Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – August 2018

We hope that you are enjoying those lazy, hazy days of summer! Be aware of the high temperatures and heat index. On those really hot days be sure to properly hydrate yourself and wear sunblock.

Condo I Board of Manager Elections
Elections were held on Wednesday, June 27th. Here is the current Board of Managers:

Diana Cataldo Marilyn LaCorte Howard Hillman
Kimberly Hart Jerry Reich Anita Powers

The Condo I Board of Managers will be working on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We will continue to work hard to stretch our dollars to create the “paradise” we desire.

Friendly Reminders from Condo I

Safety First Please remember to wear reflective clothing/gear when walking in the evening.

RESPECT The Board of Managers is comprised of homeowners who live in Condo I and VOLUNTEER to serve on the Condo 1 Board. They are not paid for the time they put in to maintain the integrity of Condo I, nor do they receive perks or special treatment for serving on the board. They are homeowners just like you and I who enjoy living in a peaceful community. As members of the Board of Managers, we do not knock on your door asking for your monthly common fees, or call you to complain that your neighbor’s car registration is expired and what are you going to do about it?! Please do not call Board Members at home or approach them on the street. All communication, regardless of its nature, should be addressed to the “Board” in writing. You may submit your correspondence in the mail slot where you drop off your work orders and monthly common fees. However, if any resident of Condo I would like to address the board, the resident should submit a request in writing to the Condo I Board of Managers. Included in the request should be the resident’s name, address, telephone number and purpose of the request. A meeting will then be arranged.

Home Owners Insurance It is very important that each owner maintain their own insurance for the contents of their unit. For example, if a common pipe breaks the Condo is responsible for the repair of the pipe and the common property. Your property would be covered by your own insurance policy. Please be aware of this when selecting a deductible amount.

Next Open Meeting will be in September