Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – February 2019

***Tax Grievance Condo I will again be grieving taxes and anyone that does not wish to be a part of the grievance needs to provide written notification to Condo I by end of February 2019; otherwise, all units will be included.***


There is a bucket of ice melt placed at each mailbox for your convenience. Please keep ice melt or kitty litter on hand or avail yourselves of the sand in the buckets by the parking areas to treat your walkway should it freeze up. If the ice melt is empty, please let the board know by completing a work order so it can be refilled. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us keep you safe.

Please remove your doormat in the event of a snowstorm and keep some ice melt near your front door.

In the event that we have a snow storm please do not park on Skyline Drive, Birchwood Road, and Bretton Woods Drive. It makes plowing difficult and leaves snow in the middle of the road. Once these roads are clear, you can move your cars so the plows can get into the parking lots.

Friendly Reminders from Condo I
Condo I Protocol
If you have any questions or concerns about landscaping DO NOT call Maintenance, what you should do is contact the Condo I Board of Managers via a work order or letter.

Committee Volunteers
The Board of Managers of Condo I is looking for a few good volunteers to serve on the various committees. If you have a special interest or talent that would be useful in the Condo I community please reach out to the Board of Managers. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please walk on paved walkways and not on the grassy area or lawn. This is for a person’s own safety, as well as, protecting the lawn and grassy areas. In the event of a snowstorm, the paved walkways will be cleared, not trails people made by walking across the lawn.

Bulk Items are Picked Up on Mondays and Fridays
Please refrain from placing bulky items at the dumpsters throughout the week and on the weekends. They should be put out on Sundays and Thursdays, preferably in the evening. This includes but is not limited to large rugs, couches, chairs, mattresses, large furniture, computer equipment, etc.