Condominium I – Board of Managers

Condo I –October 2019

• Richard Cintorino – 20 Birchwood Rd.
• Catherine and Donald Wigand – 6 Birchwood Rd
Budget and Commons Charge Booklets – By now, all homeowners should have received a copy of the new budget and a new commons charge booklet. For those of you on Electronic Funds Transfer, please, remember to amend the due amount with your financial institution. As a reminder, Commons Charges are due on the first of the month. Homeowners have until the tenth of the month to submit their payment without penalty. After the tenth, a late fee is charged.
Infrastructure – The Condo One Board has begun addressing issues related to our aging infrastructure. Of particular concern is our compromised outdoor surface water drainage system. With clogged and/or broken pipes, excess water run-off has eroded some of our landscaping and undermined some walkways and patios. The Board is getting bids and looking into the best way to remedy drainage matters.
Outdoor Electric Panel Boxes –The outdoor metal electric panel box (meter box), its inner workings, and the service entrance cable are the responsibility of the condo to maintain and repair when needed. The electric company is responsible for the wires which bring electricity to the point of attachment on our buildings and the meter. The Board has learned that replacement of the outdoor boxes and wiring is quite costly. The Board has sought the advice of several electricians. Where needed, the electrical panel boxes will be replaced by a licensed commercial electrician. For the rest of the boxes, some preventative maintenance is required in order to protect the wiring and connections inside. We have been advised to have the electric panel boxes scraped of rust and painted. We will hire maintenance for this job.
Condo One Board Meeting Change- Going forward, the Condo One Board of Managers will be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
Fences – The fence project has been put on hold until our infrastructure issues have been adequately addressed. We are disappointed, too.
Tree Spraying- The Board has approved Red Dragon Organics to do our tree spraying for this fall and the spring of 2020.
Work Orders – Remember only one item/job per work order. You may access the online Work Order Portal at
Handicapped Parking Spots – Handicapped spaces can be set up with the proper documentation. However, handicapped parking spots can be used by anyone with the handicapped placard. It is first come, first serve as our parking spaces are not assigned to any one individual.
Special Large Item Garbage Pick Up – is on Monday and Friday. Place large items (ex. furniture) all the way to the right or the left of the dumpsters, away from the dumpsters, and NOT leaning on the dumpster NOR in front of the dumpster. Do not put large items in the dumpster. For Monday pick up, place large items out Sunday night. For Friday pick up, place items out Thursday night. Contractors must take all construction debris away.
Condo Insurance – Protect yourselves. All homeowners should have condo homeowner’s insurance covering everything from the sheetrock in. Check your condo homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure you have loss assessment coverage listed and water back-up or water up coverage. All renters should have renter’s insurance covering your personal possessions.
Reflective clothing- It is getting dark earlier. Stay safe when out walking at night. Carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing. The newer car headlight beams are cast lower to the ground than the old halogens. When close to the subject many headlights don’t illuminate much above the knee. With that thought in mind, reflective sneakers and/or pants might be a good idea.
Thank you to Shelley Weber – The Board would like to thank Shelley for handling our tax grievances over the years. Shelley served as a Condo One liaison by providing the lawyers with the necessary information so that we could receive our tax grievance rebates and lower taxes. We wish her well in her move to a new place.