Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –January 2020

• Raj and Madhavi Rajamanickam – 4 Birchwood Road

Winter Preparation
 Doormats, solar lights, flower pots or any other yard accessories should be removed from the areas where snow equipment or shoveling will occur in the event of a snow storm. These items can be damaged and cause damage to the snow removal equipment.
 Keep some ice melt near your front door to use as needed.
 If you are going away…please leave keys with an “emergency person” and notify the Condo/HOA Office as to who has the keys. Also, remove the batteries from your personal smoke detector(s). In addition, park your vehicles in an out of the way place and where it will not inhibit the snow removal process.
 If you go away don’t turn off the heat. Keep it at a temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing up.
 Please do not cover the handicap parking signs.

Snow – In order to expedite snow removal during a storm, please, adhere to the following procedure. Park in a parking plaza. No parking on main roads until after they have been cleared of snow. Only after the main roads have been cleared, will plows begin to clear the parking plazas. Once the main road is plowed and the plow has cleared the middle of your parking plaza you must move your car to the main road so the entire parking plaza can be plowed. The walkways are shoveled by the landscapers when we have 2 + inches of snow.

Sand Bins – The bins of sand placed at the mailboxes and at the ends of some walkways are for your use. Fill a container and keep it within reach of your front door so you can spread some as you walk if you need to go out before the walkways have been cleared of snow and ice.
Basement Procedures – Condo I

• Storage of items in the basement is at your own risk as per Prospectus.
• Items must be stored in plastic bins labeled with your name, address, and phone number.
• No cardboard, no cushioned furniture, no mattresses, nothing that can harbor mold is permitted.
• No storage of dangerous or flammable items.
• Please, do not lean items on the pipes along the wall perimeter.
• Please, dispose of any unwanted items.
• Turn the lights out and shut the door when you leave.
Garbage – Please, be considerate when tossing your trash.
 Break down all cardboard cartons and boxes before putting them in the dumpsters, otherwise, they take up too much room and leave little room for other people’s garbage.
 Do not put garbage bags on top or in front of the dumpsters. Garbage placed on the top ends up on the ground when the dumpster is lifted and emptied by the sanitation truck driver. Garbage placed on the ground is unsightly and makes a mess when animals rip it apart.
Contractors – The board is in the process of hiring new contractors to handle our landscaping and snow removal. More information to follow.
Brettonews Deadline – The goal of this newsletter is to keep everyone informed about important Condo One community information. Because of the time lag inherent in writing, booklet publication, and delivery, please, note that the information contained within was generated about 2 – 3 weeks prior to receiving the Brettonews. The deadline for submission of condo newsletters is usually the 13th of the month.
Walkways – Please walk on the paved walkways and not on the grass or through the wooded areas. This is for your own safety and to protect the grassy common areas from damage.

Communication with Board Members – is to be done in writing. Complete a work order online or put a note in one of the three mail slots up at the clubhouse.