple dwelling buildings and within a 50-foot radius of all entrances, exits, and ventilation intakes to a building. “Common areas” are defined as every enclosed or unenclosed area of a multiple dwelling building that residents of more than one unit are entitled to enter or use, including but not limited to, halls, pathways, lobbies, courtyards, stairs, community rooms, playgrounds, gym facilities, swimming pools, parking garages, parking lots, grassy or landscaped areas, restrooms, laundry rooms, cooking area, eating areas and meeting rooms.
Winter Preparation
 Doormats, solar lights, flower pots or any other yard accessories should be removed from the areas where snow equipment or shoveling will occur in the event of a snow storm. These items can be damaged and cause damage to the snow removal equipment.
 Keep some ice melt near your front door to use as needed.
 If you are going away…please leave keys with an “emergency person” and notify the Condo/HOA Office. Also, remove the batteries from your personal smoke detector(s). In addition, park your vehicles where it will not inhibit the snow removal process.
 If you go away don’t turn off heat. Keep at a temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing up.
 Please do not cover the handicap parking signs.

Snow – In order to expedite snow removal during a storm, please, adhere to the following procedure. Park in a parking plaza. No parking on main roads until after they have been cleared of snow. Only after the main roads have been cleared, will plows begin to clear the parking plazas. Once the main road is plowed and the plow has cleared the middle of your parking plaza you must move your car to the main road so the entire parking plaza can be plowed. The walkways are shoveled by the landscapers when we have 2 + inches of snow.

Sand Bins – The bins of sand placed at the mailboxes are for your use. Fill a container and keep it within reach of your front door so you can spread some as you walk if you need to go out before the walkways have been cleared of snow and ice.
Walkways – Please walk on the paved walkways and not on the grass or through the wooded areas. This is for your own safety and to protect the grassy common areas from damage.