Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – April 2020

Next Open Condo One Meeting – Tues., April 28 at 7:30. All are welcome.
Welcome to new homeowners:
Michael and Dina Dotsikas – 109 Skyline Dr.
Condo One Board Resignation – Donna Miller, a Condo One Board Member has resigned from the board due to personal reasons. We thank Donna for all of the work she has done on behalf of Condo One. We have enjoyed working with her and we will miss her input. While Donna has stepped down from the board, we are thankful that she has agreed to continue handling the tax grievances for us.
Volunteers – The board is looking for volunteers to help with various projects. We especially need people who are willing to put in time, are dedicated, organized, and good at planning.
Hot Water Heater – How old is your hot water heater? Check the date on the manufacturer’s sticker located on the heater. Know the life expectancy of your model. It is strongly suggested you replace your hot water heater before it leaks. A hot water heater that bursts will not only flood your condo but most likely your neighbor’s.
Signs your water heater needs servicing or replacement.
1. Rusty water or rust on the heater.
2. Noises, rumbling, knocking or popping sounds due to sediment build-up on the bottom.
3. Leaks due to rust or a buildup of internal pressure.
4. Failure to heat water in a timely manner or inconsistent temperature.
5. Old water heater.

Basement Water Leak by PP 1 – A civil engineer has inspected and evaluated the water leakage problem in the basement off PP 1. We will be addressing that.

Drainage – We are getting estimates on drainage in an effort to begin work on another building.
Electric Panel Box – The outside electric panel box serving units 133, 134, 135, and 136 has been replaced.
FACP Box – If the FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) is beeping there is something wrong. Please notify the board.
Landscaper – The board has reviewed landscape proposals and interviewed prospective landscapers. By the time you read this a decision will have been made on our new landscaper.
Hose Bibs – Once the danger of frost has passed (sometime after April 15), please turn the outdoor water spigot back on if you have the shut-off valve in your unit. If prepared for winter properly, the outdoor spigot should have been left open, don’t forget to close it before you turn the water back on.
Noise – Please, keep in mind that voices, televisions, and music can be heard through some walls. Be sure to keep the volume down and at a reasonable level so that it does not negatively impact your neighbor.
Lock Up Your Vehicles – Play it safe. Do not leave valuable items visible inside your vehicle. Remember to close the windows and lock your vehicle when you leave.