Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –December 2020

Best Wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season from the Condo 1 Board of Managers!

Reminder – Stay safe.

Wear a mask. Social distance.

New Condo I Officer – Danelle Permenter has assumed the position of Condo I Secretary. Thank you, Danelle!

Fences –The crew from Craftsman continues to do a great job. We have gotten many compliments on the fences and on how well they blend in with the buildings and the surrounding environment. Craftsman expects to begin installing gates when all of the sections are put in. Please see the CertainTeed Care and Maintenance instructions on the next page. Please, cut it out and save it for future use. To clean the fence simply use a garden hose, a soft cloth, and a bucket of soapy water. Power washing the Bufftech fence is NOT recommended because it can cause damage to the finish. Do not nail, screw, or hang anything on the fence or do anything else to void the warranty. Remember vinyl can melt, so keep your barbeque away from the fence when in use or hot. Everyone will receive a copy of the CertainTeed Bufftech Warranty when the new brochures come in.
Drainage Projects – Elegant Hardscape did an excellent job designing and installing a drainage system for the building with units 41 to 48, complete with underground PVC piping, clean out traps, dry wells, and drain pits. This system brings the water away from the building and should help to solve the long-standing problem of basement water leakage. Similar work at units 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, and 80 should be finished by the time you read this.

Red Dragon Organics – Red Dragon Organics sprayed certain trees in our wooded areas with a horticultural cedar oil in order to treat them for gypsy moths, scale, mites, adelgid, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Once applied, the horticultural cedar oil begins to smother the eggs and insects so that we will have fewer next year.
Winter Preparation
 Doormats, solar lights, flower pots, or any other yard accessories should be removed from the areas where snow equipment or shoveling will occur in the event of a snow storm. These items can be damaged and cause damage to the snow removal equipment.
 Keep some ice melt near your front door to use as needed.
 If you are going away…please leave keys with an “emergency person” and notify the Condo/HOA Office. Also, remove the batteries from your personal smoke detector(s). In addition, park your vehicles in a less used spot and where it will not inhibit the snow removal process.
 If you go away don’t turn off your heat. Keep at a temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing up.
 Please do not cover the handicap parking signs.

Sand Bins – The bins of sand will soon be placed at the mailboxes and at the end of some walkways. They are for your use. Fill a container and keep it within reach of your front door so you can spread some sand as you walk if you need to go out before the walkways have been cleared of snow and ice.
Snow – Our walkways are shoveled by the landscapers when we have 2 + inches of snow.
In order to expedite snow removal during a storm, please, adhere to the following procedure.
1. Park in a parking plaza. No parking on main roads until after they have been cleared of snow. Only after the main roads have been cleared, will plows begin to clear the parking plazas.
2. Once the main road is plowed and the plow has cleared the middle of your parking plaza you must move your car to the main road so the entire parking plaza can be plowed.

Working from home and noise – During these times of Covid-19, more people are working from home. While the noise cut off at Bretton Woods is 11:00 pm, please, be mindful and respectful of your neighbors’ right to live and work in peace during the daytime, too. At no time should televisions, video games, music, or voices be so loud that it disturbs the surrounding neighbors.