Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –May 2021

Welcome to our new neighbors:
Lori Ann Melendez and Alida Gonzalez – 161 Skyline Dr.
Ximena LaVeglia – 69 Skyline Dr.
Colton Cummings and Brianna Bontempo – 138 Skyline Dr.

Condo I Board Elections – In June, we will be holding annual elections for the open seats on the Condo I Board of Managers. Two current board member terms will expire and 2 other positions are currently vacant. So, we have 4 board positions available for the 2021 – 2022 and welcome any homeowner who is interested in volunteering their time to submit a resume or a letter of interest to the Condo I Board of Managers by May 24. The elections will be held on Tuesday, June 22. We are hoping to be able to hold an open meeting in the clubhouse for this purpose but will err on the side of safety depending on the situation with COVID-19. More information to follow.
Parking – The parking policy in Bretton Woods is head-in parking only. Please, do not back into parking spaces. Park in designated spaces only. Inspections and registrations must be up-to-date on all vehicles. Storage of unregistered vehicles is not permitted and will be subject to towing.
Additionally, parking spaces become limited when people have parties or have multiple guests visit. Please encourage guests to park along Skyline Dr or Birchwood Rd, so they are NOT taking parking away from the residents who live here. Kindness and courtesy towards your neighbor is always appreciated.
Spring Clean- Up – The general consensus is that Fragala Landscaping did a nice job with our spring clean-up.
Recent Projects – The board has been busy with necessary upkeep and other projects. One building with a wall leak required repair under the brick facade and another building with a leak required drainage work and repair to the wall below ground level. We had a rotted railroad tie retaining wall replaced with a stone wall. New 6-inch gutters were installed on several units where the old gutters were not functioning. In addition, a cement walk was completed and stumps were removed from some grassy areas.
High Winds – The winds of March came in like a lion and did damage to a number of gutters and roof line fascia boards. Repairs will be made, if not done already.
In addition, it was noticed that some of our gutters have some serious dents and scratches on the bottom of them. They are still functional but do not look as nice. Please, do not bang or hit the gutters with anything.
Plumbing – If you are planning to have plumbing work done inside your condo, be sure to hire a licensed and insured plumber who knows what he/she is doing. Unless it is an emergency, you will need to notify maintenance via work order at least 48 hours in advance of your plumber’s arrival in order to shut off the water from the outside. Let maintenance know the time you need the water off (no earlier than 9:00 a.m.) and they will notify your neighbors. Using a certified plumber and shutting the water off will avoid unnecessary flooding in your and your neighbor’s unit.
Water Valve/Hose Bib – If you have the valve to the outdoor hose spigot in your unit, please turn it back on, if you have not already done so.
Fire Hydrants – Do you know the location of the 6 fire hydrants located closest to the units in Condo I? Do you know the location of the fire hydrant closest to your home? The next time, you drive down the road make a mental note of these locations.
 There is one on Mooney Pond Rd just east of the Gatehouse entrance.
 One is located on Birchwood Rd by Parking Plaza 39.
 There are four fire hydrants on Skyline Dr. in Condo I – Locations are across from the tennis courts near PP 1, outside PP 2, outside PP 3A, and in PP 6A.
Did You Know?
 Surge Protectors do not last forever. Surge protectors offer protection in amounts called joules. The more joules a surge protector has the more hits it can take from surges of power. Once the joules are used up the surge protector no longer works and can fail on an electrical surge, possibly causing a fire. It is recommended that you replace your surge protector every 3 to 5 years. If your home is subject to frequent blackouts or brownouts they should be replaced more often. If the lights in your home repeatedly flicker and your surge protectors keep blowing, you need to call a licensed electrician and/or PSEG.
 While we recommend using the stainless steel braided washing machine hoses over the rubber hoses, they do not last forever. Over time, the braided hoses can develop leaks and lead to expensive water damage to your home. It is recommended that you change your washing machine hoses every five years no matter what they are made of. In addition, it is a good idea to keep a battery-powered water alarm (about $15 each) on the floor next to your washing machine, as well as next to the water heater and the dishwasher.

Roof Shingles – If you notice a roof shingle missing or hanging by one nail please submit a work order to get it repaired. Rainwater can get into the exposed nail hole, reach the wood below it, and cause damage over time.
Condo I Beautification – We welcome and appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions to beautify the Condo I area. In doing so, please adhere to the following guideline with regards to landscaping, as outlined in the Architectural Matrix:
1) Planting or any alteration in the common areas must be approved by the Condo One Board. Place a note in the dropbox up at the clubhouse explaining what it is you would like to do.
2) Pachysandra, ivy, or similar ground covering plants are not allowed
3) All work must be pre-approved by the Condo I Board.
Cardboard Boxes – This is a reminder to break down your cardboard boxes before putting them in the trash.
Walkways – Please walk on paved walkways and not take shortcuts across the grass or through the wooded area. This is for your own safety, as well as, protecting the lawn.