Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –December 2021

Best Wishes to all for a happy, healthy, and safe holiday from the Condo 1 Board of Managers!
Chang and Carol Yang, Connie Tiana – 83 Skyline Dr.
Danelle Permenter – Danelle has served as your Condo 1 Secretary for the past 12 months. Due to time constraints, she has decided to step down from the board. We thank her for her volunteer service to Condo 1 and wish her well in her new job and other tasks before her. We will miss her.
Three Condo 1 Board Openings – There are now three positions open on the Board of Managers for Condo 1. We are looking for responsible homeowners who are willing to join the board and volunteer their time serving Condo 1. The job entails working as a team to manage Condo 1 within the guidelines laid out by the Prospectus, attending meetings, maintaining communication with other board members via email, and reviewing and voting on various proposals. Other jobs may include walking the community during the day to assess needs, looking into a homeowners’ requests, getting a bid on a project, checking up on workers at a job site, or taking the minutes at a board meeting. Your board is made of up fellow homeowners most of whom have day jobs, families to tend to, and a life beyond the board. Right now, the work of nine people is being done by a few. So we could use your help. If you think you would like to contribute to the management of Condo 1, please, submit a note addressed to the Condo 1 Board of Managers and either mail it or drop it off at the clubhouse.
Sewage Back-up – One of our quads suffered a sewerage clog and raw sewage backed up into some of the homes. This ended up damaging personal property and being a dirty, long-term inconvenience to the affected homeowners. The invoice came in at $7200 to unclog what the company said was a blockage of “heavy wipes”. Sewerage blocks are happening too much. Right now, we are over budget on something that is preventable. Once again, the only thing that anyone should be putting in the toilet is what nature intends and toilet paper. No wipes! No dental floss! No tissues! No paper towels! No Q-tips! No hair plastics! No feminine products of any kind! No chewing gum! If a product says “flushable”…it is NOT flushable in our pipes. The life of a wipe is not like toilet paper. Wipes do not dissolve and do not break down. No matter what the packaging says, wastewater workers have reported that even flushable wipes are creating blockages and costing homeowners lots of money to unclog pipes. Wipes travel through the sewerage system as a solid and when they come into contact with a no-no like grease, coffee grounds, or something else that should not be put down the drain, well, it all comes together as a sticky blob and cuts off passage through the pipe. The result is one big expensive mess. In the most recent case, the blockage was beyond any one individual’s home. However, beware if the blockage is found to be within the walls and pipes of a single unit the homeowner of that unit will be billed the cost to unblock the pipes. Inform your guests of this information, too.

Winter Preparation
 Doormats, solar lights, flower pots, or any other yard accessories should be removed from the areas where snow equipment or shoveling will occur in the event of a snow storm. These items can be damaged and cause damage to the snow removal equipment.
 Keep some ice melt near your front door to use as needed.
 If you are going away…please leave keys with an “emergency person” and notify the Condo/HOA Office. Also, remove the batteries from your personal smoke detector(s). In addition, park your vehicles in a less used spot and where it will not inhibit the snow removal process.
 If you go away don’t turn off heat. Keep at a temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing up.
 Please do not cover the handicap parking signs.

Sand Bins – The bins of sand will soon be placed at the mailboxes and at the end of some walkways. They are for your use. Fill a container and keep it within reach of your front door so you can spread some sand as you walk if you need to go out before the walkways have been cleared of snow and ice.
Snow – Our walkways are shoveled by the landscapers when we have 2 + inches of snow.
In order to expedite snow removal during a storm, please, adhere to the following procedure.
1. Park in a parking plaza. No parking on main roads until after they have been cleared of snow. Only after the main roads have been cleared, will plows begin to clear the parking plazas.
2. Once the main road is plowed and the plow has cleared the middle of your parking plaza you must move your car to the main road so the entire parking plaza can be plowed.

Power Washing – All pedestrian walkways in Condo I have been power washed by Super Clean Machine. Your patio is your responsibility. At a later date, we will look into power washing the roofs that need it.
Attic Space – Storage in the attic is not permitted. If you have anything up there, please, remove it.

Slow Down – The speed limit in Bretton Woods is 25 mph. Please, come to a full stop at the STOP signs.

Litter – We do not have a service that goes around picking up litter in Bretton Woods. Just as you would pick up garbage up from your front lawn if you owned a house, we all have a responsibility to keep our community litter-free. If you or one of your guests dumps their fast food wrappers and beverage containers in our parking plazas, know it will be one of your neighbors who ends up picking it up. Have a little respect for your community and for those who live here by helping to keep it clean.

Noise – The noise cut-off in Bretton Woods is 11:00 p.m. Be aware that some of the walls separating our units are like regular house walls and sound can travel through them. If you can hear your own television, video game, music, and talking in the next room you can assume your neighbors can hear it, too. At no time, should the noise coming from your home be at such a volume that it disturbs those living around you.
• Walk on the dedicated walkways and do not take shortcuts through the woods or across the grass. This is for safety reasons.
• Your board members are volunteers if you need to contact one of them, please, submit a work order or drop off a note at the clubhouse and someone will contact you. Unless it is an emergency, please, do not call a board member at home.