Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I – April 2019

The Board of Managers wishes all the residents of Condo I a Happy Easter and Passover!

Condominium Living – House Rules – Cars
 Head in parking only for all vehicles. We have been lenient during inclement snowy weather, however, please be mindful of the rules and comply.
 Spaces may be used by anyone and are not assigned.
 Gatehouse entrance stickers are needed.
 Handicapped spaces can be set up, with appropriate documentation.
 No long-term parking in the plazas. Long-term parking is available in the lot on Daryl Drive. (Get details at the clubhouse.)
 Registration and car inspection must be up to date on cars in our parking lots.

Friendly Reminders from Condo I
Real Property Tax Assessment Review Proceedings By now, all Unit Owners in Condo I should have received notification from Koeppel, Martone & Leistman, L.L.C. (KML), regarding the challenging of the real property tax assessment for the 2019/2020 Tax Year. We have retained the services of KML to handle this project. KML has included with their notification an Authorization form and addressed stamped envelope. If you do not return this form, you will not be included in the review.
If you have not received this notification or have any questions, please call KML directly at (516) 747-6300. ACT NOW, THE PROCESS WILL BE BEGINNING SOON!!!

Condo I Board Elections In June we will be holding our annual elections. We have several positions available and welcome anyone who is interested in running for a position to submit a resume or a letter of interest to the Condo I Board of Managers by May 24th. In addition to board positions, we also welcome the residents of Condo I to volunteer on one of the various committees. The elections will be held at our Open Meeting on Wednesday, June 26th.

Correspondence to the Board of Managers of Condo I Please do not call Board Members at home. All communication, regardless of its nature, should be addressed to the “Board” in writing. You may submit your correspondence in the mail slot where you drop off your work orders and monthly common charges. Additionally, we will not address any anonymous letters. We recently received an anonymous letter but could not act upon it due to inconsistencies with the information provided and we had no one to contact for clarification.

Condo I Beautification We welcome and appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions to beautifying the Condo I Community. In doing so, please adhere to the following guidelines with regards to landscaping, as outlined in the Architectural Matrix: 1) Planting or any alteration in the common areas must be approved by the Condo I Board; 2) Pachysandra, ivy, or similar ground covering plants are not allowed; and 3) All work must be pre-approved by the Condo I Board.

Work Done by Contractors This work includes replacement of windows, patios, etc. This process starts with a WRITTEN notification to the Board of Manages describing the work to be done. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to provide the Condo I Board of Managers a copy of the contractor’s insurance, workman’s compensation, and a hold harmless form. Please know that the approval process may take up to thirty (30) days, so please be mindful of the Condo I Board meetings as indicated in the Brettonews calendar.

HOA Maintenance & Condo I Contractors Under no circumstances should you tell a maintenance worker or contractor who is conducting work for the condo to do something for you. All personal work requires a work order.

Dumpster Dumping Please remember that furniture and other large items should not be placed inside the dumpster, but rather it should be placed next to but not on the dumpster to be picked up on Mondays and Fridays. Please put these items out the evening before or the morning of, as to not cause unsafe and unsightly conditions. And please pick up after yourself and your guests, especially in the common areas.