Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –October 2017

As we welcome the season of autumn and admire nature’s colorful canvas please be reminded that the leaves will be falling soon. Wet leaves on the ground can be very slippery and dangerous! When you are walking and/or driving, please be cautious. Due to the volume of trees we have here in Condo I, the leaves may clog the gutters and will need to be cleaned. Please be patient, all the gutters will be cleaned when the last of the leaves fall. You do not have to submit a work order.


Thank you to the homeowners who attended last months’ open meeting. Items discussed:
 2017-2018 Budget
 Individual homeowner compliments and complaints, your input is appreciated

Friendly Reminders from Condo I

Board of Managers are Volunteers
As you may or may not be aware, the Condo I Board of Managers is made up of volunteers who reside in the Condo I community, they are NOT employees, nor compensated for their time in any manner. Many of our current board members have been serving on the board and/or on committees for many years. If we did not have committed homeowners who volunteer to be the Condo I Board of Managers we would have to hire a management company, which would be an additional cost to the Condo I residents. Please be respectful of the Board Members personal lives and do not approach them directly to express your complaints or requests. Please address your concerns and requests by completing a work order, written correspondence or during an open meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.

After numerous reminders it appears that there were several unallowable and untagged items in the basement. These items have been disposed of. Thank you to the residents who have complied with the guidelines.

Winter Preparation
Yes, I said winter…If your unit has the inside valve that controls the outside spigot, please make sure to turn it off by November 15th. Here is the correct procedure for closing of the pipes:
 Disconnect the garden hose, if one is attached
 Turn on the outside spigot so that the water is flowing (I know it sounds weird, but trust me)
 Go inside your unit and turn the water off from the inside
 Do not turn the outside spigot off, leave it open. This will allow any residual water in the pipe to drain out.
 Thank you for your cooperation

Fire Prevention Awareness (beginning of October)
This would be a great time to check and/or replace the batteries in your personal smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors.