Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –July 2021

Welcome to Our New Neighbors
Alex Wong and Tom Policastro – 45 Skyline Dr.
Thomas, Marie, and Erika Binfield – 90 Skyline Dr.

Condo I Board of Managers Update:
Since the deadline for submitting the newsletter is before our election takes place, the results of the Condo I Election will be reported in the August issue of the Brettonews. Thank you to everyone who attended the open meeting and submitted proxies.
The Condo I Board of Managers will be working hard on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year which begins on October 1.

Work Orders – In order to get any work done in Bretton Woods, a work order must be filled out and submitted. To complete a work order online, go to Click on the Work Orders tab. Fill in your name, address, phone number, a title, description of work, the property – Condo 1, and the closest unit number to the work that needs to be done. Remember to fill in only one job per work order. Paper work orders are available up at the clubhouse for anyone needing one.

So I bought a condo, exactly what do I own? Measuring horizontally, you own from the exterior surface of the sheetrock of all opposite walls to the exterior surface of the sheetrock of all opposite walls. Vertically, you own from the top surface of the cement slab or bottom of the sub-floor to the exterior surface of the sheetrock in the ceiling. (Condo 1 Prospectus p. 76)

Who is responsible to pay for a broken pipe or an electrical defect? Well, that depends on where the pipe or electrical defect is located and whether or not the pipe or wire serves a single unit or is used in common serving two or more units. For example, if a pipe serving more than one unit breaks in the common wall, it is the responsibility of the condo to pay for the repair. However, if a pipe serving one home breaks in a wall within that unit it is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for the repair. The same goes for repairing an electrical defect. Homeowners are responsible for replacing their own electrical circuit breaker box. (Condo 1 Prospectus – Section VII Obligations of Homeowners, Repairs, Alterations, and Improvements to Homes p 29 – 30, By-Laws of Condo 1, Article III, Section 6. Repairs and Maintenance Pages 124 – 125)

Will the condo pay to replace my original patio, door, or windows? The patio is considered an irrevocably restricted common element. That means as a homeowner the patio in front of your unit is for your exclusive use even though it is a common element. According to the Prospectus, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining and replacing it when needed. The same goes for the windows and doors. Replacement of the windows and doors is the responsibility of the homeowner. (Condo 1 Prospectus – Section VII Obligations of Homeowners, Repairs, Alterations, and Improvements to Homes p 29 – 30, By-Laws of Condo 1, Article III, Section 6. Repairs and Maintenance Pages 124 – 125)

To replace a patio, windows, sliding door, or front door, the homeowner must first request permission and submit a description or picture of the replacement product. There are style and color requirements which must be adhered to and reviewed by the board before any work can begin. The contractor hired must submit to the Condo 1 Board of Managers proof of being licensed and insured. In addition, the contractor must sign and deliver to the clubhouse a hold harmless form before any work can begin.

Smoking – The Suffolk County Legislature has amended the law regarding smoking of any substance as it pertains to multiple dwelling units such as condominiums. Smoke coming from inside or outside a neighboring unit is a quality of life issue. The legislature has taken steps to protect the health of people living in multiple-dwelling buildings. Smoking is prohibited in common areas of multiple-dwelling buildings and within 50 feet of a multiple dwelling building. (Chapter 754 Smoking, 754-3 Limitations and Restrictions U.) (
As per the Prospectus, homeowners shall not cause or permit any unusual or objectionable noise or odors to be produced upon or emanate from their units. Objectionable odors include the fumes coming from a cigarette, cigar, pipe, e-cigarette, or similar item which create a health hazard for others.

New Appliance – When you have a new appliance such as a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer delivered, make sure you include in the agreement that the old one gets taken off the premises. Delivery personnel are not to put old appliances in our dumpsters. (The same goes for accepting delivery on a new mattress. The old one may not be put into the dumpster, but instead taken away by the delivery people.)

Large Garbage Items – Large items ready for the trash such as a couch, barbeque grill, table, sink, and so on do not belong in the dumpster. Instead, put large items way off to the right or left side of the dumpster and never leaning on the dumpster. Nothing is to be put in front of the dumpster because it prevents the sanitation truck driver from accessing the dumpster in order to empty it.

Cardboard boxes – Please break down all cardboard boxes before you put them in the dumpster.

Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes only need a little bit of stagnant water that has been sitting for more than 4 days to lay hundreds of eggs. A littered soda can with rainwater in it, the saucer under a potted plant, a child’s unattended toy left in the rain, a dirty birdbath filled with stagnant water can hold hundreds of mosquito eggs. In order to prevent a mosquito breeding ground, please take care to prevent stagnant water from accumulating.

Litter & Dog Waste – Please, speak to your family members and make sure your guests do not litter our parking lots and roadways. Beverage containers, fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. have been noticed to name a few. Please put garbage in the trash and not on the ground. Those with permission to have a dog must leash the dog while out in public, scoop the poop, and toss it in the dumpster.

Just a reminder – If you have an issue that you wish to bring to the attention of the board, you must put it in writing. Either fill out a work order or write a letter and put it in the dropbox to the left of the clubhouse entrance. Please, do not call board members at home.

Do your children or grandchildren know why we celebrate the Fourth of July?
July 4th is celebrated as the day the 13 colonies formally separated from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence mostly written by Thomas Jefferson announced to the world that these United States of America were free and independent. July 4, 1776, is considered the birth of our nation. This year our country will be celebrating its 245th birthday